Sunday, August 25, 2013

End Of Summer....

 Yesterday was the "End Of Summer Days" festival in Rossville, Indiana. This is a photo of Liz and Angie.  In front of a jump house. Angie picked me up yesterday , we went to the festival and met up with my twins(Liz and Karen)and their children.
 Here's Emma using her rolled up poster for a megaphone. That blond in the background , is Savannah.
 The boy pulling the ropes, is my grandson Skylar. He and his scout troop erected this rope bridge on the spot. They we letting kids walk across it , trying to get young boys interested in Boy Scouts.
This is Savannah mesmerized  by bees. This bee display was at a booth selling honey. It was very interesting watching the bees. I told her Savannah, she  should move on, cause she is so sweet, the bees would taking a real liking to her.:):) I had a great time with my daughters and grandchildren. But my feet hurt today...a lot of walking and standing. Wishing all of you a wonderful summer day. xo


  1. Wow! I could immediately identify Emma's Mom! It looks like so much fun, Susie! Love the Scouts!

  2. Scouting is a good thing! My son in law, Mike, is an Eagle Scout as are his brothers and dad. My son, Jesse, has Sam in the Scouting program and Levi did his first Cub Scout event last week. We have a Boy Scout museum right here in Irving. Would you believe I have not been to it? I should go - soon!
    Happy Sunday to you, my dear!!

  3. This looks like SO much fun! I didn't know you had twins!


  4. What a wonderful outing you girls had. It is always so much fun to see a family having fun together. Bees really ARE amazing, aren't they? xo Diana

  5. Sorry that your feet hurt (I can relate) but it looks like all the fun might be worth it. Lovely family!
    I did not know that you had twins!

  6. love the bees! i would have stayed and watched them too...

    smiles, bee

  7. what a great day, the children look like they are having a ball, Savannah is a beauty!

  8. You have twins?! I have twins!! I didn't know we had that in common =) And small town festivals are my faves.

  9. Kids, sunshine, bee's and boy scouts; can't get better than that!!