Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Morning...

 This is the moon. I have taken a few photos of it in the early morning hours.  Emma is here and sleeping in. She is wore out from a slumber party on Thursday night with a house full of little friends.
I will be entertaining her and maybe my sister Pam . She is coming to visit. Emma has a new ipad. She's more interested in playing on it , being new. So if she doesn't want to craft, she'll play with that. Plus she has new drawing paper and she is an artist. Just ask her. :):) Oh she makes me laugh, it's so good to have her here.
 Ted Bear is going golfing ,his first time this year. He meets up with old work pals at the Legion Course. Good for him to be out of the shop.
Hope all of you have a great weekend. xoxo

Friday, March 29, 2013

Small Easter Decoration...

I got these little bunnies at a junk shop for 75 cents. I put them in the kitchen window . Emma has not seen them yet. She'll probably want them for her gardens. We are getting Emma for the weekend. She has had a busy spring break week at home. She'll be having her birthday in a week. Her mother, Lizzy, let her celebrate this week. Had the party with little friends staying the night. Since her official birthday is through the school week, her mom thought it would be nice to celebrate it yesterday, while her friends were free to stay the night. I saw a picture of her cake, sorry I don't have it to post. That cake looked like 10 pounds of sugar. ...yikes. Hope Emma isn't all sugar wired when she arrives later today.:):) Enjoy your weekend. xo

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sunrise And Moonset.....

 This is the very start of this day.  I wanted a nice moon photo, so I just took a few shots early this morning. So I was able to get the sunrise and the moon . I do not know if the moon is setting. It sure was bright .
I love the moon. The little orangy light is the neighbors pole light,on the next road. The neighbors with the chickens. While out taking these pictures, I did not hear his rooster....but I did hear a cardinal .  Life can be so good. :):)    Thank you to all who wished me well. I am better. The chiropractor  told me to start stretching before doing any chores. Even vacuuming.  Hope your day is great. xoxo

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sunshine Today....

The sun is shing today and I am loving it !!! Today is going to be a good soon as I get out of the chiropracter's office.  Yikes, I have killed myself., well my back anyway. I have a lower back problem and when ever i get carried away doing chores, it acts up.
I am ready to just take some walks and sit outside to watch the birds. In other words, I am ready for spring.  I used two of the tiny chalkboards that i bought from the goodwill store. I love them. Enjoy this great day. xo

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Last Of Winter Photos....

I promise !!! This is Ted using the snow blower to clear the drives. I tried shoveling , got one strip down to the mailbox, and cleared around it for the post lady. This big pile of snow on the porch was a huge job. So heavy. I left about an 2x2x2 pile for today. Did  not want to have all my fun in one day.  Then again...I may let it slowly melt.LOL. I am excited for the weekend to get here. The weather is suppose to warm up a bunch. I hope all of you , that were snowed in, are dug out by now.
  I know I should slow down when sweeping and shoveling the snow and raking the yard, picking up yard trash from the trees...but once I get started I am like a house on fire. Oh yes, I pay for it. My arms feel like they once were on a gorilla :):) I was on the heat pad for a bit this morning. Geez, getting old just stinks. There is only one thing getting old beats.....not getting any older.  xoxo

Monday, March 25, 2013

My Flag Still Waves....

 The flag took a beating yesterday in the wind and snow.  We got about 5-6 more inches of snow , once it started again. The first snow just about melted away before the second round. You can see how it stuck to the fence of  our woodpile. With the wind it drifted a lot.

This is the front steps and porch , this morning. Today the schools here in Tipton closed for the day. Hopefully the snow plows make it down our road so the mail will deliver. I'll be sitting here in the house the rest of this day. Ted will use the snow blower.  Too much snow for just me and my shovel. Although you sure could get a lot of squats in shoveling this snow.
 Stay safe dear friends. I know Spring is here, after all I have seen the robins...they are wearing coats. :):) xoxo

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Winter's Last Blast...

Here is my new spring flag , flapping in the wind and snow. It's been snowing now for one and a half hours. A blinding snow.  I pray all of you are safe and warm.  Ted had such a fire going this morning,it was 87 degrees in our house.  That is way too hot for me. When it's 87 outside I am ready for AC.
 Yesterday we finished picking up all the tree trash. Pines cones, twigs, small branches. All that was from mostly winter winds. Later, I sat on the porch and listened to birds singing. It was wonderful. I love to hear them. The robins aren't into their courting song yet.
  I will clean the porch of snow today. Good thing I kept the snow shovel handy. :):)  xo

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Junking At Goodwill.....

