Sunday, April 30, 2017

Grandaughters' Semi-formal......

   Last night was Savannah's semiformal dance. Her dress had little glow in the dark stars on it. This is just a try on.  Love that it has pockets.
 Emma  went to the dance also. How are my granddaughters growing so quickly. Emma's  mom got this sweet dress for 13 dollars. Win, win.

This is Emma when she was our baby girl.
Here's Savannah when she was our baby princess.
 Savannah and Emma all dressed for an  evening of fun with their friends. These girls are cousins...their mothers are my twin daughters.
  I received a photo of Emma and her girlfriends. Don't you love those high top sneakers? Emma is taller than the rest. I was hoping for a group shot of Savannah and her pals, but she didn't send one. Is it just me, or is 13 much older than it used to be?? :(:(
    We had storms last night. The sump pumps came on in the night,  meaning the ground around here is saturated. Flood warnings for most of the state.  More rain forecasted for the next two days, then a break for  a day, then more rain. I remember that bright shiny thing in the know , called the sun. I am waiting to see it again. :):)
  Wishing all a blessed Sunday. XO

Friday, April 28, 2017

A Long Week......

   It's been a long week for us  and it's only Friday. This is Wednesday evening's storm coming in from the southwest. Dark and windy with  lightening. Thankfully it didn't last too long and no hail...that's good.
 It was scary enough, that I sent pictures to my own weatherman, grandson Korey, in Utah.  He advise that we be safe. :):)
  One day this week we saw fields of golden rod....not good for people with allergies.
 Checked on the baby birds again. All three are hatched. I better  look at them again know they will be growing like mad. Always hungry, aren't they?
   This was a milestone. Hahaha, Ted's GMC truck's odometer rolled over to three hundred thousand miles. His mechanic tells him he can get another hundred thousand out of it. Oh dear , I know he will try.  This is the first time I have actually paid attention to that "apply brake to shift from park" you think people really read that?
 Oh I just can't help myself ...You need to read Max's shirt...It says, promoted to big brother. LOL
And that seems to suit Luke just fine. He looks to be smiling about it all. Thanks for all the wonderful well wishes and compliments on my post of Luke's arrival to our family.
   I am hoping we all have  a great weekend. Thus far, we are predicted to have heavy rains and chances of bad storms.  Be safe. XO

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Luke Is Here......

  Monday evening Lynzie was have contractions, close enough to go to the hospital. She went in and 9:00 pm and was sent home at 12:30.
  Then On Tuesday morning was back at the Hospital at 9:00 am.  At 10:32 Luke was born.
   Mark gets to hold him . He is such a wonderful father to Max, so I know Luke is a blessed boy.
 Grandma (Gigi) Liz, has been with Lynzie thru her on again off again pains and check ups. Now she is blessed with 3 grandchildren...and loving every minute of it.
  Max comes in the afternoon and meets his baby brother. He didn't seem too impressed, but not upset either. He saw the I.V. port in his mommy's arm and was about to cry ..he pointed to it  and looked tearful.
 My turn. Ted and I went around 3:30. I was so keyed up, I was asking for Lynzie by her maiden name. LOL.
  This is the family all together.  Max is drinking from mom's ice water cup.LOL
   Here's our Luke all polished up and his eyes open. He was  8 pounds and 19 inches long and what a head of hair he has already. What I saw of his eyes they are blue.
  This is a split photo of Max (when he was born 1 yr. 5 mos. ago) and Luke.  I can't tell if they look alike...maybe the mouth. Lynzie was tired and rightfully so.  They will all be together later this evening in their home. Mark has taken a week off work to be with them. Gigi will be there also.
   I was on my out the door , to meet my sister for lunch, when Liz called me. I went on to lunch with my sister and had a great visit. Ted worked in the shop with his son Heath. Then a bit later we drove to the hospital and got to visit the new baby and his adorable family. I am blessed.
     Bad weather all around.  Please be safe.. XO

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spring Is Showing....

  This is a bad shot of the robin's nest by the shop. I had to do a quick snap...because the mother was squawking mad near by. You can see a bit of baby bird...there should be three. I will try again when they are older .
  Our lawn is shaping up some of those thin spots filled in.
  The field across the road was planted yesterday afternoon. It will be corn. Once the corn grows, I start to feel hemmed in , because I can not see as far. But the fields look good all smooth right now.

  At 5 o'clock this morning the fellow who farms the corner field was at it. What a racket. I did get this shot at 6:15.
 Yesterday , Ted and I went to Kokomo to pick up a few items, hummingbird feeder and garden light. You know things you want and maybe don't need. LOL. Stopped at Bob Evans for lunch.  This is the chocolate bread they are serving with your meal.  Ted chose banana bread, his all time favorite. This chocolate bread was good, tasted like cake more than bread.  Even crumbled like cake. Probably didn't matter that we ate grilled chicken salads, after eating some of the breads. LOL
   Today will be another wonderful day here in central Indiana. Ted is golfing this morning. Once he returns home , I will be having lunch with my youngest sister. Wishing all of you a fun day. XO

Sunday, April 23, 2017

I Am In Love......

