Tuesday, June 6, 2023

What's Going On......

 This is my oldest daughter, Angie. She officially retired from teaching this year. I am happy for her and so very proud of her. She loved teaching , did it for 31 years. When she told me she was retiring, it was bittersweet. I cried thinking of how we prayed for the job in our community school system. But as we talked , we knew it was time. She has good health, family, and wonderful grandchildren to enjoy. 
 This loving dog Madison. So smart and adorable. Belonging to granddaughter Lynzie's family, 
 and this good old boy Sam, belonging to granddaughter Emma,  have gone on to where all good dogs go.  I loved my granddogs.  My daughter Karen had a dog, Princess to go also. But I did not have any photos of her. Sad to think of all those pets ,gone.  I know many things have to change , but it doesn't mean I have to like it.  :(

     I am still trying my best to get my life together again. I do not know if I will, just will keep trying. I keep busy . I am keeping up with most chores. Cooking is not one of them....I have gotten to the point of hating to cook.  I make things and end up taking it to my daughters at times. 

    Wishing all of you a great summer. Be safe. XO