Thursday, May 31, 2018

No More School, For Now.....

   Skylar's first day of school...well after school, he's tearing off the bus. :)
  Skylar's mom took this shot of his very last day of school. Walking out with his girlfriend. Skylar has grown into a big husky boy now.
  One of his senior pictures with his girlfriend's dog. Skylar graduates soon.  He took some wielding classes and has his certification.  This is what he loves working with his hands and repairing things.
  Here's how I like to remember him so loving to his sister, Savannah.
 Playing baseball with freckles across his nose.
  He's always been a good brother to his sister.
 Both of them with such pretty blonde hair. I hope they are always close. As young adults, their interests are nothing alike.  His like cars, trucks, working in the garage. Savannah likes singing and art.
  Skylar will not be going to college, he may take some more mechanical classes, because of the hands on.....but the boy just does  not want to sit still in class anymore.  I miss my little boy , but I am proud of the grown young man.  Shhh, I will still call him Skyboy. :):)
  Windows 10 is taking over my computer today to do the latest greatest downloads....wish me luck...last time they did that I had to take my computer into the Geek Squad. Plus some blogger problems have been popping up here and there. I know some of you can't leave comments , I am so sorry. I am hoping it will all work out once the downloads are in.  Wish me luck.  Blessings. XO

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Blue Skies, With Rain Predicted.......

  Some times as I am driving in the country, I will pull over and get a shot of the skies. Seems we can see forever on a day like this.
  Big puffy white clouds too. The problem is , it's been in the high 90's, so hot for May. Record breaking highs.
  The lawn is looking a bit dry. I will never water it , because our water comes from a well.
  Can't risk it ever running dry. The rains are heading our way today, this evening and tomorrow. All from the tropical storm.  This will certainly help our lawn, and all the crops in the fields.
 This is the view from the porch toward the west...we have new neighbors, just finishing up their home on the corner. They are a couple that went to school with my daughter Kathy, so their children are grown  and gone from home.
  Today, out the backdoor, I could see our Catalpa tree blooming. The bad part, with rain and wind coming, the blooms won't last long.  The wind is here already.
  Saw this big flag yesterday beside the Meijer store in Kokomo. Love it.
  My clematis is blooming nicely. My mom's favorite color. :):)

 The sweet potato vine in my petunias is growing now and it looks very nice with the colors of the flowers.  I have not taken very good care of a couple plants, as I must be watering them too much and not moving them from the heat of the day.  That is exactly why a plant much be hardy to be around me. LOL. I am going to mix up some fertilizer for them.
  Hope all of you are enjoying pretty blue skies too. XO

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

End Of School Year ...

  Today I helped out at my daughter's class picnic.  I love being around all those kids. But oh boy, I am wore out.  I never polish nails or braid hair any more.. The children get all caught up in playing.
  Here's the class getting ready for pictures.  Mrs. H isn't in line yet. LOL  I do not think all the children got to come to the picnic. I thought the class was much bigger than this at the Christmas party.
  This pile of shoes always makes me laugh.  One boy asked me if he could run around outside barefoot. I told him he might step on something....but away he flew bare feet and all out the door thru the grass.
  This little cutie pie had a Polaroid camera. She took pictures of the kids and gave them their print. Some did not turn out...I am not sure if the children touch the undeveloped film or not.
  Every child had their very own cozy for their soda. Mrs. H bought the cozies, took them to school and the children decorated them to suit themselves. That way they knew their own soda.
 The children played whiffle ball, badminton, and lobbed tennis balls. Ran , played hide and seek. Then it was duck, duck ,goose.  All that wonderful running...then they said they were so tired they could not walk. LOL So the bus picked them for their return to school.
  The skies were threatening all day. It rained  real early but not while the children were at the picnic.  They were served the usual picnic menu of hot dogs, chips, cookies, and soda. I know they ran all that health food right off. LOL Tomorrow is their last day of school this year. I told them all to be good all summer and keep exercising.
   Wish all of you could have been with us today. XO

Friday, May 18, 2018

Getting Ready....

