Monday, January 29, 2018

Fun Time....

  Ted and I met up with the twins and their daughters. I did not get enough pictures. . This is Savannah (Karen's daughter), Liz, me and Ted. We had lunch at the Pizza Shack(by the tracks) . Not my favorite place, but my daughters all like it. I think that stems from the "good old days" when  they were in H.S. and I would give them a blank check to go eat dinner there and they could take a few friends along too. That's when I worked and it was much cheaper to eat there. LOL.
  Lynzie and her little sister Emma. Emma is the tall one., really, but not wanting her picture taken.  I keep telling these young people  they look wonderful and better get their photo taken, because when they are older, they will think, "well I looked pretty good in this picture. " LOL
  Driving thru town to the H.S. for the play "Steel Magnolias" . It was a truly beautiful day. Blue skies and sunshine. Nippy from the wind.
  After the play we took some pictures. Me , Angie (in her Truvy  make-up and wig), and Angie's husband , Mark.
  Savannah, Angie , and Karen. This is in the hallway entrance to the auditorium.
 Sweet baby Leo. He and his parents came for the weekend too. He is now almost 4 months old...where does time go?  His wonderful head of hair is thinning now.
  It truly was a great weekend. Sierra flew home for her mother's play. Kathy (daughter #2) came to town for the second night of the play. So all of my daughters were together. We sat with my two youngest sisters in the audience yesterday.
  Hope all of you had a good weekend. Stay healthy if you can.   Enjoy this day.

Friday, January 26, 2018

This Weekend....

  Earlier this week, my daughter Angie was on the front page of our local newspaper. There was a dress rehearsal of the play Steel Magnolias. Being on the front page is not a big thing. But it's fun.  The play will be running this weekend, starting tonight.
  Here 's Angie playing Truvy, in that Dolly Pardon wig, she let me try on a couple weeks back.  LOL.  She says she can get a southern accent down pat, thinking of her Grandmother.
 My baby brother had a birthday celebration this week.  This is his wife Suz.  They have no children, but have always had dogs.  Steve is a hard working man with a great sense of humor.
   Today is pretty out and a good bit warmer. But gusty winds. The wind will help dry up all the wetness from the melted snow...just in time for rain this weekend.  :):) Wishing  all of you the best weekend. Stay safe . XO

Monday, January 22, 2018

Sunday Fog & Monday Rain.......

  Sunday started foggy and ended with us living in a cloud, or so it seemed. :)
  The snows had melted except for a pile here and there.
  Fog makes the world kind of quiet , I think.
  No wind, the weather vane is standing still. That is one reason the fog lingered and thickened.
  Here's the sun coming up this Monday morning, only to met a front coming from the west.
 It grew dark for a bit, the weatherman said even in any month of the year, if conditions are right , there can be bad storms. That won't happened today....but the wind is blowing, so hopefully no fog.
  This is the edge of the rain . It almost looks like a human profile. From the a person's left side. I took a few photos, arranged some things on the porch against wind gust. once I got back in the house it started raining.
 Since all my pictures are grey and boring, I had to post some color. This is  a valentine's display. . I think it was last year at the grocery. But it is getting close to that sweet day. I only give valentines to my grandkids. Now it may be just the g.grands. LOL
  Wishing all of you a brand new week, filled with fun. XO

Friday, January 19, 2018

The Weekend Is Getting Warmer.....

   Thursday evening' sunset bringing a promise of warmer weather for this Friday. Today was 35 degrees. Above freezing and melting this snow.
  This is how it looked  before sunset.
  Lots of snow and cold. But this evening it has melted some of the roads. Not entirely clear out front but working on it.  Looking forward to being able to drive with out worry.
  These are some movies my daughter Liz got for me for Christmas.  A documentary about Edith Bouvier and her daughter Edie. Living in a their ruined home and slightly off in there minds.  I will be watching it this weekend. Also there's a movie about these ladies, played by Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore.  Called Grey Gardens.
 I wanted to show this great tote bag that Angie bought me . It's from Hortons.  I have been admiring it and she wanted me to have it. It is painted canvas . I love it.  I am hoping to be able to use it when shopping. I know we will have snow again before spring. But I am dreaming of spring and things I would love to do.  Hope you are also.
  I am missing my family. Liz went to the doctor today with the flu. I am praying for her to get well quick. I can not go around them while they are sick.  So I will text and mail cards.
  Hope all of you are doing well. Please stay healthy if you can. XO

Monday, January 15, 2018

Community Theater....

