Saturday, September 26, 2020

Harvesting .....

  There's been lots of soybean harvesting happening in our county. The big fields on the corner are done. They stir up dust and pests.  Can not sit out , things bite. My daughter calls them "No see'ums"

  My daughter Liz came over on Wednesday . She brought Lynzie , Max and Luke.  Ted and I wore masks, we sat outside. We watched the boys play hop-scotch and a game that Lynzie draws for them on driveways in chalk. They have lily pads to jump on, bear tracks to bear crawl and dinosaur tracks to stomp and roar.. The boys took their shoes off of course and started to get to quick. Luke falls down and bumps his head and I tell Lynzie, take him in and wash him up. She did not want to germ up the house, so sad. I told her, I will wipe things down. It's ok. Washed Luke and an ice pack on his noggin and he was good to go. 

 Speaking of Luke, I want to ask for prayers for our little fellow. He was to have polyps removed from his sinuses last week. His dr. got Luke's surgery will be on the 30th. He had to has a covid test Yesterday. Lynzie tries to prepare him  for any medical procedures. She told him he was to get his nose and throat tickled. He said, "Not today mommy, that hurts."  Lynzie had to hold him down for the nurse to swab his nose. Poor Luke. The polyps are one of the things that can happen with Cystic Fibrosis.  So will you please send good thoughts and or prayers for our Luke.  We all truly appreciate your kindness.

 Seems more places are opening up. Yet, my granddaughters' school has closed due to three positive covid cases. Go figure.  So please be safe . XO

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Oh Let Me Try This....

Oh by some miracle I found my old photos from some of my blogs.  These are all old pics. I may need help before I can ever load new ones.  This mums are back and do look much the same. 
 This was a cute display at Horton's here in town, a few tears back. 
 This was my granddaughter's decorations before Luke was born. She has a whole new layout this year. None are named. LOL. 

 I have struggled to make a bog today...try to go by Blogger's book...oh my gosh, why do they have to take us into space to achieve what they want.  I just could not get it right. I may never get it. 

   Wanted to tell all of you, that Ted is doing much better getting his walking routine in and the P.T. exercises for his shoulder.  We both have dr  appts coming up in the next week. Then I am scheduling my cataract surgery.  My sister got hers done and did very well. 

 Wishing all of you well. Stay safe. Praying for all . XO


Thursday, September 10, 2020

Autumn Is Near.....

 Caught this butterfly on a bloom.  Many flowers have withered away.   You see one here and there hanging on. We had a powerful rain Monday late afternoon and over night. Had 5 inches of rain here and none in the next county.  We needed it. But we also lost power for almost two hours. With that kind of rain, you need sump pumps to work. Thankfully we were so dry here , just as the power came back on the pumps started pumping and no wet basement. Hooray.
 My goodness we had some days that were just perfect. Low humidity, could open windows and air out the house. I love when I can do this.
 The mums are blooming already.  Hope the bees get to work them over.   I have not seen many honey bees , but other kinds, not so sure what they are .
  Ted got to see the orthopedic doctor on Tuesday. He has tendonitis and got a cortisone shot. His shoulder is better , will have P.T. next Wednesday.  But thankful it was not a torn rotator cuff, as the N.P. said.  As soon as Ted had relief from his shoulder , I could see the difference in his outlook.  We are hanging on. Thank you everyone for all the good prayers and wishes. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I am not sure if I will be able to blog...because honestly I have not idea about the new blogger.  Please everyone stay safe. XO