Sunday, July 17, 2022

For Ted's Birthday.

Here's an old picture of my sweetheart Ted. Yesterday would have been his 70th birthday. I miss this beautiful man. His kind heart, wonderful soul. His passing changed my life forever.
Granddaughter Sierra picked me up yesterday. We were meeting up with daughter Kathy , to help celebrate Ted's day. Even though he has celebrated this and last year's birthdays in heaven.
 Kathy met us at Ted's favorite it's not where this picture was taken.  We each picked what we wanted for lunch and got the last cheesecake to share. That was always Ted's most loved dessert. We each said happy birthday as we took a bite of the cheesecake.  Teddy would have loved it.  There used to be a sign at the cafeteria that read, "flown in fresh  from N.Y." How funny...I would tease Ted about that.

   It was a good day. I was not left alone to get the blues.  I truly appreciate my family. After lunch, we followed Kathy to her apartment. She had some things for Sierra. My mother's old vanity, for one. Honestly I was surprised that Sierra fit it into the hatch back of that little Trax. We laughed as she even carried it , without the drawers down the stairs herself. Yes, in a dress. :):) Daughter Kathy is moving to Seattle to be with her son's family. He has been wanting her to be closer. She has thought about it for 3 years now. I will miss her something fierce, but happy for her to be in her son's little family circle.

  Wishing all of you well. Enjoy this summer. Be safe. XO

Friday, July 1, 2022

Happy 4th of July

I have not been able to load any picture to my files. So  will just use old ones. This is a couple of peanut containers painted up to use as planters. I probably could have made a small shed from all the containers Ted had from his peanut eating.  LOL  That man loved peanuts.  I sure miss him. 
I may have to make a couple more of these, if someone will eat the peanuts....maybe the squirrels around here. I rarely eat them.
I actually got the idea for the planters from this garden flag I have. I did fill all the plant containers around this house.  I am still in the process of getting settled into town.  Many things have changed since I lived here in town, about 18 years ago.
Here's an old picture of one of our family gatherings.  Sister Pam, me , daughters, Angie and Liz.  Those were always fun times. Of course my brothers would tease my sisters and me , just like old days of our youth. Do boys ever change? LOL 

   Wishing all of you out there great family fun and good health. Be safe. XO