Thursday, June 28, 2018

Hazy Days....

   I know you have heard of those lazy, hazy days of summer. They are here now.  This is at 6:45 this morning. The haze is hang over the fields.
 The sun is already up shining between the house and the shop.
  I love looking out the dining room window at the catalpa tree , when the sun shines on it
 The backyard is looking green this morning.
 The dampness and heat are making the flowers spread out.
 That potato vine is still growing, coming thru the rails to the steps. May have to trim it.  Do not want it tripping anyone.
 This potato vine is doing some growing also. Gee, we need to power wash the deck and the lattice .
 I forgot to show the work we did yesterday. Well it was not  really hard work, but it was team work. We put up a new mailbox. Our old one was trimmed in wood and it was starting to rot. I had painted it three times.( You all  know how I paint) This is one of those plastic things. I won't be painting it. Well maybe the flag if it dulls.
  Please everyone, use caution in this heat that is coming on. Drink water, stay inside during the hottest part of the day, noon till five.  Use sunscreen when outside.  We are in for about 10 days of over 90 temperatures, here in Indiana. The heat index will be make it worse.. Be safe. XO

Monday, June 25, 2018

Kiddies At The Zoo....

  This is my son-in-law with my great grades at the zoo. Layla , Max and Luke , along with their parents went to the zoo on Saturday.
  "Hurry Max ", Layla seems to be saying , as she pulls Max toward one of the fenced in animals. Lynzie has Luke om her back now.  Everyone that went to the zoo, in my family, helped one another with the children.
 Layla and cousin Max feeding a green parrot. Lynzie said that Max was skittish around all the animals, but Layla was right there to see them all.
  What to do on the long ride home...well nap of course.  Luke's reflection as he is asleep. Looks like he was good and got a new toy.
 Big brother Max thought a nap sounded good apparently...he's sleeping too. I asked where is the shot of Papaw Matt sleeping. LOL
  My birthday daughter Kathy, got to catch up with her son who was in the northern part of the state this week. She spent the weekend with him and their friends, they have known since Korey was in the 2nd grade. What a topper to Kathy's week long celebration.
 Saturday was not this pretty....this is Sunday morning. Wonderful day, not too hot and sunshine. Just like I like it.  :):)
  The new house down on the corner. The young man that built here , has owned the property for many years.  He built a pole barn first and mowed the land for years...this year he is starting a new life . Wishing him the best.
  Tomorrow is another funeral for us to attend. The sweet lady down the road passed away from cancer.  So sad.
  Please hug your loved ones today, if you can not ,then call, text, or email. XO

Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Start Of Summer.....

  The rains that came this week brightened up our lawns. The soy bean field across the road is very green  and growing.
  Our lilies are blooming along the west side of the house.
  They are getting thicker each year and the smaller ones have past their blooming stage.  Yet, the tiger lilies have yet to bloom.
  The marigolds I planted in the old pot are looking very pretty . I even sowed some seeds along the outside of the pot.
  This potato vine finally took over the entire container and is growing up the banister. I love the color of it.  So the rains have helped us here. The weather map for our up coming week, looks very hot. Actually it is to be hot in all  the continental states.
 My sweet daughter Kathy celebrated her birthday this week.  She likes being a summer girl. She's out to dinner with her best friend , in an outside café/bar.
   Hope you all stay cool and hydrated. Please  use care in the heat.  XO

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Uncle Freddie......

  This wonderful man is uncle to my daughters.  He passed away early Saturday morning. Of cancer complications. Next month Freddie would have been 80. So hard to believe. He was always fun to be around . He worked hard all the time.  Stayed so active.
  Here is his family, son Mike, wife Linda, and daughter Tracy.  There was a showing on Monday evening and the funeral was on Tuesday.
  I am in this (dark) photo of Fred's children, my daughters, Step daughter to John (Fred's brother) , and his sister Barbara's children. When I was young, all this young adults were babies and toddlers.  One day I will have to tell the story of my marriage at 16. I was married to Freddie's little brother Eddie. He is the father of my four daughters.   Fred's passing was very sad for us...he was the last of my daughters'  family on their father's side. Their father, aunts and uncles are gone.
  There's cousins, like Frieda and Phillip. Here at the church , after the Catholic service. Our Catholic church is torn down , so services are held in the school basement. We will miss Uncle Freddie.
  The next morning , this is how the skies changed.
It rained and is still raining on and off. Hoping we do not get the very heavy rains. Some storms are headed this way.
  Take care. Hope all of you have a good weekend, XO

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Bit Of Dad's Day.....

