Friday, July 31, 2015

About Town.....

  I always love seeing our courthouse.  Look at the blue sky.  Loving it.
   Took a trip thru the park and by the pool.  I never see this pool without thinking of my daughters.  They all love swimming, or at least walking near waters.
  This is the park pavilion.    When it rains , many reunions have been held inside.  Truly now in this heat, it's preferable to sit inside even if it's not raining. The storms we had this summer have taken down many trees in the park and caused many to be topped for safety.
 The building between all the blue is our hospital. The blue buildings are dugouts for the ball diamonds. The one on the right is the concession stand and announcers booth. . The parking barriers are blue also. That's our school color of blue.  
  Today is a very nice day. Lots of sunshine and blue skies. Everyone trying to squeeze in a bit more summer before school is in full swing. June and July were record months for rain around it's not like we had a full summer to begin with.  I can't help but laugh, I honestly would be mad enough to bite nails into if I had to go back to school so soon.
  I want to wish all of you a great weekend. Hug your kids, tell how much you love them....they are growing up. Enjoy some time with them. XO

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Emma And Art.....

  Emma is back in the chair with papaw. Too embarrassed to let me get a good photo of her.  I washed her hair this morning and braided it. She loves having two long braids.
   This is some of her cartoon drawings. I think she is doing really well for being eleven.
  This is a dog she drew. I asked her if she looks at pictures while drawing...she says some times. But most times draws after seeing a picture from memory.
  She is into bears now and loves drawing them or making those clay sculptures.
 She asked me to draw a picture of her. I told I would need a photograph to look at while drawing. So this is her picture she picked and my drawing.  I think my drawing looks older than she does in the photo. LOL.
   It was a some fun times watching America's Got Talent and drawing pictures and making clay sculptures. Going to  D.Q. for lunch yesterday and to Bob Evans today before we took her home.  The time seemed to have gone by so quickly.
   Took her to her aunt Angie's for  a short visit after lunch yesterday. Then to aunt Brenda's (my sister) . All kids used to measure themselves next to my mother, who was 5'2" , Most were taller by the time they were in 6th grade.  Emma's heads taller than my sisters. :)
   Today was a beautiful pleasant day.  Hope yours was too. XO

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

KId Lunch....

      On Tuesday, Ted and I picked up Emma, Savannah and Skylar. Took them to lunch.
   They chose the  Dan The Man's Taco Stand. A little café in Rossville. Serves Mexican food and ice cream. What more would kids want?  It was an enjoyable morning with all of them.  Skylar will be driving soon and he talked rides with Papaw. The girls talked about Savannah's cat's new kittens. We all went   to the barn and looked at them.  There were four of them. Little gray and white balls of cute.
   Emma brought over her modeling clay, made by Crayola. This is all she has made with it. Emma and Savannah are going to be very good artists. They are my crafters too.
   Emma stayed the night and will be again tonight. Here she is helping papaw eat his snacks. Some pretzels and peanuts. :):) When she first starting sharing papaw's chair she only reach above his it's all that chair can do to hold them both. 
 On the way home with Emma , we stopped at the lumber yard for some project lumber. I like the office sign. It's a big saw blade.
  Have to show a picture of Sam coming to greet me. Do not get near that tail, he can really whack you with it...cause he is always excited to have company.
 Here is the queen's Anne lace that turned red in the food coloring. You can see the other bouquet in the background and it is still white. So the food coloring really did work.
   Going to do a bit of clothing shopping with clothes.  I'll give Savannah and Skylar money to do their own shopping. Well with their mother that is.
  Wishing all a good day. XO

Monday, July 27, 2015

Bouquets On The Porch....

