Friday, August 30, 2013

Heavy Fog....

 We have been having lots of fog as of late. Here's the school bus driving by to get the neighbor boy. I am surprised there wasn't a two hour delay. It was zero visibility  in the next town. Probably a 1/4 mile here.
I walked down to the bean field to get this picture. It was as if a thin cloud have settled close to the beans. A bit eerie , quiet too.
 I hope all of you will be having a great 3 day weekend. I do not have anything really planned. Hoping to relax. On Wednesday I will be getting a tooth implant. So my nerves are a bit  on edge about this appointment. They said I could go at 8:00 or much as I want this over with, I chose 11:00 , so as not to get into any of this fog in busy rush hour traffic. I will be getting my work done at the Indiana Oral & Maxillofacial clinic, in Fishers, In.  Have some fun this weekend. xo

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Lawn Man.....

 This is how nice our lawn was last fall. Maybe not as smooth as a carpet, but it's green and full.
This is how it looks at the start of July. So you know it's worse by now , the end of August. The lawn man came yesterday. Ted runs in the house and says , "The lawn man is here and he's sick." So Ted gets him some ice water and I get a wet cool cloth so he can wipe his brow. My gosh he was over in the ditch being sick to his stomach.. He told us he was a veteran of the Irag he knows how to stay hydrated. He had  gaterade , water, and a "cool cloth" (tractor supply store). But he drank the ice water and wiped his face. Told us he had no idea why he was so sick. I honestly do not know why he came to our house. He said the company didn't have the product he was suppose to put on the lawn. Why didn't he just call. Well it's that time of year where they are pushing other services !! They are getting people to sign up for aeration of their lawns.
  I spoke with a lady at this company on Friday of last week. She was to call me back with a quote. (You know they see our yards from space and can basically tell everything about it.) That's what she told me. Now she was to call me Saturday morning and she never called me back. So I think this young man was just going to measure our front lawn and try to get us to sign up for the aeration....which we did. But him coming all the way to our house to tell us they do not have the stuff to treat our lawn for the crabgrass..well it's just beyond me. He was feeling much better when he left, thank goodness. I fear those young men breath too many chemicals, treating yards and such. He is to come back once his company gets the right stuff to put on the lawn for killing the crabgrass that is taking over. :):):)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Morning Glory....

This is one of the morning glories I planted this year. It's a beautiful shade of blue. I put my little bluebird beside it. My daughter's class made mode podge vases one year and she gave me hers. I use it for tiny bouquets. These morning glories have one day of pure beauty then they are gone. Plenty still blooming on the vine. I may plant a different variety next year.
 I have noticed that many of you are thinking of fall. It's hard not too, with only 26 days of summer left on the calender. I have so many things to do yet, before fall. Lawn man is due today...I really think he will not make it. The lady I spoke with last week was suppose to call me the very next day. Well here it is the 5th day from when we spoke and she has yet to call back. Oh please. I just hate paying for fake service.  I'll let you all know if that fellow makes it today.. here's hoping. xo

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From Wee To Big...

 I love these little fairy gardens . The lady that ran this booth , had cute little things to add to a fairy garden.
 She was also selling very small plants that would not grow larger that the things in the garden. Isn't this wagon so sweet. The other garden was in a big container on a bench.
 Here is the biggest dog I have ever seen. He was very thin for a great dane. I asked the owner if he was full grown. He said almost. So as big as this dog is now, he may get a bit bigger. Yikes.
This dog was named Percy. That made me laugh. He was very well behaved. Good thing, cause I think he could easily knock someone down , by jumping on them. Later, I called my granddaughter and told her about this dog, she said she saw it too and loved it. :):)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Can't Walk And Chew Gum...

