Monday, November 28, 2016

Small Business Shopping.....

  Saturday was small business shopping day. I love shopping small stores , instead of malls . I have come a long way. I used to go to the malls just about everyday  for a month, when I shop for everyone in my family. I would find lots of wonderful deals. But now I am the one who gives gift cards and money. No more all day shopping for me. My daughter Angie and I went to Horton's and the boutique Soul Sisters, on Saturday.  I bought this sign at Hortons.
  I feel in love with this print , last time I was at Horton's. It must be a copy of an old Christmas card. I am thinking of framing it and keeping it hanging out all year.
  I love pretty paper napkins. Plus being crazy for plaids made buying these easy.
 This is the old world map, I have been thinking about since seeing it earlier this month in Horton's.
  My treasures from Horton's and I will use each one.
  Angie bought some bracelets and a top at Soul Sisters and this is the light weight sweater I bought. It's in a teal color and will go with my grays and blacks. On sale too.:):)
 After shopping , of course we were ready for some lunch. Well why go out to eat when Angie had all those left-overs from Thanksgiving day. She had made some turkey salad for sandwiches. Angie toasted bread and made sandwiches served with b-b-q pasta salad and chips. This along side a good cup of coffee...well what better lunch.
  I'll show you a bit of decorating I did in my next post. Hope all of you did well through out your holiday weekend. Got lots of Christmas shopping done. There's cyber Monday shopping today.  Keep track of your I shopped Saturday using cash, that was an easy enough task. :)
  Wishing all of you a great day. counting today 3 more days this  XO

Friday, November 25, 2016

Some Thanksgiving....

 I got a photo of Layla...Her mom had to restyle her hair after this shot. :)
 Here's Emma, her dad took this shot from the sofa.:) Look how she has grown taller than me. My baby granddaughter . I hate how fast time is flying by. It sure never went this fast when I was working.
 Brock's wife (Emily), Karen,  my daughter's friend Amy, and Angie.  This was after everything was cleared and put away and we were just relaxing and visiting.  I thought I would get pictures of the food, and all the guests...but no I forgot about my camera.
 This is thru the park , the day before Thanksgiving.  Some lighted Christmas decorations.
 Driving thru town as it rained. It was cold , on Wednesday. Been cold since then really.
 This wee house has been on my mind so much lately.  This is where we all lived with our parents till we got married, or joined the serve , or  just moved out. I do not know who lives here now. But this tiny house held all of us. Holidays there would be  many more as the years went along and we married and had children. We would all go to holiday lunch/dinner seemed a constant flow of people coming and going. My parents and those days are long gone. The memory lingers. I have truly missed those old days this year, for some unknown reason.
   Hoping all of you enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving filled with lots of love of family and friends.  Some good foods also.  Bless you. XO

Monday, November 21, 2016

Sunday's Brunch....

  We had a bigger brunch on a mini Thanksgiving for Sierra while she was here.  This is Sierra(my first born grandchild) and me.
  Two cooks at the range. Karen and Angie.  Karen's a very good cook and Angie is a good salad maker. LOL  While raising my girls , Angie was my right hand...she helped with so much. She helped the girls get fed and then do homework, while I worked 2nd shift, many , many times.  I think of my girls as my blessings.
  Savannah standing , Sierra, Karen, Brock and Emily.....This is a bad place to try to get photos...too much light streaming thru the French doors and large windows.
 Here's Brock with his baby girl Layla. She has been chewing her finger, I think she may be getting more teeth. She's 21 months old.
  Sierra with Savanna, who is sporting her Christmas hair. I hope Savannah's not bald by the time she is thru high school...all that hair coloring. I love seeing them smile together.
  Oh look, the pilgrims are here. This  grouping ,of chalk ware pilgrims, was made by all my daughters  while in grade school. There's a set missing , or someone's man ran off with another one's woman.   LOL  Angie is the one who ended up with all of these and she brings them out every year for Thanksgiving.  They look a bit sad, but then if they were spiffed up they would not be the same.
  We had a great time yesterday. Lots of old stories and new ones. Plenty of food, sorry forgot to get photos. Biscuits, sausage gravy, eggs, ham, hash browns ,and cinnamon rolls.  Milk, juice, and coffee.  I just truly enjoyed my time with everyone. :)
   Hoping all of you are having a good Monday. The sun is shining and it is cold here. Bless you. XO

Friday, November 18, 2016

Surprise .....

