Thursday, June 25, 2020

Almost A Week Of Summer....

  The catalpa tree is in bloom and and losing those big blossoms in the wind.  Looks like snow on the ground.
 Lilies blooming also.  Getting more blooms each year.  I told my daughter to come dug some up for her yard.
This little yellow lily came back too. I wish I had more of them.  I should dig this one and split it.
 Hope all of you are enjoying some good weather. The past two days have been just wonderful. Tomorrow the heat and humidity come back.  Ted mowed today, good thing. I may have to weed whack tomorrow, just a bit.
   Thank you everyone for your sweet prayers and kind thoughts. My sister Jeanie is doing well. She is adjusting to her new diet, although she is griping about it. It's the sodium watching that is making her upset. She did not realize how much is in our daily foods.  She will get used to eating less fats and sodium.
  Ted sees his cancer dr. tomorrow , at Riverview. It's closer than Indy. The dr will probably set up his next round of chemo. He had a visit to our family dr yesterday. Got an x-ray and MRI on his shoulder, which has been hurting. I told him he needs to call the bone marrow drs. . He doesn't see them till first week in August. So after he sees the cancer dr. I am calling the IBMT clinic. I think they need to know about his shoulder hurting.
  Wishing all of you a safe weekend coming up. Please wear your masks when out and about. Please , it might mean the life of someone you love.  XO

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Sister Jeanie....

This is a bad picture of my sisters and I. It's Brenda, Pam, me, Jeanie, and Barbara.  My sisters Jeanie and Brenda live in the same apartment building.   They sit out together and take small walks around the neighborhood.  They took a small walk Tuesday, then that evening Jeanie said she was not feeling well. Brenda took her to the ER. They did some tests and sent her home. Then on Wednesday Jeanie's son-in-law took her to the town where Tipton's IU Health sends their heart patients. Jeanie had  a stent put into her artery( ALD ) in front of the heart, saving her from having a massive heart attack. She will be able to come home tomorrow . But she will have to go back to the hospital in two weeks for another stent.  This all came on so suddenly. I thank the Lord for hearing our prayers. For sparing my sister.
     Jeanie and Brenda are never going to do computers or text on cell phones. So Jeanie and I write to each other 2-4 times a week. We call each other our "Therapist". We tell each other everything, make jokes, carp and whine. You name it. It just kind of keeps us sane. LOL That is if we are. :):)  I would like to ask you to think good thoughts or say a prayer for  my sister. Thank you.  Take care. XO

Friday, June 12, 2020

At The Park....

 This is a view of one of our water towers as you cross Cicero Creek.  We have driven thru the park a few times just to be out of the house and not really around people. The park has taken the fence down around the playground now. So I guess little kids can play. Just hope their parents wash their hands plenty.
 It could almost seem normal times seeing the beauty of the park. It's always clean there. Although I know not all people  clean up after their dogs. I do not know why. Lazy?.
 On the light poles around the park , we have banners to celebrate our town . Now throughout the city on the poles are banners with pictures of   the graduating class of our H.S.  I really like that tribute to the seniors. They will have graduation ceremonies in July and only the parents can attend.  At least that will be something for the young people. I feel that the youth that did not get to finish their H.S.  and last year  of college with their classmates of so many years, will go on to be a strong group of citizens. They have had to sacrifice much these past months. God bless them all.
   Remember the happy dance I wanted to do after leaving the periodontal office  Well that was short lived. I was chewing some tums for heartburn Sunday evening and broke a molar. My dentist does nt pull teeth or do root I called Ted's dentist on Monday morning, they told me to come in that afternoon. The dentist could do nothing to save that tooth , so she pulled it. Then she tells me the next tooth looked as if it could have an infection and she sets up an appointment at the Endodontist.
 Good grief is there no dentist who can do it all.   So come Tuesday I will be seeing another dentist. Yikes.  Honestly...I am thinking when do I say when.  I think the tooth sensitivity was probably from the tooth that broke. It may have been cracked.  Mind you , I just had x-rays, cleaning and that sharp measuring procedure in Feb. All those x-rays and they never find is a wonder my entire head isn't glowing .
  We had some wind damage after a fierce storm went thru our  area. Ted's brother Mic came over and helped us with clean up.   2 hours of sawing , loading, hauling and un-loading. Raking also.  Then Teddy Bear mowed, made a world of difference. :)
 Please stay safe everyone. XO

Friday, June 5, 2020

Hot Pretty Days.....

 Trying to lure birds with feeders and flowers.  Getting the hummingbirds here a lot. I have changed out their feeder to freshen it. This isn't it. :)
 Thirteen years ago, I bought a flat of this ground plant. It's called patchysandra. It's crazy hardy. I planted that flat in town and brought a few pots of it out here from what I grew in town. . This is just one spot I planted out here in the country. I have given so much to my children too.  It will get this pretty yellow flower on it , but stay so nice and green the rest of the time. Kind of browns during winter.
 See how pretty the skies have been. A little too warm to work long in the heat but love the sunshine.
My granddaughter sent me a picture of her dog Madison. The sweetest dog ever. Loves people . Lynzie said she needs to be groomed, but I think she looks pretty just as she is.
   Hope all of you are doing fine,  and staying well.  I am praying for all of you. Ted and I are well. My dental appointment went okay, no return visits. Ted got his maintenance chemo, has not lost all his energy yet. Maybe in a week.  His rides the exercise bike and lifts weights., when he can. Doing well so far.  Glimpsing a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.  Please stay safe. XO

Monday, June 1, 2020

Pleasant Weekend.....

  The weather in Indiana was the best this weekend . My daughter said it was chilly for her and her husband, so they did not play golf as they wanted.  I know this , because we drove by and sat in the car while Angie and Mark stood in their driveway and talked with us. I enjoyed that visit so much, but long to hug my children.  Distancing isn't easy for families.
 You all will be happy to know I did get the walkway grass cleaned off the edges. Gain about 6 inches more of walkway. My gosh, I can not let that go so long.

 I dug up some of this Red Nancy (it should be called lavender) and plant in a spot by the front steps.
 This was one of the wonderful sunsets. .Everyone mowed their lawns this weekend. It was a good time to do yard work. Ted mowed again yesterday and I weed whacked. Even did a bit at the neighbor's :)
A wee nest  here and there. About a million of those tiny wrens around here.  Seems all they do is fight. , we hear them from sun up till sundown.  Ted said, "don't they ever shut up?" LOL
   I hope all of you were safe this weekend. So much going on and this virus distancing. Praying for all of us.  XO