Tuesday, August 20, 2013


 My marigolds are really doing well. They make me think of Autumn with their colors. I just feel we may have an early autumn season. I want summer to last longer,it's going by pretty fast.
 Here is the morning glory I planted this year. I thought it would grow on the fence , it had it's own thoughts.
This morning glory has found the cable  to a power pole. It is growing up that wire about 15 feet or so. I'll snip it before I let it gets to the top. I do not want it interfering  with the wires on the pole. The blooms on this vine are only on the part that's high up the cable. They are very blue. Sorry no picture of them.
 We have closed the windows and have the AC on again. Rats. The temperatures are climbing higher today. So we will be needing the AC today. Hope all of you are having a great day. xo


  1. Your marigolds are beautiful. I didn't get a chance to plant any this year. It's getting hot here again today too after having fall like weather.

    I like morning glories, but they are so invasive here that we just pull them up. They choke out everything.

  2. The marigolds are very pretty colours. It is going warmer again here, and we are told it will last into September.

  3. I love marigolds...I planted some around my tomatoes and then the tomatoes blocked their sun and they croaked! lol! Yes, we are in for some hot days ahead!


  4. I love marigolds....I know some people don't like the smell of them, they remind me of my childhood!
    You've got to appreciate a plant with a mind of it's own; way to go Morning Glory! ;)

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous! Don't overheat today susie!

  6. I love marigolds too. We are cloudy today and warmer. Our a/c is back on, too.

    Enjoy the afternoon.

  7. I am not ready to summer to end yet either, Susie. It seems we have had a very short,but hot, summer. Today we are 15 degrees above our normal temp...and supposed to be even hotter later this week. UGH. But I am still not ready for Fall- xo Diana

  8. I've always loved growing marigolds no matter where we live. And I always saved the seeds in the Fall. Enjoy your afternoon my friend!

  9. Your marigolds are so pretty (as our mine this year!) and yes they do remind me of fall also. But I'm more like you...I hate to see summer end. Love how the Morning Glory is climbing the line up the pole! I always thought that would be neat!!

    We've got the heat here too:( Not sure I want all this heat again..