Friday, September 29, 2017

Meeting New Friends.....

  I finally got the chance to meet Diana.  She brought along her daughter  and two granddaughters. This is Diana,  Sweet Cheeks (As we have all come to know her) and me.  It was a great day of visiting and learning more about each other. It was a day of making friends that already felt like family.  I must say Diana is as  pretty, smart and kind as all of you have suspected.  A great crazy sense of humor (Say What ?) Her granddaughter S.C. has that same humor. I enjoyed them all so very much.  We had a fun day , lots of laughs.
  This is the granddaughter called Bright Eyes.  Her eyes sparkle.  She is trying on a big hair bow and seems to love it. What a cute face.  Even at three she is funny too. I think Diana is passing her humor down the line. Her daughter told a hilarious story at lunch. Yes,  Mindy with the beautiful red hair. So pretty.  Looking forward to a time we can see each other again.  Diana and I talked about how fun it would be to get together with others.
  Diana is starting a whole new adventure in her new blog "A Cottage On The Cove ".  She will maintain her Nana Diana Takes A Break blog also. I know we all wish her the very best.
  I will close my post today with prayers for all in need. XO

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Driving Around....

  My daughter Kathy and I went to dinner Saturday evening. This was our sunset. Beautiful color.
 Drove thru the small town north of here....had to snap a shot of this spooky yard.  LOL So many plastic pumpkins lined the drive , the porch and many scary items for children .
 We had dinner at Bob Evans. There were car shows going on that weekend. The James Dean Festival in Fairmount , Indiana, where he was born. Someone had parked this Corvair truck  in the lot of the restaurant . I had never seen one of these. What a hoot. It was a fun evening.

 Last but certainly not least....look at this new blog site, called  A Cottage On The Cove.  It says my other blog, because this lady's other blog site is Nana Diana Takes A Break.  She is having  a give away for those that drop by and check out both blog sites.  You need to go there and see what she is doing.
  Bless your day. XO

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Lots Going On Here.....

 This is yesterday morning' s sunrise.  There's crop dust in the air around these parts.
  I did do some decorating for fall on the porch. This little table is a perfect place to decorate.
  The neighbor man is cutting soy beans this week. Here he is down the road. You can see some of the dust.
 His uncle Rich helps since he retired from his career job.
 Our great grandson Max is getting a big boy hair cut. Good thing he has that lollipop to take his mind of the buzzing of the clippers.  :):)
 Oh look at our sweet Luke, he is five months old now. Such a happy baby.
 This picture shows he is teething, always drooling. I want you to look at those big blue eyes.  His mommy is a sweetheart and always shares her photos of the boys.
  On the 18th of last week, a cat came to visit or stay, not sure which. I gave him some milk. he loved it. This cat  is pretty like he may have been a house cat. But is  somewhat thin and scared. My daughter Kathy has posted his photo on a lost and found page.
  We thought we had found his owners, but the more photos my daughter posted, the lady said it was not her cat.  So I want to call him Stormy , because he came during a down pour that day. I hope the neighbors want him for a barn cat. We are not giving up on his owners just yet.
   I wanted to show this little bottle of honey, that Cindy of  Bee Lady From Hilltop  Farm gave us when we met up at Horton's.  Some sad news. she may be giving up her bee keeping this year.  I thought it was so very kind of her to give us honey. :):) Cindy is a great fun loving girl.  She is a bee keeper ( for now) , crafter, works like crazy with yarns.  She is so talented.  Love that girl.
 I will end this post with the sunset, from Tuesday also.  It isn't totally setting in this photo but it's pretty.   Hope you are enjoying your week so far.
   Still sending prayers for those left with so little or nothing from the hurricanes. XO

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fall Market At Horton's.....

   I had a wonderful day Saturday....the entire day  !! I feel up lifted in my spirit even. Look what a glorious day . I parked on the east side of the courthouse.  They are still working on it...but stopped for the weekend.
  The front windows of Horton's always  look inviting.
  There were plenty of cute fall things to decorate our homes.
  Outside venders had some great wares . Look at this old dining set. Gee this is the kind of table we grew up eating around. This booth had a bit of everything. The heat of the day made it  tough to stand outside much.
 Back inside to look at their décor. Couple of cute birds                                                                                                                
Back outside, LOL... look at these wooden pumpkins. Something cute to make with your children.
  Big beautiful potted mums all over the store to take home. This would be my mom's favorite color. :)
  There's a new sign out front announcing the fudge inside.
  This fudge is made by the Horton's.  So many tasty flavors, cotton candy, peanut butter, pumpkin pie, maple walnut , and many more.
 Sorry, I can't turn this ....I bought some fall cards, and a  fridge magnet. I am proud I did not buy any fudge. So tempting. Now today, I see it was a good thing I did not buy any...My daughter Karen brings over a fund raiser item I had ordered from my g.daughter Savannah...yes, it was chocolates. LOL
  I had a truly great day with my daughter and some wonderful friends. I will save that for another post. :):)
  Wow, it's hot here...been in the 90's, which for old ladies like me is about 125 degrees. :)  Staying in today and getting some chores done . I will do some letter writing later.  Enjoy this day and remember those in need of our good thoughts, prayers and donations. XO

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Happy Autumn.......

