Tuesday, February 26, 2019

As February Ends.....

  We had one of the windiest weekends ever.  Cold too. But thankfully no snow with the winds. Gust up to 60 mph.  It started Saturday evening and continued into Monday morning.  I went out for a sunset photo Saturday.  I liked the way the clouds were rolling.
  Enlarged this shot because I heard geese honking. Only little spots in my photo. LOL
  Just a tiny bit more enlarged. I think they hook trying to get around one another. Just kidding.  :):)
  Four years ago this week , my brother Mark passed away.  I miss him, always funny.
  Four years ago this week, my first great grandchild was born.  Taking some of the pain of losing my brother away. Layla is four year old and so wonderful.  She's been sick and could not have her planned party, that was scheduled for Sunday.  But her mom said she got up yesterday  and said, "Mommy, I looked out the window and the sun is shining and the birds are saying, "Good morning, good morning Layla.",  Oh that squeezes my heart.
 This is sil Matt, Teddy Bear, and Heath(Ted's son)...on one of their fishing trips , wearing goofy t-shirts my daughter makes for them.  Yesterday,Ted saw the bone marrow transplant dr.  He was told that they are waiting for an OK from medicare.  He told much about Bone marrow transplants . First of all, Ted's siblings are too old. Dr. Tandra said they will go to the bone marrow registry for a donor.  Saying younger bone marrow will work much better.  So we wait. But come next Monday , Ted will be seeing Dr. Birhiray , his oncologist, I am almost positive he will admit Ted for his chemo.  Some times waiting is so stressful.  Please keep praying for us. I am so very grateful for each prayer and your well wishes. Thank you so much. XO
    Before I go Please visit Lavender Dreamer ...for some unknown reason her blog has been removed and she can not get information as to why this has happened.  I hope she can get her blog , her photos, her daily diary back. Thank you blog family.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Round Three is Near....

  Ted is going to be doing round three of the chemo for his Acute Myeloid Leukemia. . We saw the cancer doctor yesterday afternoon. Ted blood work was better numbers ,B.P. great, oxygen level perfect. All vital make him look ready to tackle this third round of chemo.
 The dr said he could have a milder round and a bone marrow transplant. Then the cancer would be gone. Or he could just do another round like last time, and run the risk of getting the ecoli infection from his own body once again.
  Ted's brother Mic has offered to be a donor. Bless his heart, he has been there for us from the beginning of this battle. Drs. will be calling us and setting up dates. Then Ted will see the cancer doctor in two weeks. We would be so very grateful if you keep us in your prayers. Thank you dear friends.
 On Wednesday after Ted got his labs, we joined his brothers and one sister and a childhood friend for lunch. The café was called Downtown Diner....it was just a hole in the wall kind of place. But  clean, fast service, and good foods. That worked for me. :) Here's Ted and I after we had eaten.
  Ted's little brother Mic and his wife Micki.  Oh I know Mic and Micki. We love it. Ted sister Dorothy is sitting next to them but  didn't get a photo of her and the friend.
  This is Ted's big brother Cliff and his wife Linda. She has taken very good care of Cliff since he had his stroke three years ago. He can not always speak well, but gets across what he wants to say. He didn't recognize Ted right away, then squealed , pointed, and said, "I know you. " Laughed and hugged Ted.  Yes, that made me cry.
   Just want to show you my daughter Kathy's rescue cat. His name was Rocky but she calls him Buddy and he comes to her. So Buddy it is, I guess.  He is loving on his new mouse toy.  What a little cutie pie cat.  I think Buddy needed Kathy, and I know she needed him....she was lonely for a pet. She has always had cats before moving. Ninety some more cats and I can call he crazy cat lady. .LOL
   Hope all of you are doing well and marking the days off till spring. XO

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Letting You Know....

  This past Tuesday, Ted and I had lunch at D.Q.  He said he was bored and ready to go out.  We enjoyed this so much. It was something we would do before his cancer battle started.  We ate and did not linger. I could tell he was getting tired when we returned home. It truly felt wonderful to be out for something besides lab work , drs. appointments , and going to the drugstore. LOL
   Ted also said he wanted to drive to his lab work yesterday. Of course I  rode along with him. He did okay. A bit of improvement each day. Thanks to God and all of you with your powerful prayers. We so appreciate all of you. XO.
 It rained for two days, enough that the sump pumps came on and ran awhile. I was thrilled it melted all the snow.
 Then Friday we had beautiful breaks in the clouds, so we could enjoy sunshine and blue skies.
  In the little woods in back.  The grass is kind of brown in most places.
  This was yesterday's sunset. I loved the colors. Those are lime piles in the field across the road.
  Have to show these cuties ...all wallowed out and napping. Layla and cousin Max.
 While they nap, Luke and Ozzy Cat, are bird watching. I so love getting pictures of the little ones since I can't be with them at this time.
   I hope all of you are doing well and counting the days till spring.  I know I sure am.  So ready to be done with snow and carrying wood. LOL.
  Thank you again my sweet blog family for your prayers. You are all in mine. Speaking of prayers,  I want to ask that you say prayers for  Nana Diana's granddaughter  Sweet Cheeks. She is a sweet young girl and very ill right now. Thank you so much. XO

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Cold Days, Scary Days, & We Go On...

  Sorry it's taken me awhile to post. Ted is in a good mood here. He has had some really highs and lows. Last Monday , I took him for his follow up. They let us go to the Riverview hospital where he was when all this cancer battle started.  I drop him at the door, parked  and run in to  lead him down the hall. He is just barely walking. Then had to sit on a bench.
   Once we get in the N.P. hematologist office, they get his blood pressure . It was 86 over 60...they hook him up to an IV drip.  We are there 3 hours, so they go ahead and do his Monday blood work.  He was on many "water" pills, so he was dehydrated.  They make an appointment with his heart dr. Then the dr. and nurses  think he should be seeing an oncology heart dr.  Ted has had his heart dr. since he had a stent 18 years ago.
  We go to the oncology cardiologist the next day. That young dr. takes him off some of the Water pills.  Cuts one in half and says do one on M-W-F.  The dr. told Ted he was doing very well , so we gave a sigh of relief there.
  Since I do not have enough hours in my day..I could not stay on top of the driveways. I cleared a patch on the porch and in the front drive, to load Ted up for blood work at Tipton. So I just drove over the snow and got him into town. Our I.U. hospital seems complicated. Instead of just going to the lab with his standing order, he has to sign in with the same questions and info up front at registry, every time, three days a week. .( stone age)
  This was yesterday's sunset. Cold but full of promise for the next few days. We are to have warmer weather and some of this snow will be gone. Hooray. There's 3 foot drift around the front and I have walked all over because the drift is right on the walkway...where else would it be. LOL
 Have to show all of you this. This it the water tower at Chrysler in Kokomo. This tower has been there since 1955. The filling valve froze, so it continued to fill and over flowed.  So scary and cold looking.
You can see the water flowing over it, this is earlier in the day, as it first happened.  I remember our dad taking us at Christmas to see this tower, as it would have all blue lights hanging on it in the shape of a Christmas tree.
  Praying all of you made it thru the coldest weather ever. We wore two sets of clothes every time we had to be out , or on the roads. About 46 days till spring...oh boy !!!
 My dear blog family and friends, Thank you for you wonderful well wishes and prayers. I am humbly asking you to keep them coming our way and I am sending prayers up for all of you.  XO