Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Cold Days.....

  The wind and cold have really taken the leaves from the trees. I have raked about an acre of leaves into piles. Ted helped me haul them to the woods. I would rake them onto a tarp and he helped me pull them on the trailer and he drove the lawnmower to pull the trailer. Of course he wore his special mask.
 The cold has moved in and seems to be hanging on. Record breaking temperatures...low ones that is.
  Thank goodness there's been glorious sunsets.
Yesterday was Ted's doctor appointment at the bone marrow clinic.  He had good lab numbers. The dr was happy with his progress. He has a week of every other day of one med, then it will be done.Otherwise his meds stayed the same. The dr said he would call the dr that treated Ted with the big chemo , so Ted can get his maintenance chemo at that will be closer, Less than half the distance to where we are going now. That will be a blessing in bad weather.
   Oh my goodness, I tried my best to get Ted to reschedule his appointment.  We had icy roads in our county, scary too. But south of us they had less snow and their roads were so much better.
   Thank you to all , for the good wishes, thoughts and prayers. This month it has been a year since Ted 's cancer diagnosis. Almost 7 months since his bone marrow transplant. With the good doctors, nurses and everyone's  kindnesses ,we have made it this far.  Bless you. XO