Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Going For A Walk.....

   Today, my sister Jeanie and I are going to walk in the park again. Then maybe hit this junk shop.
I like looking at junk, even if I do not buy any. This old picture looks like someone's figurine collection. Makes me wonder, why do we collect. Do any of you collect certain items?? I used to have music boxes....nothing expensive. I sold them in a garage sale when we moved here. Now I seem drawn to little white pitchers, maybe creamers. I hope I do not see any today. LOL
  Wishing you a fun day. Ours is cool , almost has the feeling of autumn.  XO

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Extra Photos....

 Just a few shots form the French Market at Horton's, earlier this month. This month is almost gone !!
This was a seashell and stars display. I like the fake boxwood wreath.
 How about this wreath of lace and burlap, with a little banner of Parisian tags .
I had to show these green canning jars. They say Ball on I am telling you, I am older than dirt, and this is the first time I have ever seen jars that color. I also loved the green on the dish towels.
 Yesterday was very quiet once Savannah's mother and her aunts came and went.  Savannah was happy to be going home to her birds. dogs, and rabbits. Her rabbits had 8 bunnies while she was gone. LOL. She a quiet girl. I told her to relax and enjoy her life, it was okay to talk. :):) Her father once said , the most he has ever heard her talk was with me...well that was when she was small. I know she has a blast with  her friends and talks up a blue streak.
 It is cool here today, just in the 50's at this time. Not to get over mid 70's. We turned our AC off. Oh happy day on that. I want to enjoy no heat running and no AC. :):) Wishing you a great day. XO

Monday, July 28, 2014

Petunias Plant Themselves....

There's some petunias growing in this flower bed and I didn't plant them.  I had some in this bed last year and they have returned on their own.  I planted the impatiens and about three petunia plants are blooming.....they look very nice. :):)
  This Sunday Emma was to come over and decided to stay home since her daddy was off work. She's a daddy's girl. So it was just Savannah and I.  We had some good conversations and laughs.  Her mother will be picking her today. I have keep her laundry up while she's been here. I never send dirty clothes home with the grandkids. Their moms have enough to do. I will miss having any children here.
 Hope everyone has a great Monday. Especially anyone still working. I remember all those Mondays at work, they could be rough.  XO

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blacktops & Black Eyed Susans....

 On Thursday, last week, the men came to seal the driveways. They did a fine job. It was a grandfather and his grandson. Hard workers.  Some times the grandson let his grandfather sit a spell.:):)
Here's a look at some of our black eyed susans.  Some of my flowerbeds seem to have a  fungus on them. Not this group here. But two other beds. I should look it up and take care of that problems.  I brought a couple of these plants from our house in town for starts out here.  They have done well.
 Our storms yesterday were minor. Lots of wind. Today is to be pop ups showers/storms. Still not too scary.  Wishing all of you a happy Sunday full of fun. xo

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Busy Day....

 Here's Savannah crafting a wreath . We do this on the cheap, a pizza box and paper back novel.

 This is the finished product. A few sprigs of fake flowers and some ribbons. Savannah says she is taking this home for her room. :):)
With our craft newspapers still on the table, I get busy hemming her pants. Four pairs.  Savannah's aunt Angie, came to take her swimming. Which is the most fun thing for Savannah, that girl loves to swim.  So I got  a wee break to make a post.
 Hope all will be safe this weekend. Many storms headed our way.  I don't mind if we have a mild storm but I hate the wild ones with winds, too much rain and the treat of tornadoes. Be safe. XO

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sweet Savannah.....

  This is Emma and Savannah. Tonight Savannah is coming to stay a few days. Then Emma , will be back here on Sunday morning. Their moms are my twin daughters. They look like their moms too. 
  I will be hemming some of Savannah's school pants. She's is not as tall as her clothes. LOL.  They have one month till school starts. I have a few crafts for Savannah, she loves doing them.
 Today I will be getting some things they will eat. My gosh they are picky eaters. My daughters were never that picky. Only Liz, never liked beans of any kind.
   Hope all of you have a beautiful day.  Looks as if it is going to be a pretty day here.  XO

Thursday, July 24, 2014

French Market Buys....