    Made these bouquets from some of my flowers, and the queen Anne's lace from the ditch across the road.  Used my milk bottle again for a vase. :):)
   Cone flowers, black eyed Susans, and the lace.
 This lace is in a vase with red food coloring. Why? Mildred at Cattails said her sister once told her if you put queen  Anne's lace in a vase with food coloring the lace would turn that color. So since I am more curious than any cat...I am trying this.  I made these bouquets yesterday. This morning there was a tinge of pink on the lace. I will leave it a day or two and get a photo.LOL  I know, I know, I need something to do. LOL.
   While I sit here and think of something fun to do...I am wishing all of you a beautiful day . XS

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Saturday Runs....

                          At the south end of our town is the hospital.
                           The school is across the road from the hospital.
                     I went to the hospital to pay a bill from when I  had my stomach scoped. Getting our bills and paying them, is a long process.  The medical "whatever" is performed, the drs. and hospitals turn the bills into the insurance companies. Some length of time is consumed between this and the time you will receive a pony express could be much faster.  This is an electronic age, why does it take so long? Some times when you get the bill, you may have forgotten what it is all about.
  I went by my sisters after the bill paying, She wanted to walk to a little yard sale two blocks over.  She bought this little Easter bunny for 50 cents. I laughed about it and told I would be jealous once I see it hanging on her door.  :):)
   Then Brenda offers me some melon and coffee.  That was a snack . It was near lunch time truly by then. So we sat and talked and then went by Jeanie's and talked some more. LOL Then sister Pam came over to join us. Just sister time.
  After all that talking, I came home to get these shots of the last of the lilies. I love this lily.
 This is also a pretty one and it is by the front garden fountain. I think lilies are pretty, just wish they lasted longer.  I cut more weeds out and made myself a bouquet of queen Anne's lace.  May add some flowers to that and get a photo.
  Yesterday was very nice. Pleasant time with my sisters and even a nice conversation with a friend at the grocery...oh yes, I almost forgot that trip.  By the time I got to the check-out the store was not as crowded...making it nicer for me. :) Had a sweet clerk wait on me, really liked that. A young man bagged my groceries and I did not have to help. You all know my opinion on bagging our own groceries...they can give us a discount, or hire more helpers. LOL.
   Hope your Sunday is a beautiful day. XO

Friday, July 24, 2015

Loving The Sunshine...

     The black eyed susans and mums are blooming . I love my mums, but they need to be thinned.
   Here's our little pond by the shop/garage.  I love watching birds drink here , and take baths.
  The sun was out for the past few days and it's been so enjoyable. Low humidity makes a huge difference too.
  Sunset yesterday was wonderful. So peaceful . Ted got a lot of things done that had been put off. Like tilling our old garden area and sowing grass there. We are never going to garden again. Maybe a bucket of tomato plants. My daughter Karen and her family have a big garden and they share.
    School is starting around this area very me that has always seemed like the end of summer.  So I want to take in all this sunshine that I can. Hope you are planning a great weekend and that the sun shines for you. But if you need rain, I hope you get some.XO

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Crop Dusting.....

    It isn't always quiet in the country.  Yesterday I could hear an added noise to the Ac sound. I get my camera and go outside. Here comes the yellow plane that dusts the crops in this area.
  He is doing the corner field. So I can get a few shots once he makes his turn.
 He is headed back north, the corner field is a long one .
 He has completed his turn and starting the dive.
 Now he is over the neighbor's house. this is really close when they go over our homes here.  But I love watching them. I would love to fly along. My husband thinks I am nuts...I am about flying.
  While out I go to the ditch across the road....last farmer in the county to mow his ditches owns it.  There's some tall queen Anne's lace there.
 In the very center of a lace doily, you can see the drop of blood from where queen Anne pricked her finger while making the lace. :):) I think that is interesting.
  Going to Zumba Silver this morning. So I better get out of here. Ted will be in charge of the house. LOL. Unless he has to come mop me up from the gym floor. LOL. Wishing all a great day, the sun is shining  here. XO

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Calm & Sunny......