 Here is my 5 dollar haul from the goodwill. A Laura Ingalls Wilder book, Little House In The Big Woods. Eight cute chalkboards with a pinch clothes pin on the back, plus some chalk.
Eight Christmas looking bowls, with a Hallmark stamp on the bottom. A cow salt shaker....I may use it in a fairy garden. I like everything I got at goodwill yesterday. With a snow storm headed our way, Emma won't be coming to visit till next weekend.  She's on Spring Break, bummer, snow during break stinks , unless you are going sking. Enjoy your weekend and stay safe if you are getting snow. xoxo

Friday, March 22, 2013

In Town...

 Went to town for lunch yesterday. It was a very nice lunch with Ted. I took picture of town, but forgot my camera the rest of the day.
This is in our drive-thru bank looking across the street to the other corner bank's drive-thru. :) I love our small town.
  A German based Wind Energy company has devided our town somewhat. Of course the promise of future tax monies and a bit of money for the land owners is too tempting in the day and time. So our county will have another wind farm . We will never have any power from it here. But we get to see  and hear the big turbines for 30-40 years. How sad for our beautiful farm country. I was never in favor of the turbines. Now I feel sick thinking of  94 more turbines running through our county. Wishing all of you well. xo

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bring On The Sunshine....

 This is some of the pretty skies we had on Tuesday. Yesterday was partly sunny and today is sunny and pretty again., even though we had a snow dusting last night. I am loving it.
Nana Diana has a picture of snow on her site today...omg. Get the shovels out. She looks almost snowed in.  I know we can get almost any weather combination during spring, I am just ready for those 50 degree days.
 Going into town this morning. I may go buy some seeds to get some little pots of starts ready for planting when it does get warmer. Emma will be here this weekend and that would be a good project for the little miss.:) Stay warm and optimistic. xoxo

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ted's Woodworking....

I said I would post about the things Ted has been making in the shop. here is lots of trinket dishes,and toothpick holders.
 Some of the little lidded things are for pins and needles. Ted has been mixing up his little scrap pieces of wood. He hates to waste them.
This dish's rim  is made with "purple heart" , that's  the name of the wood. It's very expensive. So you can see why Ted doesn't want to waste  it. They say that busy hands are happy hands. xo

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Sister's Birthday....

 This is my sister Jeanie. Today is her birthday. My sister Pam and I went to Jeanie's to give her our gifts and then we ended up running to the stores with her. Jeanie said she had the best birthday ever. She got bird watching binoculars from her daughter. Candles, certificates, stationary, stamps from Pam and me. Money from one other sister and her neighbor lady. Her son sent her a bird house . Just glad we got to be together , for a nice visit.
Today was very cold.  Low thirties with a wind chill of about 17 degrees. Wowwee baby, that's cold. High wind today also. But tomorrow is Spring everyone....thought it would never get here.LOL

Monday, March 18, 2013

Winter Clean Up Time.....

This is the pot that Emma will make her fairy garden in. I have cleaned up some of the dead things left in our flowerbeds. But I honestly left too much. I have lots of mum and lily dead plants to clear out. I had not even realized I left all the lily debris on the west side of the house.
  I won't be working out today. There's a glaze of ice on stuff this morning. The only chore I finished this weekend, outside, was sweeping the porch. Then my husband says "we need to re-stain the porch floor." Now I know that will be a month or so off. I did talk about colors of paint with him. He just doesn't care what color I choose.:):)
 Please be careful in the ice , if you venture out today. xoxo

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Pat's........

This is my only saint patty's day decor.  Ted has been making these wooden platters. We are calling them bread platters. I'll post this week , some of the things he has made for the Farmer's Market, coming up at the end of next month. That Ted is one happy man while he's making saw dust.:):)
 Now he has even found a way to recycle the saw dust. If no walnut is in it can be put into compost , in moderation. He can make fire starters with it now.  You pack saw dust into a bathroom dixie cup, then drizzle canning wax in it. This is way cheaper than buying fire starters. I tell you, that man is handier than a shirt pocket. :):)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Good Saturday Morning.....

 Oh today is looking wonderful....right now. Started pretty and the temperature is just right.  I had Teddy put up a new garden flag. I was so ready for that.  He anchors it to the railing of the shed. That way I can see everyday just how windy it may be.
I am going to hurry and get my inside chores I can go out and enjoy this great day. Hope you can have some fun today also. xoxo

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Mantle....

I put my tulips in a wooden vase that Teddy Bear made. Added a bit of flowers to the peat pot. Sat the little bluebird next to it. So this is a little Spring decor for that spot. I need to get lots of my Spring/Summer decorations from the basement. This may be the best weekend for just doing that. Clean up the porch from winter's messes. Start getting some pots ready for plants and flowers. I may even paint the little porch display table a different color this year. Last year it was white with ivy stamping. A bit of paint can make old things look nicer. Enjoy your weekend everyone. xoxo

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Trip To Goodwill...