  This is a flyer insert that was in the town's paper. It says that Needler's will now be the new name on our old Mash grocery. I am so thankful to this brother and sister team for buying our local store , to keep it up and running in our town. Julie and Michael Needler have grown up in the family own grocery business .
 Tuesday, my daughter Kathy and I drove around our county taking pictures of farm land , schools and barns. This a soy bean field was  loaded with color, as the beans start changing.
  This is the only barn picture I have left...I accidently took a photo in the car and as I was deleting it , I wiped out every picture I had taken the whole morning. YIKES !! Kathy gave me the dickens for doing any deleting before getting home to go thru my photos.  I took my camera along also and I can't  load photos on my files now that I had the computer worked on. What more ???
 As you can see it was an overcast day Tuesday. It is looking more fall like as our temperatures soar back to the high 80's for a while.
  My daughter Liz sent me a photo of her new door color mixed with her fall porch décor.  I am really liking that door. :):)
  Some photos of our flowers here.
  I some times make bouquets from them.
  They are growing pretty full now.
  This is one of my favorite colors of mums here.  I have some errands to do today and need to get busy.  Wishing a good day for all of you. Praying for  those effected by  the storms and the quake.
  Do a good deed today. XO

Sunday, September 17, 2017

This Week's Bits.....

  On our way to Kokomo , to the Meijer's Store. To pick up free cholesterol meds. That's  one way to get people into the stores. I thought it was a beautiful day and the corn is turning.
  Same day(Thursday) , back in our town heading to Marsh. ...just in time for a train to roll thru. Ted says, "Oh that darn train!" I say, "I love the trains." LOL I know of others who love train also. This is the train that went by my house in town, that I miss so much.
  Now this I do not sorry for those that do....but I call this, "Ok for your backyard, but not mine". LOL
  This is what I really love. Sunshine !!!
I am showing this pepper plant for Louise of  "Cards4ubylouise" ....She asked about my garden. LOL
This is the tomato plant , and folks that is the extent of my gardening. :):)
The rose bush produced this last rose. I thought it needed to be picked and enjoyed in the house.
 So I put it with some daisy like flowers...mums? I bought this as a mum, but it appears to be like a daisy. I put them in a Dixie cup of water, then into this metal pitcher.
 On a sad note . My children's dear uncle Johnny , pictured here with my daughter Karen , passed away this week.  He was what I would call an everyday Joe.....the kind of man that our great country has many , many of in our population. The kind that worked a factory job for  30 plus years .  He raised a family.  He loved fishing and visiting family and friends.  Never bothered a soul, gave everyone a fair chance. We will miss him.
  Still holding the victims of the hurricanes in my thoughts and prayers. XO

Friday, September 15, 2017

It's Fun And Work.....

  Catching the reflection of the setting sun on the garage/shop.  Thursday started out foggy and cloudy but ended nicely.
  This is the same shot this morning (Friday) . It's foggy but the sun is rising to burn the fog off.
 I can see the sun come up out front now , at this time of the year.
  You can see the fog is kind of thick in this shot.
 Celebrating my grandson Korey and his wife Ashley's third anniversary this week.  Here they are standing in the outdoor spot in the mountains , where they were married. They are the most adventurous young couple. Always up for hiking or traveling .
 I just had to throw this picture in the mix. On the left is Max at 4 months and on the right is his brother  Luke wearing the same little man outfit .
  Sorry this picture seems rather dark...but this is a bit of what Ted and I have done this week. He cut down some dead ash trees. He split the wood and I help him stack it. Once this little area is fully loaded with wood we will be set for winter heating. Burning wood in the fireplace helps heat our home and saves lots of fuel dollars. I am not crazy about it, it's dusty and dirty and work,work,work. LOL Not my dream of retirement. How did I go from lovely lady luncheons, crafting and shopping to being pioneer woman. Gaaaa. Oh yeah, that started when we moved here. I have got to move back into town. :)
   Praying for all in need. XO