  This is Teddy Bear eating some burgers Kathy brought to him for Father's Day. They are from a place called White Castle. I think people call the burgers "Sliders" . Oh there's no way I could eat those. So I had make chicken salad for lunch. But then I was the only one eating that, as Kathy and Ted both ate those burgers. Ted received cards, gifts, and lots of happy wishes on his Father's Day and he was happy.
  The is Rick with baby Leo.  I thought our other great grands grew fast  , just look at this chunky boy. He is 9 months old now. He lost some of his baby hair and it has even grown back.
  This is Mark with his boys, Luke and Max. So proud of the wonderful young fathers in our family.
  Brock spent the day at his mother's and step father's . He and his family enjoy a fun day outdoors there.
Here's his sweet Layla playing in her wading pool, with everyone watching and laughing at her antics. She went down the playset slide onto a slip-n-slide, with her giant octopus. Oh to be a kid again.  LOL   So all in all it was a wonderful day.
  The weather this weekend was unbearably hot. The air almost to heavy to breathe. Today we will have a slight thankful for that. Wishing all of you good relaxing day. XO

Sunday, June 17, 2018

More Graduations....

  Great nieces graduated this year. Allie Kat and Becky Sue.  (Allison and Rebecca) Allie graduated college and Becky from H.S.  They are close sisters.
  Becky is the daughter of my nephew and Allie is adopted by all of us . Our nephew married Allie's mom and a few years later Becky was born....but after my brother and his wife(Grandparents) had passed away from an accident.  I know they would have loved this gathering.
  Allie, aunt Kelly, and Becky posing for all of us to get a photo. They all seem to be the same size., so young and so cute.
  I really like this one. There was a box of photo props near by for funny pictures.
  Plenty of seating . People came and went. I am sure more would have stayed longer if it had not been in the 90's. So hot and no breeze.
   This is Dan brother of our sister in law who has passed, Miles Jr and his sister Kelly. They are our brother Miles and his wife Brenda's children. Jr. is the father of our nieces.
  It was a very hot day. You could not play very hard or work at all in that heat. But the day ended with a pretty sunset and quiet evening.
  Hope all of you are enjoying Father's Day . Stay cool. XO

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Some Days Are Golden....

  Six thirty this morning. Oh yes, I am loving these longer daylight hours.
  Low humidity this morning, sweet and cool.
 My flowers are loving the heat though....well as long as I give them some water.
 Marigolds and petunias, to go with  my yellow this year. These sit on a bench made of an old fence post.
 I had petunias with this potato vine and took them out, the vine  needed the whole container.
  More of the yellow petunias and marigolds on the porch. I did paint the stand, pot and cement ball all gray.
Speaking of paint...I painted the stars from the shed front and the old watering can. Here's the cans of tan and brown to paint the shed. Our next project. Hoping to get it done very soon.
   I am not in love with blogger's changes or windows ten and all their "latest" up-dates. Takes forever for my pictures to load. You all know about  not receiving notice on your email about any comments we leave on each others' blogs. That stinks.  I feel better getting that whining finished. LOL
  Wishing all a beautiful day. XO

Monday, June 11, 2018

Good News....

  We received rain, that was so needed for the lawns, plants and crops. The rose Bush I keep for my daughter Kathy has bloomed.
 Granddaughter Savannah and daughter Karen, aboard a pontoon boat , on their vacation.
 Grandson Skylar taking a catfish off the hook , that Savannah caught. :):)
 Karen's family took a family vacation , right after Skylar's graduation. They stayed in this nice cabin with a pontoon boat for fishing .
 Here's son-in-law Jeff. He's a great husband and father. They wanted to have a vacation with all the family. It's a great thing they squeezed this vacation in , because Skylar got called to a job starting tomorrow. The young man will find out what it's like to work .LOL. I pray for him. He needs this experience .
 Here's a couple pictures of the inside of the cabin. I see the table is loaded. :):)
  No carpets, hooray. Easy clean up.
  Our Catalpa tree bloomed and looked so pretty for about a week.
Then the blossoms fall like big snow flakes. The rain from the past couple days has already helped. Hope people who need rain get some and those that don't , may you have sunny days.
  I had a brunch get together with my classmates this morning. 10 of us showed up and it was a great time.  Enjoy your day. XO