Saturday, December 30, 2017

Cold And Snowy.....

 Our area got 6 more inches of snow since yesterday. It's still very cold and the wind is blowing also.
 The snow plow went up and down our road this morning.
 The snow was light and the wind is blowing it around.  Only shoveling paths for now.  The sun is out this Saturday afternoon and I am loving that.
 This is Tuesday sunset. I thought it was certainly pretty. I am ready for this cold spell to be gone.
 I'll show some of the work Ted has done on his sister's Airstream camper. He has most of the paneling up and some walls and cabinets are in.
 These cabinets are over the wheel wells.
 This will be the bathroom wall between the bedroom and bath. That bathroom is going to be really small. LOL.
 This is how it looked when Ted brought it here to work on.
 Completely empty inside, other than wiring and insulation.
 It's been so cold, that I have been longing for warmer days and flowers. ;):) How about you?
   Happy New Year to all. XO

Thursday, December 28, 2017

This Year's Ending......

  We got this snow...not much, but it just won't go away. Too cold for any melting. Today is another below freezing day. Five in a row. Brr, those nice days had me so spoiled.  Granddaughter Sierra had to fly back home and daughter Kathy flew to Seattle , for time with her son and his wife.
  Sierra's flight was canceled and she had to reschedule So when she made plans for another flight, she was at the airport when her aunt Kathy arrived for her flight out. So they had some dinner together at the airport.  Sierra was flying to Tampa. Lucky girl.
  Kathy was flying to Seattle, complete opposite ends of the U.S.  Kathy in her coat  at the beach , in Washington.
  Here's Luke and Max in their  dinosaur PJ's and new ball caps. But max put some sunglasses on and Luke is studying that look. LOL.
  Here they are dressed for their Christmas day. We all had wonderful Christmas celebrations with many different family gatherings. We had our big family gathering on the 17th , this year, so most of us could be there. Only Brock's family was absent due to Brock and Layla being sick.
 Playing with my phone's photo adjusting. I just had to show Luke's pretty eyes. Both boys have these dark blue eyes.  I love being around the children and enjoy hearing them talk or try to and laugh.
  I hope all of you had a blessed Christmas with your loved ones and friends. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, filled with good health and much happiness.  If you make a list of resolutions , let "be kind" be one of those on your list.  Hugs to all.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Who Doesn't Love Santa...?

 Oh dear, dear, it's Luke...Apparently he does care for the Jolly Old Man at all. Max isn't  looking none too happy himself. I just received this photo I will get the story soon.
 The boys aunt Emma , when she was small adored Santa. Of course she is holding a candy cane too. :):)
 My sister Pam and I , just loved our time with Santa, about 5 years ago. LOL. My first Santa visit ever. Although once I saw a Santa walking down the street and I rolled the car window down and yelled that I wanted "diamond" earrings. LOL That was a hundred years ago. Or so it seems.
  Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas , filled with joy. XO

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Mrs. H's 5th Grade Party.....

 This is Mrs. daughter Angie. She is showing everyone a gift someone brought her.
 The children always recite , "Twas the Night Before Christmas." Each child gets a line or two. They do well too.
  MY granddaughter , Sierra (in white), and the office secretary watched the children recite.
  This year Angie had a senior girl as an assistant, some days. This is actually how Angie became interested in teaching, by assisting when she was a senior in H.S.
 Here is the class in a circle playing the book game. Their number is called, they choose a book or steal one that is already unwrapped. The book can only be stolen twice. Some cheer and some grumble. I told them they could regift the book to their parents. LOL
  These were the rules for the day... 1 get organized, 2Work on packets , 3 Remember your manners. :):)
 Once the children had food, played their game helped Mrs. H . with her gifts, which is things the children bring her...some so serious, some hand made , cute name it and all kids loved it and were kind.  This is how the room looked as the children filed out to go to gym class.
 This is left overs...haha donuts fruit and more sweets under the foil. They did have bacon and eggs  with milk and juice. I know none of them went home hungry. Plus teacher gives them bags of candy, art pens, and toys.
 As I was leaving school, I admired the children's art work. It's always on the walls of the hall.  This is looking in a window and seeing Christmas trees.  Very nice and worth keeping.
 Younger grades show the ornaments on their trees.
 There were Santa heads with letters to Santa written on them.  They are writing in cursive, so it has to be a third grader or older, right?  This letter's writer is telling how nice they have been and they only want a few things...Gucci clothes, Nintendo and Chicago Bears clothes, then adds how extra good they will be this year. LOL Gucci clothes?? wow.
 On the same wall. "Dear Santa,  I  really want new shoes and new shoes. And my little brother wants Paw patrol stuff........I am not sure why, but this letter made me tear think some kid wants new shoes, plus asked for something for their brother. New shoes...Gucci clothes. What a difference in lists. I know it's kids and they do say the darndest things, but it makes you think.
  Wishing all of you safe happy days ahead. Only five more till Christmas . :):)

Monday, December 18, 2017

We Celebrated....

