Sunday, November 29, 2015

Some Where Out There....

    I truly try to never feel sorry for myself....honestly. But some times it happens.  Yesterday was a another gloomy gray day.  Ted was off with his brothers  for lunch, to plan their annual fishing trip. I had nothing to do and nowhere to go. You know you can sit by the  phone for an eon and it will never ring, unless you leave home. LOL... Just when I was really feeling lonely and wishing for girlfriends to go shopping with or just to run around with....the mail came ...and I knew someone cared. Thank you so much Kris. You truly touched my heart. .
  Kris at Junk Chic Cottage, sent me a gift. It's chocolates , a pen,and Christmas stationary.  I love it. I enjoy writing letters and cards, so it's a perfect gift. Who doesn't want a sweet bit of chocolate with a coffee once in a while? :):) The main thing was knowing someone was thinking of me, just when I was so lonely. I am blessed.

 There's so much love in our blog world. Good caring people . Friends  who lift us in prayer when we are in need. Friends who for no reason at all maybe thinking of us.   I am thankful for everyone I have met thru blogging.
    I did do outdoor decorating , on the porch.  I walked around outside, saying prayers as I walk. I went to DQ for a lunch.  When I got there a family was just finishing up their lunches. LOL  So while I was there, no one else came in to have lunch. No one other than the help and I in the whole place. LOL...
  Here's hoping today is a great for all of you. If you are ever lonely, you are in my prayers, and I am sending hugs to you.  XO

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Moonrise & Sunset....

  Here's the Frost moon rising . My poor zoom lens never does it credit. :):)
  After going into town for a bargain fill up of our gas tank. We came by the Academy for another picture.
  The sunset was pretty nice also.  Lots of pink color.
     Took this from the porch.  That is a nice thing about living out here, we do get to see some pretty sunsets.
   I now have the snow shovel on the porch. I do not want to have another big snow and not have this shovel near. Ted had it put in the shed and I had to use an old 10 inch wide shovel he had in the garage..that was about useless when you need to move snow.  Although we are to have a wonderful Thanksgiving day here. Then it's suppose to rain on Black Friday.   That should take care of any snow left on the ground.
  I want to wish all of you a Thanksgiving day filled with the love of your family and friends. XO

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Donated Decorations...

    This is the gazebo in our park.  Many people come here for photo shoots.   Especially during prom time. Or engagement pictures. All the Christmas decorations in our park are donated by our townspeople.
  Here's a couple old snowmen. They make me smile.
  A nativity scene too. I love these .   You can see the grass is green, no snow. I took these pictures before our snow .
   I always love the bright red bows with the greenery on this white fencing. You can see some play ground equipment in the back ground.
    Just about every lamp post has a banner on it. Some say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, and some just have Christmas scenes.
   Here is a little Santa and some candy canes along side the restrooms. I think our city has decided to renovate those restrooms and not tear them down.  Good idea.
 This is the maintenance building. Where the park superintendent and his crew work.  They are a bunch of hard workers who take pride in our park. So thankful for them.
 There's many more little scenes made up of the decorations, through out the park.  Vandals tear some up every year .  Young people who need jobs, some times have too much time on their hands.
  Wishing everyone a pretty day. XO

Monday, November 23, 2015

Tom Turkey....

   I went to Amish Acres in Northern Indiana , to a festival with my daughter one year. We spotted this big old turkey. He was strutting his stuff. He was impressive too.
  When I went around to get a shot of him head on, I could see he had been in some scrap with something. A couple of his fan feathers had been torn. He acted mad the whole time we were there...that might be why.
  This is one of the log homes on the property . I love visiting these grounds.
They were selling meats and cheese here. I did not go inside, as it was a hot day and I wasn't up to smelling meat and cheese. I loved the porch with the rocking chair. I may see if my daughter and I can go back next summer.
  Our snow is starting to melt and that makes me happy. The sun shined all day Sunday and it's back out this Monday morning.  I can deal with snow and cold if the sun shines. I sat on the porch yesterday in the sun...but I was wearing a coat and hat. LOL.
   Take care everyone, be safe, you want to have time with your loved ones this Thanksgiving. Oh by the way, the same daughter who took me to Amish Acres, finally made her flight out of O'Hare and is now safely in Utah with her son for the holiday.  Enjoy this day. XO

Sunday, November 22, 2015

It's Winter Now....

