Friday, March 22, 2013

In Town...

 Went to town for lunch yesterday. It was a very nice lunch with Ted. I took picture of town, but forgot my camera the rest of the day.
This is in our drive-thru bank looking across the street to the other corner bank's drive-thru. :) I love our small town.
  A German based Wind Energy company has devided our town somewhat. Of course the promise of future tax monies and a bit of money for the land owners is too tempting in the day and time. So our county will have another wind farm . We will never have any power from it here. But we get to see  and hear the big turbines for 30-40 years. How sad for our beautiful farm country. I was never in favor of the turbines. Now I feel sick thinking of  94 more turbines running through our county. Wishing all of you well. xo


  1. I know just how you feel, same thing here,

  2. And what is the Logic of these Wind Farms? Other than making money for a foreign based company?

    And other than the weird, bleeding heart Liberal Views, of our current Government?

    They will not stop, until our Beloved Country is made over into a land, like the European Socialist countries.

    Sick! Sad! Illogical! Pie-In-The-Sky Liberal Thinking. They will make all the wonders, which they envision, come true, by wishing.

    Ahhh, but half the citizens voted for them! Did they? Who do you know, who voted for this Admin.? It seems, everyone one talks to, did not. Hehhhhhhhh... So, who did?



  3. Sounds like a good lunch yesterday, Susie. Wonder if I could convince my husband to take me to lunch?:-)

    Have a good Friday!

    xo Nellie

  4. i'm sorry honey, i actually like to watch them though. but not hear them!

    hugs, bee

  5. Great photos Susie. There are lots of wind farms in Illinois. I think they are beautiful to look at.

  6. Enjoyed seeing your town Susie. I love our little quaint small town too. I should take a few pics next time I go for a walk. The turbines really do change things. The closest ones to us are 45 minutes away.

  7. I love your little town. It looks charming. I can't even picture what these wind farms look like. I'll have to google it. I did read an article in the last Yankee magazine about a foreign company trying to buy up undeveloped land in New England for a new energy project. I'm glad some owners are banding together and saying no. What will we do when all the farmland and woods are gone?

  8. Susie,you know that I love your little town. It's a true piece of America's heartland.

    I am singing in the choir with you and most of your visitors today!

    I pray for our country every day.

  9. Those turbines are all over WI, too, Susie. I don't like the looks of them but I guess we need to do something so that we are not so dependent on other countries for fuel to power things here. Sad..but a sign of the times. There have been several lawsuits here filed against the companies. xo Diana