Sunday, August 11, 2013

Saturday"s Activities.....

 Emma did plenty of bike riding. Here she is getting the mail. She is good at riding that bike now. She has two and this is the one she had over at her other grandma 's house. I can't even imagine owning two bikes at her age. LOL.. A kid in our neighborhood growing up, used to ride over to visit. He was pretty popular around our house, cause he would let my siblings and I have a turn on his bike. :):)
This is the watercolors Emma and I did. We used salt, handy wrap and the edge of an old credit card. Slather on strips of different paint colors , crunch the wrap at one end of the paper and sprinkle salt at the other end. Then drag the credit card down the paper. once it's fairly dry, paint in tree trunks where you dragged the card edge,and dab on different colors for leaves. Anything goes and you have a painting. Well quick kid art. The wrap make it splotchy and the salt makes it spotty. Emma loved doing this. Hope you enjoy this wonderful Sunday. xo


  1. Impressive art work. I have never heard of this technique. I loved riding my bike. My friend and I would cycle for miles in the summer holidays, taking a picnic lunch with us.

  2. SQL you are a watercolor artist! Who knew? I took about four lessons and just didn't click with the way the teacher taught and that was the end of it. I had one bike growing up. And when I got in my 30's bought a re-make of that same bike. I'd love to get my water colors and bike back out but I just do not have the time right now.

    Cindy Bee

  3. That was supposed to say So...not SQL! I'm on my iPad. Shoulda read it before hitting publish

  4. I love your art work, I think it's beautiful, I would be well pleased!
    My sister bought me a used bicycle when I was eight years old, it cost 15 dollars and in 1965, that was a lot of money! She used her collection of 30 Kennedy half dollars to buy it for me. Yes, I have siblings like that! xx

  5. I love the artwork and the photos of sweet Emma. have a great day Susie!

  6. Beautiful art work and you have a beautiful granddaughter. They grow up on us to fast. I remember us six kids had one old bike growing up and it was share or else. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend with your sweet granddaughter. hugs,xo

  7. Great watercolor effect. Love how you spend special time with Emma. I rode and rode my bike when I was little.

  8. the water color painting! Am sure it was a great project for you two..😄 Speaking of bikes..I always got my brothers hand me downs...


  9. Sounds like you had a fun day! Love your paintings!


  10. Water colors are so soft and pretty. My daughter did a lot of them before she passed away.
    Children have a lot more today than they used to. At least most of them do. I owned one bike in my life and I loved it. Keeping it in good running condition was the trick. :) Now one sits in the garage and isn't used much at all.
    Thank you for your sweet comment...I so appreciate you stopping by.