Friday, September 30, 2016

What I Bought & Other Pictures...

    I did buy a new garden flag at Horton's on Saturday..  It was 1/2 price.
   Picked up one of  these old postcards of our was a shot taken during horse and buggy days. Most of these old buildings still standing.
   I bought some little gourds to add to our porch décor. Plus a few small mums. I will just use them for decorations and not plants them..
  I bought a few white pumpkins also.. They are just too cute.
  I thought this was a clever craft idea. You could make these with kids or grandkids. It's an old paperback novel.
  This  purse looked like something my granddaughters would love.
  I liked what this bracelet says..Love is how we earn our wings.
  There was a display of little metal wings. This pair is hanging on an old bottle.
  I love this old leaf rake, painted in ecru. They use it in many of their store's holiday décor. See you can't throw anything can be painted. LOL
  Yesterday's sunset made the bean field across the road shine like gold. I love this.
  I think the low clouds made it a strange kind of lighting.
  The sunset was pretty. It seems to set in the little wooded area on the corner.
 Look what an odd color the setting sun cast on our house and shop. The lawn looks good in this shot. :):)
 I brought in the hummingbird feeders and cleaned them up to put away till spring. Ted filled all the other feeders and put the wood box on the new back deck and actually filled it already. I am hoping we will not need it for a very long time. :)
    Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend. Have fun. XO

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Some Great Weather & Fun....

   Look at this sky....low humidity, super clear skies, 74 degrees yesterday. 
   The mums are so full and crowding each other. I like this one.
    I like to mix the colors together for a nice bouquet.
  I have two of these orange colored mums and they are bold in color.
  As you can see I absolutely need to thin these mums out more. I did in early spring, but you sure can't tell it.

   Our grandson  Brock, his daughter Layla on Emma's shoulders, Me and Papaw Teddy Bear.
  We had taken our daybed to Brock's  on Sunday.  He was getting Layla  a big girl bed we gave them the daybed...that way when Emma goes over to visit she can sleep on the trundle part in Layla's room. Emma's a wonderful aunty to Layla...she can  make her laugh. She plays with the stuffed animals to get Layla playing also.
   Hope everyone is having good weather and  some fall beauty.  Please be kind . XO

Saturday, September 24, 2016

My Trip To Horton's.....

  Bee Lady From Hilltop Farm....sweet Cindy, showed up for a brief visit at Horton's. Cindy is a very crafty person. She's a bee keeper, a crochet expert, and super party planner....well it seems so, if you visit her blog and see how many family members and friends show up to be with her. I was so happy to see her. But part of my stamina had worn out early, so I did not get to visit as long as I would have liked.
  The side entrance to the store. Always decorated in the holiday or season that is  celebrated.
  Lots of wonderful pumpkins, hay bales and mums.  The mums were just budded out, not many of them in bloom.
  A bittersweet this.
  In the corner that is a kitchen display area, you can find some cute things. I really liked the canister set.
  A wooden owl with lids for his big eyes.
  Boxes and glittery pumpkins. Plenty of the twinkle lights were for sale.
  I thought this chalkboard's saying was just wonderful.
  I always like to see old suitcases filled with pretty things.
  This was one of my favorite vignettes. An old Royal typewriter, tiny desk with cubbies. Really cute.  I enjoyed my time at Horton's talking mostly. LOL I'll show you in a few days what all I bought.
  Went to my Angie's house to meet up with her and Karen. They had gone to the Earth fest for a few hours. We had coffee  and talked. It has been awhile since we have had time together.  Not like the old days when all my daughters and I would walk the Earth fest from one end to the other and back again.  Miss those days.
  Hope all of you had a great Saturday. XO

Friday, September 23, 2016

Autumn Decor Finally....

   I finally got the totes with my fall decorations out of the basement. These are pumpkins I made last year , out of old sweaters I picked up at Goodwill. Plus some stuffing material.
   This was my favorite one. I used sweaters that looked like they had shrunk, maybe that no one would buy to wear. Bits of lace, twine, and a doily. I used a cut of a branch for the stem. You could use a piece of old silverware....saw that idea at Horton's. :):)
  I used the sleeves to make small pumpkins. They are cute in groupings.
   A small cornucopia of flowers.
  A fall like bouquet in a rustic pail.  As I see the brightness on one of the books....I am now going to cover each book with brown paper. I think that would look better. :):)
   The wreath I got once at a 4-H rummage sale...for a dollar.  I have used it 4 years now. Still pretty.
  This is the porch table I like to decorate on ,thru out the seasons. This basket can hold a lot of things. Oh course I still use the old shutters as a backdrop.
  A small welcome sign on a window sill. I added the twig of leaves.
  Thursday sunset.  You can see the hummingbird feeder . I will be taking them in after next week. I think we are only to keep them up till October.
  Then one more shot of that beautiful sunset. It's a beautiful world. Hope all of you are ready for a fun filled weekend. It's festival time all over Indiana. The Atlanta , Indiana New Earth Day fest is this weekend.  It has always been one busy event too.  Not  a lot of sitting places is my only complaint.
   I will not be going with my daughters this year...I just can't take the walking in 80 plus degree heat. I used to go on Saturday with my daughters and on Sunday with Teddy Bear. We always had some great fair cream, taco in a bag, ice cream...LOL did I say ice cream?  That was always my favorite fair food.  On the Sunday that Ted and I would go, we always had a steaming cup of coffee and cinnamon  rolls. We would go early before the real crowds got there.
  Horton's Autumn Market is tomorrow from 9-4...I will go to that for a while. Hope to see some of you there.  When my girls are home from the Earth fest, I will meet them at Angie's for coffee and dessert. :) At least I can still do that.  :):)
  Wishing all of you a fabulous weekend. XO

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall Decor.....

  If you are a person who likes to decorate with's a couple farm pictures in white.  This looks like a goat to me...but hey what do I know, I am basically a city sleeker.
 Here's a sweet cow picture...I like it.  This are left over photos from my last trip to Horton's. They are having their Autumn Market this Saturday.  I sure will be going to look around.
 I loved this velvet pumpkin on a cake stand, surrounded by tiny faux flowers.
 There a big urn at the counter in Horton's and it is always dressed for the season. Love the copper watering can , looks great with the fall colored leaves.
 A basket of linen pumpkins and scents.
 This was really my favorite box of cloth pumpkins. The bittersweet and twinkle lights just looks perfect to me.
 I do not think these are real , but I did not touch who knows. Love the box. Hope you all like seeing decorating items. :):)
  Today will be a busy day for me. I will fill you all in on my adventure, at a later date.  Hold on tightly, to this last day of summer  XO

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


  Monday was a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky. Not too hot either. Plus a pretty sunset to end the day.
  Kathy's rose bush that lives here with me, produced a beautiful rose for her while she stayed with us, this past weekend.  It made her smile.
   While Kathy, Ted and I were in the town of Kirkland on Saturday, I saw this milk glass collection  in one of the shops. Some unusual pieces.
  I am not sure what that bowl is that's sitting on top of a compote  bowl.
  I have never seen one of these, ever. It looks like it's right out of the Fifties. An orange colored metal stand, with an ice bucket in the center....surrounded by tall colorful glasses.  Maybe for ice tea? cocktails?
  This long table was made from boards just sawn from a tree. The bark was still on the edges. Same for the benches.  Shellacked with a glossy finish.
  You may not believe this...but this was my only purchase on Saturday. A big jar candle. Bourbon Maple Sugar....smells so good. There was one burning in the shop and it's fragrance filled the room, I could not resist. Suppose to last 80 hours.  mmm:):)
  Hope all of you have a great Tuesday. XO