   This is my great grandson Max , with his dog Madison. This picture of  Max and Madison looking out the window, just squeezes my heart.  There's just something about a round headed kid peering out the window that makes me feel so much love .Lynzie said they watch for the school bus and the kids in the neighborhood. Lynzie gave Max a non skid stool for this activity.
  I love how Max has his hand on his best buddy's  back. Doesn't this just make you smile?
   Max has a way of taking over the living room , with his toys.
  Here's his daddy Mark, reading to him. I love that Max is read to often.
  Now he is enjoying some jelly toast with his grandmother Gigi (Liz).
 I also love that he watches Jeopardy. LOL.  His mommy Lynzie, says he dances to the music and claps when the audience claps. I just can't help myself, I am in love with my little great grands. Two for now, number 3 ,  Luke is due any time. Lynzie has been having some pains. Luke will be Max's baby brother. Not by much though.  I will post as soon as he is born...could be a few days. I am not sure .
   Today is to be warmer and the sun is already shining.  I will be cleaning around the porch. I want to wish all of you a beautiful day. XO

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Our Skies....

 Wednesday heading home from the grocery. Storms coming in.
 This is driving past the Catholic Academy. Where my sister used to work, taking care of nuns, in retirement. They have all be transferred other places , as this group of building has been sold . It's in the hands of another Catholic group.

 You can see the steeple of the chapel above the flowering trees. The grounds there are going thru some improvements.
  This is Thursday at my daughter and son-in-law's house. Emma's parents. They have red bud and dogwoods lining their drive.
  This is the salvaged swing set that  Ted put up as a comfort for Emma when her mom was having chemo about four- five  years ago.  Now there's a baby swing for Max and Layla.
  We always get greeted by Sam the dog. He wants his share of hugs . Old sweet thing.
 While at Liz's, the big boss rooster (Samson) came crowing at the back door. I didn't give him time to peck on the door, I just threw out some bread for him and his girls(hens).  Liz said, "mom be careful, he can be mean. " LOL. I am not getting to close to him.
   I won't be doing much here. It is cold out today. Hope all of you are enjoying your Saturday. XO

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Saturday At Soap Making...

  I drove to my daughter Karen's on Saturday. We were meeting up to attend a soap making demonstration.
Hugs and pictures with granddaughter Savannah.  Look at Karen's fridge...oh my , her husband says one day the fridge will cave in from the magnets attached. LOL
 This young lady is Anna Marie. She is married to my son-in-laws cousin. This was my first meeting with her. She is such a fun  person. Great sense of humor.
 Needless to say, I know nothing of soap making. I always thought you bought the chunks of stuff, melted it and add a fragrance, then reshape it. LOL...NO. There's is way more to making soap than that.  Just ask Judy (who makes all kinds of wonderful soaps)@ cranberry morning.
Here are some of the soaps Anna Marie has made. Some are special for certain skin type or conditions.
Some  are very cute, as the green owls and white flower shapes.
 It can be dangerous at times making soap. Anna Marie told us you mix lye.(caustic)..well gee what would I know of that. She told all the steps and ingredients. Said to wear safety glasses, aprons, and gloves. This is one of the forms.
 She used a candy mold to make some tiny soaps. So cute. We all got a bar of soap and some of these tiny ones.
 This is Anna's label. Her info was on the label.
    The burg where my daughter Karen's husband's family lives, is also where so many of  his relatives have  lived for years. Including Anna.  It's a stores  , shops , or places to stop....unless you have family would probably never even go there.  My son-in-law Jeff, had both his grand fathers living in this burg. They have passed on now. One grand father , when asked what is that cologne you are wearing, would say, "Three Night's In Moran"  Moran is the name of this burg.:):)  Well Anna Marie has made a soap, that smells a bit spicy, and named it "Three Nights In Moran". I keep laughing when I think about that. I told you Anna Marie had a great sense of humor. Oh there's no way I will be making soap. LOL
   Have a great Wednesday. XO

Monday, April 17, 2017

Our Weekend.....

  Max has a new hat....:):) Our  adorable great grandson.
 He has had a some egg hunts. I wish I could have seen these in person.
 This is Easter, he is still wearing his hat and tie.
 Looks as if Max won't be putting those eggs down.
 This is my grandson Jake, home from his trip to Florida. He and a friend went to visit his sister,my granddaughter Sierra. This red haired boy can't be in the Florida sun too long.
 This is granddaughter Savannah. Her hair color is fading...but I like it like this...not so dark with crazy color. Such a sweetheart. Now this is a fair skinned beauty who needs to watch herself in the sun.
  This was the setting sun on Easter evening.   I truly had a wonderful weekend. Ted and I had an early start to our weekend. We met  daughter Karen for lunch on Thursday.   Ted had lunch out on Friday and I cleaned house.  Saturday, I joined my daughter Karen for a soap making demonstration, at a church near where she lives. Then Sunday lunch. We received many good Easter wishes from family and friends. That is always so nice.
   Hope this week is good for all of you. XO