Saturday, October 21, 2023

October A Busy Month.....

 Here are some old sunsets and a sunrise from the days I lived in the country.  You can not get this in town.
 I miss sitting on the porch and seeing the horizon.  It's all so different now. In town your sunsets are on rooftops. Just not the same great views.
 In this shot the corn is still standing. It's been harvested in that field already.  I some times take a drive to just enjoy views I can no long see.
 Today we gathered at my oldest daughter's house for all the birthdays and Angie and Mark's anniversary.  It was a celebration for Ricky, Sierra, and Finnlee's birthdays. Finn is 4 and he and his cousins Leo 6 and Meadow 3,found a caterpillar and took turns holding it. They seemed  be enjoying it. I just loved the whole day. I pitched baseballs to the boys , so they could practice swinging the bat. The weather was nice and warm, but it was a bit windy. Have to love these pretty days. Being with family made it perfect. Hope all of you had a great day too. XO