Sunday, July 30, 2017

I Need More Hours....

  I need more hours in my day or at least my weekend. My daughter Kathy came home for 3 days. It was her class reunion. Her rose bush bloomed for her , a rose for each day she was here. :):)
  Today we spotted this katydid. I did not get a very good photo, for fear it would jump on me, look at it's prickly  feet. Kathy spent time with her sister and best friend while she was home...then today we had some time with her. We ate lunch at Mc Allisters.
  Then a quick trip to goodwill. Where Kathy bought a pot to make into a lamp. I bought this little cat..he's so cute but what ever he was to lean on was missing. He's a salt shaker.:):) Cost a dollar.
  Saturday, Ted and I went to Lizzy and Matt's house. Here's good old boy Sam. in the garage.
  This is Katie, a puppy that Emma was taking care of for family friends. Such a cute puppy and sharp puppy teeth. He chewed on my arm and Liz's toe. 
 Layla showed up wearing a cute dress with a dog on the front and brought along her own stuffed puppy.
  I just love to hug her and listen to her laugh.

  Then I got photos of Samson the rooster and his chickens..
  They were in Liz's flowers under the bird feeders. Probably eating anything on the ground.
   This is the creeping juniper that Ted cut out of a backyard flower bed.  It had some long roots.
    The border rocks I dug out and piled up.
 Ted tilled the bed and it looks like this today. We have yet to decide what we want to plant.  I am thinking of taking the little beach fencing and putting it by the pond. We got a lot done this past week and weekend. But still could have had more done with more time. It will happen soon enough, I guess.
   Hope all of you had a great weekend and good weather. That was a huge plus for me this weekend. Opened the windows for fresh air. Love that.  Here's hoping for a fun week...although Ted and I both have dental appointments for cleanings and x-rays. Wishing you a good week. XO

Friday, July 28, 2017

Our Boys....

  Daddy (Mark) is holding Luke, after Luke had his labs. Luke  will be needing a vitamin with iron , to help him with his Cystic Fibrosis.
 Mommy (Lynzie)  , is holding Max , as he gets the sweat tests to see if he has Cystic Fibrosis also. The purple and red wraps are the tests being done. Good news Max tests were normal. He does not have  C.F.
 My daughter Liz (grandma Gigi) and Max celebrate by cuddling.
 Later at home both boys are happy on their blanket.  There will be more testing in Luke's future . For now he is  doing great.  A big relief for all of us. Thanks for the prayers, everyone.
 Here's the boys' aunt Emma.  She has gone to the sure appears to be so. She sent this picture of herself  dog sitting for some friends. I hope they got their dog back from her.  :):)
   This week went by quickly to me.  Three days left in this month, my head is spinning at how fast July came and went. The fact that some schools are starting doesn't help. Emma, Savannah, and Skylar go back on August the 8th.  Wow, my siblings and I would be crying if it were us during our school days. LOL 
   We are to have some nice weather, maybe a pop up shower here and there today. Wishing all of you a great weekend. XO

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Crop Dusters......

  Monday was a beautiful day. Low humidity, blue skies with fluffy white clouds.
  Time for the crops to be dusted. I love how daring these fellows are flying the planes.
    Making his turn across the road.
 Then coming in low after going over the power lines.
  I get excited when I see them and would love to fly along .
  What an adventurous job.
   It's the yellow planes this year again.
  He flew right over our yard in front and I did not have my camera ready...:(:(  Some farmers use the crop dusters and some use those big machines that go into the fields.  I have no idea....I am a city slicker. But watching the pilots fly like this just thrills me.
   I once took two flying lessons and the airport where I would have been flying in and out of , had high voltage lines nearby...some times you would have to fly over them coming in ...or you would fly over them going up.  I thought it was a lot to worry about while learning to fly. LOL. So I never took any more lessons. I do regret that.
   Ted and I are redoing a little garden spot...oh my goodness...we have been lazy these past few months. Now we are paying for it. Pulling weeds has started this project. We have decided we hate that spot and it needs reworked.  So the creeping juniper is being dug out. I have already dug up all the rocks. pulled the clover around the back of the house. Ted is the one digging that juniper, with it's roots to China...yikes.
  Enjoy your day. XO

