Monday, September 11, 2023

Time Is Passing .....

 Look it's time for mums. I still have one. There were two at the end of the front walk. I tried to keep mowing around them and just got too close as they were growing and ran over one.  I dug the other up and put it in one of the flowerbeds.  I had great hopes of having so much done before winter. But honestly at the rate I am going , only a small amount of my to do list will get done. 

   I hoed some tight spots for weeds today. Then mowed because the forecast calls for rain tonight and tomorrow. Then I went to the store for cleaning supplies and some food items. Got home and sat down and my feet were hurting. That's it, tomorrow will have to be a slower day.


 This past weekend was our Pork Festival. I did not get invited to go and just did not want to go alone. I think I must have saved some money, my daughter said the food items were pricey. She drove the golf cart to town and got tenderloins for their supper. 

   I was invited to their house for brunch  and visiting with my granddaughter from Cincinnati. It is amazing how fast the g.grands are growing. Leo is in kindergarten and Meadow is in pre-school. Meadow seemed to have taken a long time to grow her hair and now it is long enough to fix in cute little girl styles.  That brings back so many memories for me. With four girls I did many a hair-do.

  The weather is starting to cool down some. I am glad it's not in the high 90's. Take care friends and stay safe. XO