   Yesterday morning the sun was out for about 5 minutes, then it started to snow.
  You can see it on the railing. We were to have 1-3 inches.
  Here it's covering everything but the drives and roads....just as the weatherman said it would.
   You really could not see any farther than across the road. That snow was getting heavier.
 Now you can see where I had just shoveled enough aside to get to the mailbox. It was covered over again.
 The path to the shop to get the shovel ...covered again.  The mail did run. Now the snow at this time was blinding. We ended up with about 6 inches of snow.
  This picture is for you Sheri, @ red rose alley. :):)  It's the little woods in back. This is the pretty part of snow. Not the shoveling of it and certainly not the driving in it. My daughter was stuck on the tarmac at O'Hare, in Chicago for hours...she would probably say not even the flying in snow is nice. Oh my daughter and all the passengers were removed from the plane and had to get rooms . I am hoping she can fly out today. She's on her way to Utah to see her son for the holiday.
   This morning it was cold, colder than a tin t-shirt. 10 degrees with wind chills below zero. It will warm up and our Thanksgiving will be decent. Oh by the new baby yet. Hmm??
   Today the sun is shining, hot-dog  !!   Take care out there today. Be safe. XO

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Drive Bys......

      Up early on Thursday morning, heading into town. Caught a nice sunrise.
   Going by the little whole in the wall café in the north part of town. They do breakfast and lunch only. Always full.
    Sun shining on the bell tower of the Methodist church. I love hearing their bells , especially at Christmas time.
    We are coming out of the alley onto Jefferson street...going to the bank. Ted always takes this alley and I never do. Sun shining on our courthouse.
    Done at the bank on our way out of town. Driving by the hospital and the water tower.
 All this driving was so we could get to the heart clinic.  Ted gets a yearly check up , this being his 15th year.  He got a wonderful report.
  I want to tell you why he does this. Fifteen years morning we were going to go play golf, Ted was a bit irritable. He was sweating. We had just gone by the bank that day too. He said he wanted to go back home and lie down for a bit since we had some time. I asked , "just how do you feel?" He said he felt a bit nauseous. I said , "Ted, your are sweating, irritable and now feel sick...those are signs of a heart attack."  He said, " let me lie down for about 5 minutes."..I said then here take these aspirins, and I gave him two aspirin. He was lying down for two minute and jumped up and said my arm I drive him to the hospital myself and take him in ER and tell them he's having a heart attack.
    He gets hooked up and they give him clot busters...I told them of the aspirins. They put him in an ambulance and he is on his way to the heart clinic in the next town. The doctor there does a catheterization . Ted had a 98 % blockage and two tinier ones.  They asked us what we wanted to a stent, or take some meds , or just go home and see if it happens again.  Ted said , "Let's do the stent."  That is what happened 15 years ago....Ted was only 48 then.
  The doctor who did the stent is Ted's heart doctor.  He called it a heart episode...not an attack ...because he got the clot busters and there was no damage to his heart.  I am asking all of you to know the signs of a heart attack.  It's important.
  Snowing here today. :(   Be safe. XO

Friday, November 20, 2015

Fast Moving.....

    Wednesday looked like this about all day long. Clouds so low you would think you could touch them.  So dark at 4:30 , our dusk to dawn light came on.