  Come to Truvy's beauty salon, where all the ladies who are "anybody" come to have their hair done.  My daughter Angie is playing Truvy in the play Steel Magnolias ,being presented by our community theater.  This production is possible thru a grant from the Women's Fund, Tipton County Foundation.
 Since Dolly Pardon played Truvy in the movie version, Angie ordered this Dolly  looking wig to wear in the play...well yes, I just had to try it on ...and the laughing began.  We had such a fun time together on Sunday. Went to her house for brunch .  Then she and I played on the phone talking with granddaughter , Sierra.  Lots of talking taking place while we cleaned up the kitchen after eating. Of course I sent this picture out to all my daughters. We wanted them to have some laughs too. :):)
  Snowed in the wee hours and going to snow some more today. Already pretty tired of winter. LOL. It's 20 degrees right now. going down to zero tonight.  Then we will have some warmer temps...well hopefully. Staying in and off the roads, as just about every county has warnings out . Stay warm and safe where you are today. XO

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Happy Birthday To The Twins....

  Here are my daughters and I ,when we went to Disney World. So long ago.  Liz, Kathy, Angie, Karen and me. I made them wear these shirts so we could spot one another in a crowd.  None of them were happy about that. LOL
  Karen and Liz are my twins.  So different in so many ways. Karen looks like her father's side and Liz looks like mine.
 Such little sweethearts.  I miss these days.
  I dressed them alike most times till they were in 1st grade. But once in awhile like here, they were similar.
  This is how they look now. Growing up , Karen was a tom boy type, climbing trees, riding  bikes ,skate boarding, jumping...Liz chased butterflies and bugs, but also liked snakes. :):)  She would ride bikes and skate.They both like animals.
  It's their birthday this week and mine is a week earlier.  The twins were born before all the ultra-sound pictures of babies. I dreamed I would have twin sons. So I packed two sets of clothes to take to the hospital to bring them home. Then as I was leaving home , after my water broke, I put one set back on the dresser.  When they were born, I sent my sister to my house to get that set of clothing. LOL.
  My dear sweet mother in law was with me thru each of my deliveries. She told me the children's father cried when the doctor said "twins". Gee so did I.  LOL  I will write about him one day.
   Today is so darn foggy can't see a quarter of a mile. Storms coming our way this  weekend. Praying it's not ice.  Be safe  and stay warm all of you. XO

Monday, January 8, 2018

Cold Snap Is Breaking.....

  This is the sunrise on Saturday morning. One of our very cold days , 14 in a row, of below zero starts. Sunday the temps rose a bit. This Monday morning is foggy with  icy roads. But it's 34 degree, hoping for some thawing.
  Saturday evening's sunset. The skies were pretty all day.  I am thankful for the sunshine on even the coldest days...that helps me survive cold days of winter.
 I liked that the sunset can make the snow look lavender at times.  We have been staying in most days. A couple trips to town , to the grocery and one to Wal-mart.
  I miss seeing the boys. Their mommy sends me photos of them  Max and Luke are becoming good playmates. They get to sit in the high chairs to eat together. LOL. I am not even sure what baby Luke is eating now. He is going on nine  months of age .
 Looks as if miss Layla is eating out here.  All I can say is, "Where is your sweater, young lady?" She is using some chapstick....too funny. I miss being with my family, but the extreme cold is scary . So we don't go around the little ones to take in any germs. Thankfully Ted and I are doing well. Not having colds or flu...praying we don't . Praying for all of you too. The flu is taking over and it's bad.
  Can you believe , I finally did get all the Christmas decorations down and put away. It was either get it done  or try to pretend I was eleven months early with next Christmas' decorating.
   Windows 10 did it's download. The notice said it would take longer than before....but it didn't and I am not even sure it loaded at all. Just happy that I can still use the computer without calling the Geeks in for help.  I would love to adopt one of those youngsters. LOL.
   Wishing all a good day. Stay warm and be safe. XO

Monday, January 1, 2018

Cold Super Moon.....

  This evening's sunset. I am so thankful we have had sunshine, because the weather is so very cold. It was wind chills down to 30 degrees below zero this morning.
 This is the super moon coming up over the woods down the road. I love all the woods around here...but they  block good views at times.
  I need a great new camera lens...I keep sayng I will get one...not sure when. LOL
  This is last night when I first noticed the moon was out.
  Yesterday pretty just going down at the horizon. I love the colors.
  This is my son in law clearing his drive. His truck is all snowed over, as he left it out so he could work on his parents' van this week. Jeff is a great young man.
 Karen  rewarded her husband  for his kindness by baking pumpkin breads. She sent pictures of chocolate chip cookies a bit ago. She says it helps to keep the house warm by baking. Plus, lots of nice things to eat. :):)
  We have stayed in and watched movies, working on a puzzle too. I am eager to get outside and walk some...but it sure won't be during this dreadful cold spell. Please take care if you are in this cold also.
It will be nice when the temperatures get into the 30-40's.
  Windows 10  is getting ready to load more"whatever" on my computer...the last time that happened I was out a computer for a couple weeks. I wish they would just let me say -yes I want that, or no, I do not want that....cause I sure would be saying no. I believe if it isn't broke, don't fix it.
   Hope all of you start the new year off on a good foot. Praying we all have a great  year of good health and lots of understanding. Bless you. XO