 You know that old saying, can't walk and chew gum at the same time.... Well I know for a fact that I can not walk and take pictures at the same time. I have chopped the  ends off about all these pictures. Sorry.
 There was a car show at the festival this past Saturday. I liked this hard-top convertible. Of course I liked the car in the top photo..don't know what it was, other than cute.
I have to say this bright orange truck was my favorite. Most people will restore a car to it's original colors, but I saw many in very bizzare colors.  My daughter Angie, told me she loved  '54 Chevy belaires. I never knew that. Of course Angie first car was a big old Chevy Impala. She wasn't crazy about it, but it ran .LOL

Sunday, August 25, 2013

End Of Summer....

 Yesterday was the "End Of Summer Days" festival in Rossville, Indiana. This is a photo of Liz and Angie.  In front of a jump house. Angie picked me up yesterday , we went to the festival and met up with my twins(Liz and Karen)and their children.
 Here's Emma using her rolled up poster for a megaphone. That blond in the background , is Savannah.
 The boy pulling the ropes, is my grandson Skylar. He and his scout troop erected this rope bridge on the spot. They we letting kids walk across it , trying to get young boys interested in Boy Scouts.
This is Savannah mesmerized  by bees. This bee display was at a booth selling honey. It was very interesting watching the bees. I told her Savannah, she  should move on, cause she is so sweet, the bees would taking a real liking to her.:):) I had a great time with my daughters and grandchildren. But my feet hurt today...a lot of walking and standing. Wishing all of you a wonderful summer day. xo

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sun Up , Sun Down...

 Yesterday started with creeping fog. Some of this is glare .:):) I like this willow tree, but it could use some trimming. This is the tree Ted was trimming on two years ago and the limb fell to the ground and bounced , to knock down the ladder he was standing on....thus breaking his  clavicle(collarbone).So this tree still need some trimming. I think Ted is leery of it now.
 This is close to the same view , but at sunset. Our lawn is awful. I really do not know what more to do with it. We have contracted tru-green to take care of it....but I could do this good myself. We need more rain than we can water here in the country. I fear because we have a well and who knows how deep it is, really.
My daughter Kathy's rose, has produced another beautiful bloom. It just blooms slowly. Not lots at once, but at least it keeps giving a beautiful rose here and there. Took this shot right before coming in for the day. So I ended my day on a happy note. Hope all of you are enjoying your day. Let's remember those in need of prayer today, please. xo

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sending Thanks...

 I just wanted to thank everyone , who sent good wishes and congratulations, on the engagement of my grandson Korey and his sweet fiancee Ashley. I have been expecting it ...especially after Korey got his good job, a month after he graduated from the University in Salt Lake City.
 I am hoping they will come home to Indiana for the wedding....although they will work and live in SLC.
 My daughter Kathy is Korey's mother. She has raised him right. He is a kind person and I think he and Ashley have much in common.
  Today is warmer than yesterday. I need to make some thing refreshing to drink....maybe some ice tea with orange slices. I used to make that for my girls all the time when they we younger. Now that I have a grandson and three granddaughters engaged.....I am feeling very old ...happy but old. :):)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An Engagement....

I have been waiting for this. My daughter Kathy sent me this picture. Korey has asked Ashley to marry him....she said yes.  I am so happy for both of them. They are truly good kids, well young adults. I wanted to share the good news with my blog friends also. You can see that Korey is pointing to the engagement ring. I am so proud of these young people. xoxo


 My marigolds are really doing well. They make me think of Autumn with their colors. I just feel we may have an early autumn season. I want summer to last longer,it's going by pretty fast.
 Here is the morning glory I planted this year. I thought it would grow on the fence , it had it's own thoughts.
This morning glory has found the cable  to a power pole. It is growing up that wire about 15 feet or so. I'll snip it before I let it gets to the top. I do not want it interfering  with the wires on the pole. The blooms on this vine are only on the part that's high up the cable. They are very blue. Sorry no picture of them.
 We have closed the windows and have the AC on again. Rats. The temperatures are climbing higher today. So we will be needing the AC today. Hope all of you are having a great day. xo

Monday, August 19, 2013

I Won !!!!