  Then just at about 4:45 the clouds started lifting from the horizon ,showing us so rays of sunshine.
   Looking towards town, you can see the clouds are breaking fast. All rolling and wispy. Making an odd glow on everything.
  Then It seems to be getting cloudy again....this is all happening in about 20 to 30 minutes.
 Now you can see some patches of blue thru the clouds.
 The sun is setting and looking so promising for a better day on Thuirsday.
  I thought the white clouds here appeared as snow capped mountains. LOL
 As the sun sinks, it is leaving a beautiful sky .  The air got a bit cooler.  I stayed out till it was about dark. After being in the house almost all day, other than righting the trash can and getting the mail, it was good to be outside.
  Yesterday was a beautiful day. Today is looking wonderful...but there's something headed our way. I do not even want to think of it, but it is sss-no-ow. I am thinking of our friends a bit farther north. Chicago is going to get  hit.  So these photos may be my fair well to autumn 's beauty.
  My granddaughter Lynzie's ,whose  baby is due in the first week of December....yesterday made a trip to the doctor...she may have the baby sooner.  I am so nervous.
   Be safe today everyone. XO

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Let The Bidding Begin....

    Our library is having a silent auction. There were about a dozen baskets of goodies to be auctioned off. This first one is for bird lovers. Its lots of bird books, some feed and a bird house  all in a wire basket.
  This second basket is a nice one for the cook. It's cookbooks, pot holders, scissors, measuring cups and spoons.
  This was a sweet handmade basket , with kitchen towels and handmade ornaments.
  Tipton Blue Devils will love this basket. T-shirts, gum, cups, and dishes.
  One for a lover of the Indianapolis Colts. Picture of the team, cap, cups, napkins, and a bag of chips.
 The kids would love this. The tags says , You are one in a Minion. LOL  A basket full of minion dolls, a throw and  I am not sure if that a movie or book. The cellophane made it difficult to get clear pictures.
  I am going back to the library today, I may bid on one of these. It would be fun to win and give to someone. I would probably keep the bird things. LOL. But then again Ted and I bought 80 pounds of birdseed yesterday.
  We ate lunch at Bob Evans yesterday and brought home some of their baked breads. Ted loves banana bread and I like the pumpkin.  Two loafs for 8 dollars. We used to eat there about 3 times a week when we worked. Now we go maybe 3 times a year. It's good food, but pass on the coffee.
   We are having wind and rain.  Hope all of you have a good day. XO

Monday, November 16, 2015

Can One Laugh Too Much .....

  The play my daughter took me to, was Spamalot. It was so sweet of Angie to invite me along.  Being a small town (Tipton) we know most people we see. So we conversed with a few before the play started.
   The introduction was funny and the warning about those cell phones. Then the play began.  Today, I realize that I may be sick...a "sick " person that is.  I laughed so hard I was crying almost  the whole play. It some times border lined bathroom humor, yet I laughed. Aren't older ladies suppose to be more refined? It sure wasn't me yesterday afternoon.  At one point I told my daughter I may have to leave..I wasn't sure anyone else was laughing. I was almost beyond  recovery from the giggles.
  We seriously have some wonderful actors in our community theater. Even young people of our local schools. I read this play was produce in the seventies. I would recommend this crazy play to you ...especially if you are in need a laughing.
  Here's Spam fact. Jay C. Hormel, son of the company's founder  , wanted  to make use of many thousand pounds of pork shoulder meat. He came up with a blend of chopped ham and pork , spiced it, canned it. This is how Spam got it's start.
    Wishing all of you a great day. XO

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Some Sunday Color....

    This tree is in town. It turns yellow all at once. When the leaves fall , it makes a beautiful yellow carpet. I love to look at this tree every time I drive that street. I do not know what kind it is, and it  seems to be the only one of it's kind,  in the whole area.
  This is a meal I might make  on Sunday's.  Tete(beyond the garden gate)  this is how I make meatloaf...I make two small ones and add potatoes and carrots. Makes two meals for Teddy and I.   I just threw this in for color. LOL
  Shot of an old wicker picnic basket full of burlaps flowers and orange tulips.   I have a basket made of wicker and I am just going to have to dump all the magazine from it , so I can use mine in decorating.
  I can't  even remember where I snapped this photo of this pretty round yellow/orange tree. Maybe the Pioneer company , on my way to my daughter's house.  The very same daughter, who is taking me to a play this afternoon. It's called Spamalot.  suppose to be I am all for an afternoon of fun.  I will post about it and let you know how it went.  Wishing you a  sweet Sunday. XO