Monday, July 29, 2019

We Got Rain....

 Remember  this spring, when we thought it would never stop raining. Then it did and that was getting into draught conditions...well here in central Indiana.  The flowers did well for a good long time.
  All the lilies are so tall and pretty.

 You can see the wet driveway. I just filled the pond by the shop again yesterday , as it was drying up .
 Got some black eyed susans growing now.They love water, so since it hasn't rain till now, they are not as thick.
   This morning early , Ted drove us to Indy, for his drs' appt. They did lower one med and took away another. But then made appointments for everyday next week for more maintenance chemo. Now when Ted went into the hospital for his bone marrow transplant, they gave us a book ..a book that tells you what will take place. Big chemo, then radiation, then the bone marrow transplant. The more I read the book the scarier it seemed.
  Now the doctor says Ted will get a week of maintenance chemo every month for a year. I have read that book over and over and no where in it does it mention this chemo maintenance. I don't mind saying it upsets me. I just get stressed every time we go there and knowing this will happen every month really makes me sick to my tummy. Ted is okay with it, what can we do...too far into this to quit .
  I thank each and everyone of you for your prayers and good wishes. They have surely helped us get this far. God hears you and we are grateful. Bless you. XO

Monday, July 22, 2019

It's Cooler....

  This is our clematis at it's best. This one is my mom's all time favorite color.
  The hostas are looking okay. This used to be one hosta and I cut the root ball into five sections so I could surround this tree.
 I love these lilies, so why haven't I bought more or divided this one. to make more? LOL
Pachysandra, what can I tell you about this amazingly hardy plant. We have lived out here in farm country for 14 years....I bought a flat of this plant when we lived in town and had it growing everywhere in that yard . So I dug some up to bring out here and have enough for twenty flats or more. I have given some to my daughters and neighbors.  It's the plant with the yellow flowers.
  We have had some of the hottest weather lately, it rained yesterday evening and now the humidity has dropped. It will be pleasant the next few days. Hooray.
  Ted had a Dr.'s appointment today. His labs were good, but a bit lower on his platelets from the maintenance chemo he had on the 8th thru the 12th. The dr lowered some of his meds. and stopped one. Next week another med will be stopped also.  Eighteen more days till that big 100 day mark.  Praying Ted will not have any graft verses host disease. One of the thing that could happen from a bone marrow transplant. Please keep him in your good thoughts and prayers. Thank you and Bless you. XO

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A Brand New Week....

 Still showing old photos for a few weeks, till my grandson can get here.  Ted had a Dr's appointment yesterday at the Bone Marrow clinic. He got good news from the dr. His hemoglobin was 11, higher than it's been since Ted's was diagnosed . He says he feels great, although I can tell his energy is still low. This could be from the maintenance chemo. .
 We will celebrate Ted's birthday this week. He is happy to be celebrating. Will want to eat at Red Lobster, one of his favorite places. Yes, he will ask for extra biscuits to bring home. LOL  The dr told him the medicines will change up as his 100 day mark arrives. Twenty-four more days. I ask about the significance of the 100 day mark, the dr said well if we are going to lose someone it will usually be in the first 30 to 60 days...and we have found that 100 days is a good place to get to .  Ted's blood pressure goes up and down some what. I take it twice a day. That will change when he is off some of the meds. Thank goodness.
   Hope all of you are enjoying summer. We have had the hot days, rain, sunshine.....and more rain coming our way from Barry (hurricane). Bless you. XO

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Busy Week....

  I have been trying to enjoy my summer days. Although this is Ted's week of chemo maintenance. Our granddaughter Sierra has been taking Ted to his clinic appointments and giving me a rest . Bless her heart, she knows the traffic just makes me nuts. LOL
  Ted's chemo has been in a shot form and given in his tummy. Which he seems to be fine with. He says it never hurts and he is still feeling better each days.  I can see a bit of energy each morning and it does my heart so much good.
 Monday morning will be his Dr. appointment. The chemo may show a drop in some of his labs, like white blood cells, platelets and hemoglobin.
 In a couple weeks,my granddaughter's husband Mark, will come help me with my computer. I know he is always busy, but he said he would make time to help. What a sweetheart .  I will have him help me find my pictures or at least show me how I can load from my phone.
  I hope all of you are safe and enjoying some of this summer weather. There are some really hot temps on the weather maps. Yikes, I am not good in such heat. Zaps my energy, especially if I work out in it. Like when I weed whacked this week. I got a small battery powered whacker. One I can handle, but the heat and as thick as the weeds were getting, my arms still felt wore out. LOL. I turning into a cupcake, no more grit. :(
  Blessings to all of you and thank you for the good wishes and prayers. XOXO

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Great Time.....

 This is an old picture from a previous 4th of July. Sister Pam, me , daughters Angie and Liz.
 This is Ted and I with great grandson Max when he was a baby. He is 3 1/2 now. So these pictures are 3 years old.  I still have not found any more pictures . Have not tried to load any from my camera.  Scared of what might happen.
    We had a great fourth at my daughter Angie's  house. 58 people where there running in and out and playing in the yard and eating in the house and garage. The big kids played corn hole, the little ones played in the wading pool outside and lots of us right there playing with them.  Then there was lego building inside, coloring books and many other toys.
  My brother George and his wife Sally came all the way from Alabama to join us. We laughed, told stories on one another . The fellows told their golf and fishing stories.  Recipes were exchanged among the women.
  We had so much fun  and good foods.  But mostly we had family love to share. I am not sure if big brother will come all the way from Alabama  again.
 Ted did very well on the 4th and yesterday. No one was sick, so he could take his mask off. limited his hugs. Hoping the weekend will be good. Monday is the start of a week of chemo infusions.  Please keep us in your prayers. I am so very grateful to all of you. XO

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Now What ????

 I know I must be the unluckiest person ever at this time. Just got my computer back . A power gltch took out the hard drive. A new one is in and so is window's 10 latest upgrade. Now I have no addresses, no windows email, no pictures , except for some old ones. I just had about an hour on the phones with the Geek support group....this after bringing my computer home from the Kokomo store. Gaaa...why?
  Ted had an appointment yesterday at the bone marrow clinic. Next week is a week of driving over an hour each way, Ted can get chemo infusions for maintenance. We were not expecting this just yet.  His counts go up and down. His kidneys did perfect for a week without the cyclosporine. ..Now he is back on that med.  Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you so much.
 We will be going to a family outing at my daughter Angie's for the 4th. It will be good to get hugs and see the little ones. I miss them all. Ted has his days. One day good ,next day feeling low. The dr. says it's normal what he is going thru.
   Wishing all of you lots of fun family moments this week. Bless you. XO