 This is the gift I won from the Lavender Dreamer give away. I love this roomy bag. Perfect to take to the library or market. It is in shades of grey and charcoal. The book is titled "Milk Glass Moon", by Adriana Trigiani. It's a national best seller. I promise I will read it. One of the things about winning this , I feel committed to read it...thank goodness, it may be just what I need to get back into reading. I used to read all the time and the past few years, I have started skimming through books, rather than reading them.
Diane included a sweet Mary Engelbreit card, who doesn't love those. Thank you once again for this great give Diane. I will treasure it. Wishing all of you a great day. xo

Sunday, August 18, 2013


 I bought some buttons in July at the Peddler's market. I put them in some old jars and wrapped the tops with brown paper. Tied it up with twine.
This is the big wooden button that Ted made me. I think it looks nice with my button jars. I have not sorted through these buttons yet....saving that for a fun thing to do this coming winter.:):) I think a few of these big buttons would look cute on someone's sewing room wall. That man of mine, is so clever. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. xo

Saturday, August 17, 2013


 I make myself a couple of small bouquets yesterday afternoon. Some daisies, black eyed susans, and the last two roses. I put them in this small creamer, and placed it by the fat chicken my daughter Kathy gave me.
Cut two big flower heads from the hydrangea, put them in a jar vase,  Kathy made for me.She painted a jar with a glue mixed with craft has the same color of a Ball jar. Kathy is my crafty daughter ,by far.
Do you think my mums are taking over the front flowerbed?? The daisy like mum near the chimney was suppose to come out this year....and there it grows, same spot. :):) A small mum has popped up in front of the drawf  Japanese maple. I will be relocating this mum. I love my little maple tree, want to give it enough room.
  We are going out and about some time check out area farmers' markets. I wish all of you a great day. xo

Friday, August 16, 2013

Cup Collection......

 Japolina  asked about collections that we bloggers might have. This is my demitasse collections and other odd cups. I love this little set. I have another so similar, but the saucers are larger.
 Here you can see the detail  better.  I guess I also have a napkin collection. I love cloth napkins.
 This set is made in Japan. But the details are camels , palm trees and pyramids. So I think these are for Saki or Turkish coffee. Does anyone know ??
I like this little set of four cups...demitasse size, no saucers. Sorry the picture is so dark...but with the flash , it was worse. Jester type characters ,one playing a horn.
 By the way Japolina says she collects shoes :):) She's my idol. LOL.  Wish I had strong feet again..Oh yes, I'd wear high-heels again , even if it was  to just walk down and get the mail. Sassy  heels and farmer jeans.
  We are having another wonderful weather day. Love this. Get outside today if you have nice weather.xo

Thursday, August 15, 2013

School Days....

Four days ago....this manicure was fresh and ready for school. LOL...Today is the first day of school for Emma this year. She is a 4th grader. These little paws, er I mean hands will be carrying a backpack  today. I bet that blue polish is ragged by now.  She starts her piano lessons again , this month. Her piano teacher takes the summer off. I'll be asking her to play for me soon. I give her plenty of time to warm up.
  I learned yesterday, that I had won the give-a-way at Lavender Dreamer. I am thankful and  I am excited . I love visiting this blog any time. Beautiful pictures of Florida, vacation spots, and home. Plus my favorite..thrift store finds.:):)
  I have to get outside today, the weather is heavenly. Hope you have having this same sweet weather.xo

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Enjoying Today And Rambling....

 Today is a beautiful day, clear skies and low humidity. Well actually it was nippy this morning. Hope the kids remembered to wear sweaters to school. We have the AC turned off...and I love that.
This is a shot of the woods in backs, from Sunday morning. It was super foggy.  This was late after the sun came up. I only like fog when I do not have to worry about the kids driving in it. I remember when I would drive to work in this stuff and I would feel like I could not breath right. I would feel stressed. I just hate when I can't see down the roads.
   I thank all of you for your kind comments...about how I feel as if my life is flying by know with the grandkids growing up so fast. Ted and I have 2 more years to get to go to grandparents ' day at school. They stop when the children are in 6th grade. We will see Emma and Savannah this year...then Emma next year.   Hope all of you are enjoying this day.xo

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Life Has Wings....

