Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Our Summer 's Going......

  I feel our summer is going , as this fading butterfly seems to be trying to hang on a while longer.  Even though he may be weary he is still pretty to see flitting about.
  The news here has been good for Ted and I. The Cancer doctor's office finally called yesterday . The report is , No more chemo. I was sitting on the porch when Ted got that call. He came out to tell me. We were standing on the porch hugging and crying, for a few minutes.  It's been a long journey, not yet over, but not so scary now. We are looking forward to Ted getting his strength back. We are praying for that.
   I told you all about the "Go in the box, screening  " I had to save time. Missy from 'This and That " blog , told me I might have to still be scoped for polyps....So I had that done on the 13th of this month. I got the results of the biopsy from polyps that were removed . It came in the mail from the surgeon. The polyps were not cancer, but I should be scoped again in a few years.  Thank you Missy for that advise.
  So for now, Ted and I are happy. He goes tomorrow for a final check up with the cancer N.P. , at Riverview Hospital  . His next bone marrow clinic visit in in a couple months.  It feels nice to relax .
  Thank you everyone for your prayers and good wishes. We are so grateful. XO

Friday, August 7, 2020


  This past Monday, Tuesday , and Wednesday, Ted had his maintenance chemo. He gets it 3 days and a lower dose for the last 4 rounds. He spoke with the cancer doctor on the 31st of July.  Dr. Birhiray (oncologist) told Ted to have the bone marrow ( IBMT) doctors call him and they could talk about Ted not having any more chemo. Giving us such hope.

 Yesterday , we drove to the IBMT clinic south of Indy. We take some back roads which takes a bit longer....but people are not driving 80 miles an hour, like on the interstate.
  Ted masked up and went in the clinic and I stayed in the car. It wasn't boiling hot, but plenty warm. I moved the car to a bit of shade when it became an empty parking spot. I did puzzles, played on the phone, watched people. Even watched goldfinches in the trees.
 Ted came out 1 hour and 40 minutes later.  He was  somewhat excited. Saying the dr called the oncologist and left word for them to call and conference.  Dr. Akard told Ted  he would call to let him know about stopping chemo. It truly sounds as if Ted has had his total rounds. Ted did get another round of baby shots. We go back in November(3 months away) His labs were decent even after having chemo the first three days of this week.
    The only thing  new about my sister Jeanie ,  she is sitting outside and visiting with her neighbors and our sister Brenda.  Improving. God is good.
  Thank you, thank you, thank you . Your kind words, wishes and prayers have helped us get this far.  We are so grateful.  Enjoy the weekend and please stay safe. XO

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Up Dates....

  Showing my daughters backdoor plants.   She changes colors every year.
  I love petunias, of any color.  They are not heavy with fragrance but I can smell them as I sit on the steps.
  Ted's been mowing wearing a special mask, and trying to keep the lawn in shape.  It is looking better. Ted had three days of chemo this week.  Today was the 3rd day. Tomorrow we go to the IBMT clinic and see the bone marrow drs.  Ted is hoping they will say no more chemo. Of course it depends on the reading of his "Who's Who"  to see how much of his bone marrow is donor. Last time it was 98. 3 % ,which is very good.
   My sister Jeanie is home and feeling better. Although her feet did swell a bit. Her thigh is bruised badly from the heart dr placing a catheter into her groin area to put a stent in her heart. .I went to see her , wore my mask , stayed 6ft apart.  She has a long road ahead of her. Getting used to meds and changing meds, as they do at times. She will see the heart dr again in a month.  I want to thank all of you for all your kind words, wishes and prayers. You are the best.  Stay safe. XO

Saturday, August 1, 2020

On Our Drives.....

  When we can't go anywhere and we get bored of staying put...we take drives.
 This is a pretty summer sky, blue with puffy white clouds..
 We don't normally drive anywhere after dark.  I miss family, friends, and townspeople. I like to see people out and about ...but not in crowds and certainly not without masks for a few more weeks. Praying it won't be months.
   This is a short up date on my sister Jeanie. She was taken from the Saxony hospital she went to on Thursday and sent to Methodist. They did surgery late yesterday afternoon. She had an ulcer on her  artery ( I do not know what that means). But they put a stent in and cleaned up the ulcer. She will be staying in the hospital for the weekend maybe a bit longer.  The drs. told Jeanie's daughter , that she did very well.Thank you for your prayers my friends.  I believe  that there is great power in prayer and I am so thankful.  Thankful  to all of you who wished Jeanie well, thought good things for her and the prayers. Please stay safe. XO