 Ted made 14 of these trays. He used wood we already had on hand.  I asked for the handle slots in the end.
 I did get them all wrapped in time. We were having our Christmas gathering early this year.
  Here's one little reason Leo. Not everyone in the family had met him yet.
 This is Rick and Margo , Leo's parents, they live in Cincinnati.  Margo has been our granddaughter since she was four years old. She is a beautiful girl. So sweet too. They are happy young parents.
  Sierra (granddaughter) was home for a short trip from Florida. She was loving on the babies. Here she is with Luke.
  Max was there and admiring aunt Angie's tree. His parents did not fully decorate their tree.LOL, we all know and pets are curious.
 Leo is meeting Luke for the first time. He has one little mitten left on his hand , to keep from scratching their sweet faces.  Leo has lots of hair too.  :):)
  Karen and her babies came. Wish I had gotten her husband , Jeff's  photo too. I just did not get the pictures I wanted too. It was a pretty hurried time.  Angie's family was scheduled for family photos on her in-laws side. So for everyone to get together at once, we had a quick brunch. Unwrapped gifts to each other. Then went on to other gatherings. Kathy came out here, to be with Ted and I. I found her a vacuum cleaner, I had in the basement. She needed it. Thank goodness, I had not thrown it out or given it away.
  Early last week, Liz , Matt, and Emma went to a live Nativity scene.  Liz beside a camel. You would not catch me that close.....don't they spit like llamas?? eewwweee. Emma got to see dwarf animals. How cute is this burro.  She enjoyed seeing the animals. She is just like Liz was when she was younger, she loved animals too. I will finish this post. For some reason, I am having difficulties trying to blog.
   Tomorrow is class party for my daughter's class, I'll try to get photos and post tomorrow.  Wishing all of you a great week. XO

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Honor Christmas......

  I remember buying this sweet sign at Horton's one year.  I love it.  It's on the dining room shelf, just barely. :) I like it mixed with all the cards that have family pictures and my Emma and Santa photos.
  One of my mother's best friends made this little deer and tree.  It sits beside a fat baby Emma on Santa's lap.  Then there's Max from last year.
  These pictures are all the same kids at different ages. Sam and Maggie.
  A snowman and tree under the shelf. Kind of a dark photo, sorry.
 I stepped outside to take a picture of our beautiful blue skies yesterday and the school bus was coming down the road, so I wait to get a shot of it. Just dawned on me, the neighbor boy doesn't even take the bus any more...he is driving and has for a couple years. Growing up. :(
Here's a small baby boy I want to keep little for awhile yet.  This is Luke playing with some toy and all excited about it. So cute.
 . It's cold here and snow on the way. I will be getting to the grocery, know how that goes. Got to have enough milk.   Wishing all of you a great day.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Snow And Warm Hugs.......

  Saturday morning it started snowing here. Blowing with a very cold wind.
  It got to this point and stopped.  I saw pictures on face book of the snows in Alabama , where my big brother lives and they had more snow than central Indiana.
  Later in the afternoon, Ted and I went to the grocery. We were in the store for about 15 minutes, came out to more blowing snow with poor visibility.
 On Thursday of this past week, Ted and I went to Liz and Matt's. The fellows were going to be cutting wood and hauling it to Matt's wood pile. Plus Ted was bringing a load of wood home.  It's the ash trees that they are cutting, all dead due to the Emerald Ash Bore. Liz and I ran  around and visited the kids.  This is Izzy (Emma's cat) . He has a paw in his water dish, which is empty. Sam the dog will drink all the cat's water. So poor Izzy puts a paw in the dish and starts moving it around the kitchen,  to show Liz that it is empty. The funniest thing I ever saw.

  Got to the boys' house in time for Max's lunch. He has been eating with utensils for awhile and does very well.
  Liz has Luke on the counter top and he has his own ideas of what he wants.
  He grabs a liter of pop and tries to bite the top. Those little teeth  , you could hear them scraping.
  This is the buildings east of our town. This is downtown Elwood.  All the buildings are wrapped in colorful lights.  So bright and pretty.
  This one has more than one color.  That is a lot of lights.
 Last but not least.  Look at this beautiful card from  Linda and  LD of  Linda's Life Journal. She painted this picture of  Santa sledding, waving his cowboy hat and wearing western boots, then had cards made from the image. So wonderful and clever. It made my day to get this in the mail. Thank you Chapmans.  Linda is a very talented  artist and paints  Santa pictures every year.  :):)
   Wishing everyone a great new week. Pray for all in need, or send good thoughts.  XO