Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bring On The Sunshine....

 This is some of the pretty skies we had on Tuesday. Yesterday was partly sunny and today is sunny and pretty again., even though we had a snow dusting last night. I am loving it.
Nana Diana has a picture of snow on her site today...omg. Get the shovels out. She looks almost snowed in.  I know we can get almost any weather combination during spring, I am just ready for those 50 degree days.
 Going into town this morning. I may go buy some seeds to get some little pots of starts ready for planting when it does get warmer. Emma will be here this weekend and that would be a good project for the little miss.:) Stay warm and optimistic. xoxo


  1. Oh Susie..I love your skies..wish we had some warmer weather too. BUT I think it's much better than Diana's weather...way too much snow I think. Lol


  2. Lovely sky view!!!

    Here we have sun and blue skies too. But plenty of snow still on the ground, and roofs, and bushes, and....

    And it's cold.

    But! With nothing I can do about it, I'll look for pretty icicles to enjoy. :-)


  3. Good Morning Susie, It might be cold, but with the sunshine it always feels better. We are cloudy and the snow rain mix is getting closer to us. I hope they are wrong, but have to wait and see. I know we are suppose to get a little above freezing, but with the wind chill I don't think we will make it. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  4. It is sunny here today but cold and windy. I think we are supposed to get some snow.
    Thanks for all your sweet messages. They mean alot to me.
    Have fun with Emma. xo

  5. Yep- WE got snow! I'd be glad to send you some--no charge! I am babysitting my granddaughter's plants while they are out of town. Have fun planting with Emma-xo Diana

  6. I love your beautiful, clear blue skies. We were down to 24 this morning.. Bring on spring..Hope you enjoy the planting..xoxo

  7. I am so tired of the bitter cold. Longing for warmer weather.

  8. beautiful photos, looks chilly though,

  9. I sure hope it warms up soon! I took photos of the sky this afternoon. The neighbors probably wondered what I saw in the sky...just pretty clouds! Sweet hugs!

  10. Not warm enough to do any outdoor gardening here - nor is the ground dry enough for my husband to prepare it for the vegetables he plans to plant! He's anxiously awaiting a dry, warmer time.