 On a quick trip to goodwill yesterday, I found some treasures. Can't even believe I went there after going to Horton's lately. I did find these pretty napkin rings. I like that they are pink hydrangas.
Also this really nice little basket. It's in great shape. The little goose and bear are 49 cent items I picked up for the granddaughter's fairy gardens. Savannah and Emma having been planning on making some gardens to take home with them.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Little Critters......

 This is more of my photos from Horton's. There were these fat little owls, so sweet. I may go back and get that nice bottle. It looks like it would be good on the table with a sprig of flowers.
 I adore these chicken pictures. I really like chickens and would love to raise them.
 There are some chubby birds here with the ribbons The big bunny in the bottom photo is too cute. Behind him is an oval pink enamaled pan. Just the right amount of chippy. It made me think of an old baby bath.
I am so glad I got to visit Horton's and have a fun snowed here last night. About 1/2 inch, and it's cold this morning. One more week till Spring.   xoxox

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Brunch Bunch.......

 Here is a brunch gathering of some of my classmates.  I see Jim made it again. I think he is on the reunion committee. He always brings pictures and newspaper articles. :):)
This is Toni and my sister Pam. I invite Pam along since she knows so many of the ladies. She is a bit younger than the rest of us. Hope you get to be with friends or family  and enjoy life. It was a fun time.xo

Monday, March 11, 2013

Treasures From Horton's.....

 This is the little basket of pansies that I could not resist on Saturday. I have it in the house for now.
 Here's a wee bluebird and some bias tape ribbons. Plus they bag it in nice brown brown bag that can be stamped for a later gift giving :):)
 I had to have this fake sprig of tulips also. I have them in a vase on the mantle...I am thinking Spring.
 This was the whole row of pansies in the green house section of Hortons. Soon they will have veggies and flowers and statuary in here. They also sell used windows and some very nice birdbaths.
This is the craft we made at the store to bring home, for free I might add. It is a peat pot , slap on some white paint, stamp a tissue paper with sayings , such as, bliss, bloom,spring, or happy Easter. Decoupage that on the pot, fill pot with grass, add an egg full of jelly beans. then make a banner stick to insert in the grass. My stick has a banner saying happy spring....I just didn't get it in the shot. These little peat pots are adorable. I am thinking of getting some to use as place makers for my next sister lunch. xoxo

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Horton's Spring Open House......

 Here are a few photos I took at Horton's yesterday. I honestly think this wreath says grow...but the "w" looks very odd. There Easter bunnies everywhere. So sweet. The big cabbage leaf is a place mat. How cute is that?
 Another wreath over a chalkboard circle, looks great against the old brick wall. This would look good on the front door , or porch too.
 Here is a little cupboard hanging on the wall, full of bunnies. I loved the black/white paper with the black and white bunnies, with touches of greenery.
I had a great time Horton's. They had a special project called make and take. It was a small craft for free. I show you what I made tomorrow. ...After leaving the store, I went to visit my daughter. I knew her zumba class would be over. When I got to her house, she and her husband were going to lunch and took me along. What a nice surprise. We really enjoyed ourselves. So I have to say, I had the best day in a long time. Hope your day was good and today even better. xoxo

Saturday, March 9, 2013


 We have had beautiful sunrises, the past two days. The snow is melting very fast. Yippee about that.
Today we are being told it will be  a day of 50 degrees and a bit of sun. That'll melt the last of this snow. The bad part is rain in the forecast next few days and the ground is saturated.
I am heading out to Horton's Spring Open House , here is Tipton. It'll be a busy spot. None of their glorious fudge for me. I am trying to by pass sugars. I'll post some photos tomorrow about this. Enjoy this day.:):)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thinking Spring....

I just need to see some flowers. Don't you? There is still plenty of snow on the ground, but more should melt today. I am praying it melts ever so quickly and runs the snow off the roof. You can get what is known as ice dams in the gutters and that can lead to big problems. The northern states usually have flashing under their roofing to prevent this. But most roofs in Indiana are not done that way. I think all roofs should be.
I am thinking of going to Horton's Spring  open house this Saturday. They will have more of those sweet pansys, that I bought last year. I just love them. I need to see those little flower faces.  Enjoy your day everyone.xoxo

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Report.....

 This is about one o'clock yesterday afternoon . It had just started snowing around noon. Well we did not totally  escape this time. It snowed a lot on and off, most the whole evening. This is what it looks like now.
Ted had to use the snow blower. He always clears the garage driveway, just in case we need to get out. I shoveled and swept the porch a bit. It's too much to worry about. So I will let the wonderful sunshine, that we are expecting later and the next few days, melt this mess. School closed today. My grandkids that are still in school , didn't have to go today, their's closed too. You know all in all, we are still so lucky. Along the east coast. those poor souls are getting hit again. Stay safe everyone. xoxo