Wednesday, May 15, 2019

What's Been Happening....

  This is the board they put Ted's counts on. He got platelets today.  The white blood cells are going up a wee bit.
 Ted ran the clippers over his head today,, his hair was starting to fall out.  I kind of thought he would not have to do this.
  Got a sweet card from Layla.  Her mommy makes little dash letters and lets Layla draw over them . So sweet.
  I missed the 5th grade class picnic this year. I felt sad about that, I been helping Angie with this for years.  Here's the class on a climbing rock in the park.
  My granddaughter Lynzie, here with Luke (g.grandson) and Angie...helped out . She brought her boys, Luke  and  Max, and also brought Layla. They had a chilly but fun day.
  On Mother's day , my daughter Kathy picked me up to go to lunch and then we walked and saw 4 great horned owls. You may be able to make out two of them , sorry not such a good photo. But it was exciting to see them.
 This is what I see while in the hospital with Ted.....long lines of traffic backed up on hwy 65.  Hope all those people made a pit stop before this.
   Ted will be going to the off site place soon. For about 2 to 3 weeks. With two or three appts back to the hospital each week. Praying no emergency runs at all.
  I am so thankful for my grandson staying at the house and the neighbors helping with the yard.  There's a lot to keeping things up. I am thanking all of you for your wonderful prayers and good thoughts.  There are times when I think I can not take another day of this....but some how some way I get just enough push to continue. I can almost see the good side of this journey. Bless all of you. XO

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Bone Marrow Transplant....

  This is the bag of stem cells and red blood cells, over 1100 cc.'s.  It was delayed  because of the Ted got started at 4:40 am  instead of 3:00 am. We do not know the donor. It was a 26 year old man, from Europe. We are so very grateful for his kindness.  Males are preferred, ages 18 to 44 years.
  Ted decided to just try to sleep. He had had five days of chemo and a radiation the day before.
 He gives his  "V"on to Victory sign. He has stayed positive which is truly helping.
 I have to wear a mask and gloves while in the room...even sleeping in these. For I stay with him in his room.
  This is his blood works. W=white cells really low now. H=hemoglobin really at a good number still. P=platelets, which is dropping . The drs. say Ted is on track and yet some think he is doing much better than most.
 I came home for a couple days to do laundry, make household payments, pay the roofer as he did finish while I was gone.  I took the longest hottest shower I could stand when I got home. Those G.I. baths are not enough. (baby wipes) I came home to spring . The crabapple has bloomed.
 The flowering plum bush. too.
 The neighbor's dogwood tree is so pretty. The apple and pear trees also.
 My lilacs are the best they have ever been.

 The little red Japanese maple looks good too. The skies are just wonderful the past three days.
 Ted's son sent this picture to me. This is Ted today. Heath and his wife Nowal went to spend the day with Ted. The dr. told Ted today he was doing very well. He looks very good here. , he had just walked the halls. He has to wear a mask and gloves when he goes into the halls.
   Thank you Nana Diana for your prayer requests. We are so very grateful to all who have prayed for Ted. You mean the world to us. Please keep helping us thru this . Thank you. XO