Friday, August 31, 2018

As Summer Wanes....

 I could not resist picking one of the last roses on Kathy's rose bush. Added some of the daisy like flowers for a tiny bouquet.
  We have had rain this week.
 Light hazy fogs also. usually after the rains.  The bean field is starting to show touches of yellow
 This is one of the pioneer bean fields. So pretty with the blue skies and puffy white clouds. This is summer.
 Just across the road from the beans is a corn field. You can see it is changing colors. The corn ears are drooping down in the middle of each stalk.
 This is one sunset this week. I always like the shadows on the shop/garage.
 This was Wednesday's sunset. Love the colors.
 Another view of the same evening.
  Last weekend , was the Summer's End Fest in Rossville Indiana. This is Layla holding her cousin Max's hand , they are in rain gear walking to the festival.  It rained like mad on Saturday. But let up long enough for the children to take the little ones to the festival.  These sidewalks look awful. Much like some in our town too.
  Luke rode along in his stroller.  The little ones are growing so fast.  Let me squeeze them back down to little. :):)
  Max rode a Donald Duck bomber plane. LOL. He loved the kid rides.
  Lynzie, Mark, Max and Luke, this was taken on the vacation to the beach.  Lynzie had  a birthday this past week and Mark's will have next week.  So we are taking them all to lunch , one day this coming week. Shhh...that's a gift for them and will definitely be for us also. LOL.
   Wishing all of you a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Most will probably have a three day weekend, so fun if you are still working. Enjoy. XO

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Slowly Changing....

   As some of my mums are blooming , from the rain and heat making the air more like a green house, I see autumn coming. Possibly an early fall.
  This mum is in my favorite color next to the pure orange color. The orange ones are the last to bloom.
  This one appears daisy like to me. I like to put in in some bouquets.
 Friday morning had an odd hazy orange  color in the skies.  The little peak in the distance is the courthouse in town, five miles away.
  The sun was out some times this past week. I get to look at this while doing dishes. I see a marigold I plant by the catalpa tree , has finally bloomed. :):) Do you have places in your yard that you love. This is one view I like very much.
  This was Thursday some sunshine and it was nice and pleasant, low humidity.
 I did not trim the potato vine and it has just taken over. LOL
 Looking at this planter and it's potato vine, I see the petunias are getting leggy and droopy...time for a trimming.  If the vine lives, I will just stick in some fake flowers for fall decorations.
  I think of all the places in this world. Many going through crazy weather threats and disasters.  Is there any true paradises on earth?  Yes, and  it will have to be your own backyard at times.  We are in for more heat once again, with warnings for the very young and old.  Be safe. XO

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Great Grands.....

  Tuesday we had lots and lots of rain.  Here it is raining and the sun is shining.
  Raining so hard it splashed on the porch.
  Tuesday was  a busy day. Layla sent us a card in the mail and we received it yesterday. She will be three and a half . She is a sweet little  beauty.  Reminds me of my oldest granddaughter.
  Layla told her mother this was an email for  nana...don't you love it. :):)
 She also drew papaw and nana on the inside of her card that was plastered with stickers. Just tickled us.
  Tuesday was also check up day for Max and Luke.  Looks like little Luke is first up, to see the doctor.  I laughed about Max wearing his rain boots and it did rain.
  This is our youngest great grand, Leo, 10 months old. He lives in Ohio, so we do not get to see him near enough. He is pulling up...oh dear Margo, get your running shoes on. He is ready to go.  His hair is growing back. Some babies lose a little hair and some just about lose it all.
 One more rose on Kathy's rose bush.  There were three at once,and then this last bud bloomed. You can see the sedum in the background. The bees are loving it.  Tinges of autumn in the flowers and trees here. Some of my petunias are getting leggy.
  It's low humidity and cooler temps here right now and  maybe two more days.  Ted, his brother Mic and son-in-law Matt are cutting wood today , since it's nice. Wishing everyone a great day. XO

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Fog And Tidbits....

  Saturday morning a little fog. Remember at the start of the month , when we talked about August fogs being a predicter of winter snows....I really wish I had kept track of our fogs.
 The sun was rising and burning off the fog.
  This morning there's zero visibility, in our area. The dusk to dawn light is still on in this shot and it's  after 7:00 AM.