Here is Ted and Emma. Emma is wearing my clothes, it cracks me up. She will put on something of mine after she has her bath. It's not like when we were young and played dressed up, with our mother's clothes. I told her she looks like me, only shorter...well for now. Emma is growing taller. Her mother, my daughter, is tall and her father is very tall. So I think Emma will be a giant kid. She's about 9 1/2 years old now. I am trying to cling to these young years of her life. It seems so many of my other grandkids grew up and I missed it...I was there but I can't explain how it happened. I think it' s because Emma is the youngest of our grandchildren. I have 3 granddaughters that are engaged. They are in those long engagements. LOL
 Well I have a dental to get ready. Enjoy this great day. xo

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Saturday"s Activities.....

 Emma did plenty of bike riding. Here she is getting the mail. She is good at riding that bike now. She has two and this is the one she had over at her other grandma 's house. I can't even imagine owning two bikes at her age. LOL.. A kid in our neighborhood growing up, used to ride over to visit. He was pretty popular around our house, cause he would let my siblings and I have a turn on his bike. :):)
This is the watercolors Emma and I did. We used salt, handy wrap and the edge of an old credit card. Slather on strips of different paint colors , crunch the wrap at one end of the paper and sprinkle salt at the other end. Then drag the credit card down the paper. once it's fairly dry, paint in tree trunks where you dragged the card edge,and dab on different colors for leaves. Anything goes and you have a painting. Well quick kid art. The wrap make it splotchy and the salt makes it spotty. Emma loved doing this. Hope you enjoy this wonderful Sunday. xo

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Just Down The Road...

 This is a field of soy beans, just down the road from us. I love looking at soy bean fields. When the wind is blowing, you can see it dance across the plants as they wave in the breeze. It's calming to me.
The skies are nice and clear here today. Just the white clouds of summer. Ted has gone to the farmer's market in town. Emma is sleeping in , she with us till Monday. She will be starting school this coming Thursday. Thought we'd have her come stay the weekend. She is growing so fast. I miss my grandchildren . Can you ever see them enough...not really. It was the same with our children, they just grew and left home, while we were living life and it goes way too fast for me. Slow down today and hug your family, especially the children. xoxo

Friday, August 9, 2013

Let's Talk Turkey.....

 This is the first time I have seen a tom turkey, fanned out.He had a mate near by. This tom just strutted around making his gobbling sound. It appears something has torn one of his feathers.
 He was not very pretty in the face, but had red and blue near his eyes and beck. I don't think he ever stopped strutting while we were there. I thought his markings were very pretty.
 There were some bee hives, Cindy Bee . But I am not sure there were any bees in them. Didn't see any buzzing near. They look nice and clean. There in an area where some apple trees were growing.
There was one black goat and this black /white one. They looked and smelled much nicer than my neighbors goats did. By the way, those two goats that have been staying at the neighbors, have gone home to stay. Their owners were showing them at the fair.
The weekend is almost here, hope everyone enjoys their time. We are to have a beautiful Saturday ,  it's been cloudy and rainy on and off the past couple days. xo

Thursday, August 8, 2013

More Of Amish Acres....

 I love looking at this old building. There was a sign saying it was used to boil the sap from maple trees, in the process of making maple syrup. That was long ago..
 This pile of metal scrap looked very interesting to me. I know there are many of you bloggers who could find something you would love or need....I saw wagon wheels, windmill blades, pipes, rods, and angle iron.
 I adore the front of this building. The sign says , meat and cheese. I never went inside. Don't you love the rocker and flowers. I am sure whatever was inside was made and sold by the Amish.
Now this building would have been heaven to go into.  The sign says daughter and I just sat on a bench and talked.. I can't believe we neither one mentioned going in. Where we sat was the perfect spot to people watch and visit. In the shade and we caught up on so much. Hope today is a great day for all. xo