  The farmer who farms across the road, is done planting. This was him prepping the field for planting. So dusty. There 's a tractor and disc in this dust cloud.
  You can not see the tractor or disc. See why I have to wait to wash windows ?  But it is all planted now and the rains that are in the forecast will knock the dust down, thankfully.
  I painted some things yellow...but fear it is too bright. I will go with it for awhile anyways.
 Painted the bench and tops of these two tables gray. But I have decided to paint the table to the left all gray.
 Painted the bird houses and a tin car. The cream color was from last year.  I moved the begonia to another spot.
  Ted finally got the brick walkways trimmed out. We trimmed the pines trees and some parts of our neighbor's tree, that get in the neighbor's  way while mowing. The neighbor was happy about that.
  Here's the porch this morning. The skies were cloudy almost the entire day. I would love a couple of sunny pleasant days in a row. LOL.
Last night's sunset. I thought it looked very lavender. Love that.
  Hope all of you are getting ready for the end of school year, graduations, and vacations.  We have a few  family member's graduating , plus the neighbor boy...who was not yet five when we moved here. Time seems to have won out. The children grew up. Some times it can seem a hundred years ago...and others it seems just last week. Time plays with us.  Enjoy your weekend. XO

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Best Weekend Ever.

  I got flowers for Mother's day, from my daughters and grands.
  I love this basket of yellow and orange petunias.
  New Guinea Impatiens , I am not sure how I will display all these on the porch...but I will.
  Emma picked out this succulent in a tin pail. It goes well on the newly painted table top. LOL.
  Today I got this huge begonia  and had brunch with Angie, Mark , and Kathy. . We had some great conversations., and laughs.  Angie even gave Ted some hot sauce to bring home. :):)
  Saturday was time with the little ones. Brock and Emily (Layla's parents) had a cook out housewarming  and birthday (Emily) party. Here's Layla, she was somewhat grumpy on and off. I think all the children were tired.
 I got to spend time with Max and Luke also. But I failed to get a photo of Max. Some times it is hard to remember pictures when we are enjoying our family. I received two of the sweetest messages from my two oldest granddaughters.  They truly touched my heart and I know that I am blessed.
  I hope all of you had a great day with loved ones.  XO

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Gone Fishing.....

  This is one of the crappies Ted caught on his fishing trip to Reelfoot, Tennessee.   He and the men folk of the family fished for a week. They clean , vacuum pack, and freeze the fish. Split it all up and bring it home.
 Our friend Rusty showing a couple more fish.
  Son-in-law Matt (Emma's dad) , Ted, and his son Heath.
  I try to tell them I am the fisherman of the family. Here's a 4 pound, 20 inch small mouth bass I caught at Trout Lake Michigan, then froze it I could show it to all my brother's , way back when. LOL
  Catching a sucker in Canadian waters.  It was a good sized fish anyway.
  This is the biggest fish I ever caught.  A 35 pound Amberjack, in the Gulf of Mexico.  I have been fishing since then, but not for many years now.
  Here's my grandson Skylar when he was small, holding up his catch of the day. Bless his heart.

This is a picture of Jeff, Skylar's dad,  holding up his catch ...when he was about the same age as Skylar in the previous photo.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Blooms & Boys.......

 Our crab apple is full of blooms and it is so pretty.
  When the flowering trees look like this, better get a picture...the blooms are being blown off like a snow storm today.
  This is my daughter Liz's redbud and dogwood . They line the drive. I love that dogwood.:):)
  Here's our tired boys. Daddy Mark almost looks to be asleep. After having Luke in for many tests for his cystic fibrosis.  They could not complete all the tests yesterday, as Luke grew tired and fretful.
  Bless his little heart, he still looks grumpy. Please say a wee pray for our boy.( XO )
  Big brother Max was staying with his Gigi.  They used play dough to make burgers. LOL.
 Then they went to play outside. The boys wear sunglasses and hats when outdoors.  At least Max had a fun day.
  Ted is cleaning up and stowing away all his fishing gear from his trip. He , his brother Mic, Brother-in-law Larry, sons in-law Jeff and Matt,  nephews Josh, Jason,  and a  three  good friends, Rusty, Scott, and Nick,  go to Reelfoot Tenn. for fishing. They fish for a week. Then bring their smelling clothes home for the women folk to wash. LOL.
  Enjoy this pretty day. Smile, please. XO