    I got a big surprise this morning. My beautiful granddaughter Sierra and my daughter Angie popped in for a quick visit. Sierra is home from Florida for a wedding tomorrow. We will be having a gathering at their house on Sunday, as Sierra will not be able to stay for Thanksgiving.
  Still trying to get many things done before snow starts falling around here. We have had the most wonderful weather this past week...lulling us into a stupor  of not realizing winter is so near. Ted is winterizing the lawn mower . Checking out the snow blower and the generator.  We have some more trimming to do today .  We did clean out all  the flowerbeds yesterday.  I brought in the rose bud and found another near by. So they are in this little vase my daughter made in school. :):)
  Last evening's sunset. See what I mean about clouds helping  to make sunrises and sunsets more spectacular.
  I went to my dentist yesterday afternoon, and he would not put in the permanent filling , as I am still have some sensitivity. So in two weeks, he will finish this tooth . Gaaaa...I am about nuts from this on going tooth saga. LOL
   Blessings to all for a wonderful safe weekend. XO

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wonderful Fall Days....

 This is Thursday morning's sunrise. Looks like another unbelievable November day. Of course I go to the dentist for the permanent filling from  last weeks root canal. Why couldn't the  dentist , who did the root canal,just put in a permanent filling himself ?? Makes me nuts. LOL....Any more it just doesn't take much for me to be loony. So far the sensitivity is still with me. :(:(

  One last rose bud November. I don't  think it will bloom before tomorrow evening when the cold is to move into our area.
  Tuesday afternoon Ted and I raked up the leaves. Ted hauled them to the neighbor's woods. They have a low spot in their woods and the leaves can decay over time to make a natural humus...thus helping to fill in the low spots.
  Oh yes, the lawn looks better raked. There will be some leaves yet to fall or blow in the yard...but Ted will just mow them.
  I have one container still hanging on from spring. I put it by the wall no frost or super cold from the mornings has killed it. Can't promise much after this weekend. LOL.
   We have had such beautiful weather. Blue skies, sunshine and these sunsets.
  Love this one,  no clouds, just all a ball of yellow orange.
  Thought I would throw in a couple pictures from Horton's clothing  space. This cowl necked soft shirt comes in grays and blues.
  Here a sweet lite travel bag. For over night stays.  Love it.
 More of the loose fitting tops and jackets.  I never did get the orange jacket I saw there in late summer...cause it was bought quickly. You know snooze , you lose.
   Wishing all of you a fabulous day. XO

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

More Of Horton's.....

  The little kitchen corner in the Horton's emporium store has been turned into a nursery. :):) With baby furniture , clothing and toys.
 So many cute things it was hard to focus on one. Hope you can see the tiny sleigh painted in cream.    (click on photos to enlarge)
  I honestly can not tell you if this is a coat or robe. Sweet  animals peeking from the file drawer.
 I feel in love with the plaid caps for baby boys.  Shhh...don't tell, but I did buy one for my g.grandson Max's 1st birthday coming up in December.
  The old kitchen sink had been turned into a bubble bath. Soft dolls sitting in clear Christmas balls. What a clever idea.  I thought if you could find some very small clear ornaments you could come up with something on your bathroom vanity.
  A piece of old sheet music for the song, "I Saw Three Ships" ...I saw three ships come sailing in, On Christmas day, on Christmas day... Referring to the Magi and their camels (desert ships).
  There actually were some ships on display . This one is wicker and could make a nice centerpiece.
 Love the simplicity of this ship.
 This one is in a birdbath filled with sand and small seashells.  I will be showing a few more photos later...don't want to burn anyone out .
   We had the most beautiful weekend and Monday was the same.  Today is just as bright and pretty. I know this is coming to an end very soon. Till then , I am going to enjoy it. Hope you are safe from any of the fires and dangers in the southeastern states. XO

Saturday, November 12, 2016

What I Saw At Horton's.....

 I have to say right away...I love this old sleigh. It really looks like a Santa sleigh. You all know I love plaid. Look at those big bows. The buffalo checked wrapping papers are adorable with the brown paper packages.
I need to have Ted make a post near our walkway....well so I can buy that  hanging snowman. He's so cute ! There's some Merry Christmas  signs of tin, along with tiny fir trees, displayed on an  old shaving stand.
 So many things to chose from, in nooks and crannies through out the store. Something  so sweet about those twinkle lights.
 Here's an intricate designed chalkboard.  Merry and bright is written on it for now. You could write what you like on it.
 I really liked this pretty print of animals gathered near a birdfeeder.
 There's everyday jewelry, necklaces, bracelets and some pins.  Wearing a big skeleton key on a chain, must be in, as I saw a few displayed with clothing.
  Here's an area that looked to appeal to men. I have to go back to get one of those maps, they seem old fashioned. Now that cookie jar, might have been carried from the kitchen to the desk by a man .:):)
 There were old cameras, which I love. A teacup and saucer for Father.
 Every time I see this typewriter, I long to bring it home.  I might need it for a Christmas gift.  hehe.
A grouping of old rulers and squares.  Lots of deer head cutouts and  antlers  in this cabinet.  I will show more photos tomorrow.  Wishing all of you a beautiful Saturday. XO