Monday, July 24, 2017

2 Fuddy-Duddys & A Cutie....

  Catching the setting sun last evening.  If I use trees as a filter, you can spot the fiery sun ball.
 I absolutely love sunsets.  Had a beautiful day yesterday. Went to Angie's for brunch.
 We wanted to enjoy a good visit  with  granddaughter, Sierra.  She was flying back home to Tampa.
  It was great to have her home for a week.  She cooked with her mom. She swam with her parents and friends. She golfed a couple days. Help her mother and brother Jake shop for household furnishings,  Jake is buying a house in town.  He needs many things.  I told Angie we all can give him a lot of  things also. To get him started.
  Some really good news for our town. Our grocery store was bought by a company from Ohio and will  stay in our town.  Which is a blessings for all of our townspeople.  That is where the two fuddy -duddys come into play. Ted and I were out late going to the grocery for milk. LOL.  But it was fun and funny. We laugh at ourselves all the time.
  See it's late, car lights are shining in the on coming traffic. We just don't seem to be out late any more...that is a sure sign of growing old.
 Well yes, you have guessed it...this is the cutie.  Little Luke napping and sucking his thumb. He just melts my heart.
   The weather here is to cool down somewhat...and I am so ready. It will be nice to sit outside. It will be extra nice not to have the AC running so much.  The neighbor lady is hanging out her laundry this morning. :). Hope it is a beautiful day where you live.  Enjoy. XO

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Do You Know ????

  As you look at the shadow of our redbud tree, you can see that there's something wrong. The leaves are curling and falling off part of it.
  I do not think it's draught, as we have had plenty of rain.  I do not see any insects on the leaves or the tree. The bark looks in great shape.
  I sure do not want to lose this tree. So can you help me? Anybody?
  The roses have surprised me and blooming more. Makes me happy.
  The sedum is growing very thick and pretty. Bees and anything that flies and buzzes love it.
 The porch flowers are doing well.
 This is the best pot ever. One white and one pink petunia and a dusty miller.
  Tiger lilies are really looking good.
  Little flower pot boy is looking good with his marigold hair and butter bowl head. LOL.
  This potted plant seems to have very little dirt, so I water it plenty and it has been pretty for a long time. Well since Mother's day.
  These red petunias are doing so well.
 Do you see the robins?  Lynzie painted the bottoms of Luke and Max's feet, stamped them on a paper and added beaks and legs to make some robins. She gave me this at the shower. Oh my gosh I totally love it.  I am getting this framed. :):)  I want one of Layla 's foot prints too.
  It is hot and heavy here. Pretty skies now . Had some rain this morning, a down pour as Ted and I were in the store.  That made me shop longer. LOL  Ted let me out and picked me up at the door, saying, "No sense in both of us getting wet." Yes, I surely agreed. LOL What a sweet man.
  Wishing you all well today. Stay cool. XO

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Baby Shower.....

  My daughter Angie (right) was having a  baby shower for Margo(middle).   Sierra (left) helped her mother give this shower . Margo is really showing and she has 11 more weeks.  I teased about her having twins...we laughed , because when I said that she said, "No just one, I had the ultra sound. "
  I don't know why, but we we forget about taking pictures at Angie's, with the windows letting too much light in for photos.  This is Sierra and I.  I was happy she came home from Tampa to help her mom and be with her sister.
 Sierra brought her best friend home with her. I have written to Carolina before but never met her. They are such pretty girls.
  This is part of the refreshments.  The cake was shaped like a onesie.
  There was a  banner of baby socks , so darn cute.
  One again too much background light.  Margo's mom and grandmother came together and brought a niece of Margo's. Margo is Angie's step daughter , but she is ours too.
  There was a bunch of gifts. Angie did ask everyone to bring a child's book in place of a card.  Margo received many cute books.
  Look who else came to the party...two little monkey kids.  Layla and  Max.  They were so sweet.
  And Luke came too. he is rubbing Margo's  tummy, as if he knew there was a cousin in there for him to enjoy one day soon. LOL
   When Lynzie got to the shower, both boys were fussy. She hurried to feed Luke, then I got to hold him, while she humored Max to settled him down...they did not finish their naps.
 Sweet Savannah helped keep me company while I got Luke to sleep.  It was a great day for all of us. Margo received many things she needs and more than she will use in know how quickly babies out grow their wee clothes.
   It's getting very hot here for a few days. It's nice early in the morning hours then turns hot.  Every thing is green and  pretty. Stay cool .  XO