  What to do on a calm sunny day....make a fire as big as a house. Yikes.  Ted and our neighbor burned  all the tree and yard brush from the storms, yesterday. They are near by with a tractor that has a scoop on the front.  You know for mashing the blaze or rolling it over.  Since it was so calm they got it burned in a couple hours. This is actually an opening, not really as near the trees as it appears.
  While "keeping" an eye on the fellows, I snapped a few photos in the yard.  Our cone flowers are doing well.
 This hydrangea is looking droopy. It is very healthy close up. I could not believe all the weeding I need to do. The weeds are going to take over, or I will have to do it on a very windy day. I could barely get to the watering hose for the mosquitoes.  Please believe me they are in abundance.   At least our weather is to be dry till this coming weekend.  Not that you can be in the flowerbed or even sit out for the bugs.   I am thinking of taking the huge shop fan on the porch, so I can sit out. You know, bugs and mosquitoes do not like wind. LOL.
  Wishing everyone a great day. XO

Monday, July 20, 2015

Texas Pal...

  The fourth lady from the left, just came back to town from Texas.  Pam was home to visit and we all tried to meet up for another classmate brunch. Nine of us made it.  I took this picture , never thought of asking our waitress to do it.  It was fun.
   I remember Pam being in most of my grade school we were from the same neighborhood for a long time. She could play "jacks" better than anyone in the class in 5th grade. LOL.... That seems an eon ago.
  Today is sunny and pretty. Hoping it stays this way for a few days....please.  Ted is mowing the lawn, after the fertilizer it is truly growing. He may have to mow again before the week is over.:):)
   My weekend went by so quickly. I enjoyed it very much.  Hope all of you had some joy too. XO

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Saturday Happenings....

  Happenings, may be misleading  LOL... I did get out in the heat for a bit. This is one of the flower containers in town. They are doing so well and they are all over our town, now even on the outskirts.
   I went to my sisters' apartment and Jeanie, Brenda and I walked , round trip two blocks. No great distance...but the heat was heavy. We walked to this rummage sale , given by the high school girl's soccer team. Such young strong pretty girls.  They had some shade.  That is good.
  I bought this puzzle and picture from the girls. Then we walked catty corner to another sale. I got this little ceramic boat house.
 The  house says Land's End Boat House on front...underneath is says Dickens Collectables 1997.
 This picture is a bear sitting on a park bench and it says Blessings...I like to count my blessings so I bought it for fifty cents.
  This was a new puzzle , it is a painting by Eric Dowdle. Now talk about strange...I saw the tail end of a show on one of the PBS channels after I got home. It was Eric Dowdle painting Charleston, S.C. ...I have never heard of this artist before and now here I was watching the ending of a show with him. I thought wow that painting looks like the puzzle some what and I remembered the name I look at the puzzle as the credits are rolling and there it all was before me..You can order puzzles of the cities Eric Dowdle paints. Glad I went to town and to my sisters and that we hit the little sales in the heat of the day.:):)
Yesterday was pretty, but it was hot and the heat index was 105...that is stuffy air. I caught the sun as it was on the horizon...ending a good day, that I am thankful for, so I count my blessings. Hope all of you had a good day and I wish you a peaceful Sunday. XO

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Is It Summer Yet????

  Yesterday evening this is how the wind was blowing, see the flag. Over the corn between the woods and the group of three trees is our town of Tipton. We are in for rain.
   This is the view to the south.  It was raining with lightening just south of that long cloud.
   There is a patch of blue in the west.  So I can see the sun is shining somewhere. LOL
  This is the view over head. More scattered storms, rain, hail, winds, with bits of sunshine.  A major heat index today and tomorrow.  Temperature approaching 100 and the heat index well over.  So where is our summer ?   I think we may have had 15 days since May that we have not had rain or the threat of it.  With the ground saturated we are having flooding, some of which is flash flooding when there's a dumping of heavy rains in a short time.  I am praying for a dry spell.  Sad that some of this rain can't be happening in the western states.
  I have to find something fun to do today.  It will be indoors. Take care if it's hot where you live, stay hydrated.  Do not over do where the temperatures are soaring.  That's my mommy advise to all of you...gaaa, I can't seem to help myself.:):) Enjoy your weekend. XO