Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sunrise And Moonset.....

 This is the very start of this day.  I wanted a nice moon photo, so I just took a few shots early this morning. So I was able to get the sunrise and the moon . I do not know if the moon is setting. It sure was bright .
I love the moon. The little orangy light is the neighbors pole light,on the next road. The neighbors with the chickens. While out taking these pictures, I did not hear his rooster....but I did hear a cardinal .  Life can be so good. :):)    Thank you to all who wished me well. I am better. The chiropractor  told me to start stretching before doing any chores. Even vacuuming.  Hope your day is great. xoxo


  1. and when you stretch do it slow! no bouncing stretches please.

    hope all is tits in your world, mine is great!

    smiles, bee

  2. What beautiful photos!!!! Lovely!!! The only thing nicer, would be, if you showed your photos, in a nice large way, right in your post.

    You can change the width of different parts of your blog.... And thus accomodate larger pics... :-)

    The space where your post shows up now, is really quite tiny-across... Yes?

    I know. It's your blog. Keep my ideas to myself. :-))))))))

    Gentle hugs,

  3. Thats a lovely picture of a clear moon. Yes stretching is a good exercise, especially Tadasan (lifting your hands straight up and stretching as much as possible)

  4. Very pretty photos. Wishing you a blessed Easter.

  5. I love your moon photos. Ours never seem to turn out well. We just can't capture the beauty.

  6. Were you out howling at the moon while stretching last night again?;>) I love the moonlight, too. Glad your back is better-xo Diana

  7. Beautiful photos.. I think the moon is a full moon now.. You sure did a great job of capturing it.. Happy Easter to you and your family.xoxo

  8. I am moon watcher also.
    Beautiful !!!