  The corn field across the road isn't real clear. There's a small woods about a quarter mile from us , when I can not see it clearly, that is how I judge the conditions around here.
 Yesterday afternoon, I noticed a family of three doves walking back and forth on the front walk.
  I thought it might be the father, mother and child. They walked down to the shop and turned and came back to the house. Maybe they want us to put out more sunflower seeds. :)
   I dropped into Horton's store one day this past week. I am loving this tin truck, they use for displays. It was load with bags of fertilizers and yard tools. Still has the ivy under the hood.
  I bought a pack of country printed paper napkins.  Good to use for a snack or cup of coffee.
  My gardening daughter Karen , Is still harvesting. She is looking the pear tree over and said it was loaded with fruit. Oh boy , some for cooked pear or tarts.
  She made herself a nice bouquet with some of the smaller sunflowers. She put them in an old orange enamel pitcher. Looks like fall.
 Still getting veggies from her garden.  Here's some things to help with dinner. Not much happened this weekend. Just watering plants and going to the grocery. Took mail into the post office. Things that have to get done, but are not in the exciting category. LOL
  Hope you have had a nice  weekend so far. Wishing  all  a great new week. XO

Friday, August 17, 2018

Some Rain....

  Of the four days that rain was predicted for our area...we never had any. Then it rained Wednesday.
 Stormed in the night. You can see the grass is greening again . Here's more of the tulip poplar leaves on the ground .Just a hint of autumn.
 It did clear up here and there, but by evening it was raining again.
 Karen , my daughter,was putting up corn after she worked her job, yesterday. She also delivered corn to her twin sister (Liz)  and to Susan, that used be her children's day care giver before they went to school.
 For being kind , she was blessed in return. Susan  , made her some strawberry jam.  Karen was certainly happy about that.  Susan really is like an extra grandmother to Karen's children. She remembers them on holidays and their birthdays. Such a sweet lady.
  Then Karen sends me this picture of herself, frying chicken...just like my mother used to do and fast.  My siblings and I would tease mom about setting off the smoke alarm from her chicken frying. LOL. It's a wonder she didn't burn the house down. :):)
   I just had to show our sweet Layla preparing for a tea party. She is wearing her Gigi's night gown.  She asked Lizzy if she could please wear it. Liz told her it was a night gown, but Layla said it looked like a beautiful Liz let her wear it for her tea party.  I love how children think. :):)
  Hope all of you have a great weekend. Please be safe.  XO

Monday, August 13, 2018

Friends, Family & Flowers....

  Today was classmate brunch day. We met the second Monday of the month.  Patty and I were first there.
 Nine women and one man. LOL. I think Jim loves being with all of us women.
  Yesterday, I ran into a man that once was my little neighbor boy.  Darrin is a sweetheart. Married with two girls of his own.  He said my daughters were his sisters that his parents never had. LOL
 My granddaughter lYnzie and her husband Mark brought their boys over yesterday morning.
  I had a blanket down for the boys to play on and they kept we folded that up and just played on the bare floors.  Thank goodness Lynzie brought some of the boys' toys with her.
 Max was being a full of energy. Oh how I wish I had a smidgen of it.
  Luke walked with me but just did not want to let go of my hand....not that I minded that at all. Got to walk him and hold him. Lots of laughs, hugs and kisses.  They were all on their way to the Tipton Park for a  reunion of  Lynzie's  other grandmother's family. We were thankful they stopped by to spend time with us. So sweet.
  My gardening daughter Karen, sent me photos of all her different sunflowers.  I told her to save me some seeds from them. Pale yellow with green inside.
 Pale yellow and brown seeds.
 Bright summer yellow , which is how I always thought sunflowers grew.
 She also had some red unusual. I have seen her grow small red ones before but never any tall ones like this.
Such a pretty color. I would love to grow some of these next year. :):)
   I had a wonderful weekend. Seeing family and the neighbor kid from long ago.  Today started out great too. Well for me. Once I got home from the brunch, I found Ted in the shop. He had been splitting wood and broke the back stop almost entirely off the splitter. So he is cleaning it all up....he will be taking it to his brother's wielding shop to get it fixed. I am so glad that Ted and his brother Mic can work well together and help one another. Always nice to be able to count on family.
  Wishing all of you a sweet week. XO