Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Lawn Man.....

 This is how nice our lawn was last fall. Maybe not as smooth as a carpet, but it's green and full.
This is how it looks at the start of July. So you know it's worse by now , the end of August. The lawn man came yesterday. Ted runs in the house and says , "The lawn man is here and he's sick." So Ted gets him some ice water and I get a wet cool cloth so he can wipe his brow. My gosh he was over in the ditch being sick to his stomach.. He told us he was a veteran of the Irag he knows how to stay hydrated. He had  gaterade , water, and a "cool cloth" (tractor supply store). But he drank the ice water and wiped his face. Told us he had no idea why he was so sick. I honestly do not know why he came to our house. He said the company didn't have the product he was suppose to put on the lawn. Why didn't he just call. Well it's that time of year where they are pushing other services !! They are getting people to sign up for aeration of their lawns.
  I spoke with a lady at this company on Friday of last week. She was to call me back with a quote. (You know they see our yards from space and can basically tell everything about it.) That's what she told me. Now she was to call me Saturday morning and she never called me back. So I think this young man was just going to measure our front lawn and try to get us to sign up for the aeration....which we did. But him coming all the way to our house to tell us they do not have the stuff to treat our lawn for the crabgrass..well it's just beyond me. He was feeling much better when he left, thank goodness. I fear those young men breath too many chemicals, treating yards and such. He is to come back once his company gets the right stuff to put on the lawn for killing the crabgrass that is taking over. :):):)


  1. I am afraid if we had someone do our lawn there wouldn't be any grass left. Ours is probably mostly weeds!! HAHA!!

  2. Why did he have to come when he was feeling as ill as he was? Isn't there someone else who could have worked for him.

    Well, we put nothing on our lawn, so it is what it is - crabgrass, clover, and the like. Not a fan of weedkillers here.

    Have a good Thursday! xo Nellie

  3. Seems like the company could make good use of the telephone to have prevented all of this; especially with gas prices so high. Glad the young man was better.

  4. He probably came because he needed the money. Poor guy. We stopped having chemicals on your lawn because of having a well. It is green but not beautiful.

  5. Poor know times are hard when you will do anything to keep your job and get your hours in, even if it makes you sick. My father in law did the weed and feed- put it on himself and never had any. We have some, but it you go out in the winter every time it snows and sew in grass seed, the lawn will be thicker and the crab grass will get choked out. I cannot put anything on ours. I cannot tolerate any chemicals at all. We have to be very careful and make our own weedkiller and pest sprays.

  6. Poor guy. I think that your lawn looks good to me now!

  7. Poor man- I suppose he is at the mercy of his company to follow their "rules". Hope it was just a quick passing sickness...maybe from the heat?

    I need to mow the lawn but I am too tired tonight to do it- xo Diana

  8. crab grass? we always used scotts turf builder plus and sarge had the nicest lawn on the block. always. kills crab grass fast. good luck honey!

    smiles, bee