 These are the things I bought at the market at Horton's earlier this month. Time is getting away from me. I liked these very colorful napkins, they are paper, so were not  costly.
 I picked up these cards depicting scenes around our town. This one being our courthouse clock tower.
 Two cards with the Eiffel tower and a book of the rail system in France, from the 50's.
 Two old hankies and some jello molds. I may just hang the molds on a wall or make wind chimes with them.
I loved this 30"x30" dish towel. I am using it as a table cloth topper for now. I bought a few more things I will show later.
 Today is the 24th of July. YIKES, summer is hurrying by. I feel as if I have not been doing enough  outdoor things.  Need to clean out some of my flower beds. The lawn man comes tomorrow. I will have to point out the crabgrass to him. I am not a lawn expert, but really...I know crabgrass when I see it. I just may not offer him a bottled water ...yes, I will. Whenever any one works around here, I offer them a water or soda.
  Hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer day . XO

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Brunch With Classmates....

 We are having an extra classmate brunch this month. One of our gal pals is coming in from out of state. She told the lady that gets the brunches ready at the restaurant, that she would love to see everyone. You can see Jim in this picture. He usually take pictures for our reunions.  This is an old picture. I'll try to get a new one this morning.
We had some storms in the wee hours this morning. Thank goodness. We did need the rain. It may rain on and off this morning. Oh yes, plenty of lightening. It helps clean the air, but scary. Hope all of you have a great day . XO

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back To Normal....

  I really do not know what you call normal. What is normal? We are without children here today. We took Emma home  yesterday. On our way, we picked up two more of our grandchildren, took them all to lunch.
 There's a farm restaurant in the town where Emma lives, so we took the kids there for lunch.
They all ate well, except Emma. She told Savannah what to order and she ordered the same.  Then when it came she just didn't want to eat it. So Skylar and Savannah ate Emma's lunch. LOL.  We delivered all the children home safely. I stayed a while with Emma, till her mom came home .
  Ted and Matt, Emma's father were cutting wood. They are trying to get their wood piles stocked for the next winter season. It has to be seasoned wood, so the cutting is now.
  Hope everyone has a beautiful day. XO

Monday, July 21, 2014

My Texas Artist Friend....

I know many of you know Linda from Linda's Life Journal.  She painted this beautiful picture and sent it to me !! I am over whelmed. I absolutely love it. I like that it's a rainy reflective picture. Wow and it looks great on this wall. Ted said he will frame it for me, but I actually like the look of it being on a stretched canvas.
Linda makes painting all the time. How she finds time is beyond me. She and her husband LD are always working on projects, plus entertaining all their grandkids. They are the grandparents of a set of quads too. They are with those toddlers at least once a week. Many times more.
  If you visit Linda's blog, I know you will wonder," how do they do it?" Linda paints, recycles, plus sews every kid she knows a quilt. LD , her husband, bakes, does plumbing, and carpentry work. They travel together, work together and make family time a priority together.
 So I want to thank Linda right here and now for this wonderful gift of this painting. I love it.  XO

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thank You.....

 Thank you to all who sent well wishes for our Emma pooh. She was having some tummy troubles yesterday. I do not like to see children be sick. It breaks my heart. You want to make them well , but it takes some time. With a bit of chipped ice, Sprite soda, and a cool cloth, Emma did get better and was her old self before the morning was out. So she drew this lovely picture of me.:):) I think I make a cute cartoon. Big eyes, little hips. LOL
Here's the Pooh's sweet little shoes.   This girl is rough on shoes too. I don't see these lasting long. LOL.  She is a girly girl at times and others somewhat of a tomboy. would jump, climb, and run. I could see her climbing a tree in a prom dress. Gaaa.
  Hope all of you are having a beautiful Sunday. It's cool here and very foggy.  XO

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Visitor Here.....

Yes, it's Emma pooh. She has come to spend the weekend.  Already up and saying she isn't feeling well.  Bummer. I will let you know how we do.
 Thanks to all of you for your prayers for my sister. When I told her, she was very happy and said she truly appreciates them.   Hope all of you have a great day. XO

Thursday, July 17, 2014


 These are my sisters, Pam and Brenda.  They both have osteoporosis. Pam just a touch, Brenda has it severely. She tripped  taking her trash out two days ago. She fractured her elbow and knee cap.
  She is at my sister Jeanie's  right now. Waiting to get into the orthopedist, for more whatever...she has two puffy casts on right now.  I am afraid she maybe down for some time.
  Brenda has osteo from lack of hormones...she had a complete hysterectomy at 26 and didn't  take hormones...why?  I want to ask if my blog family will say a few prayers for Brenda. Thank you so much., I truly appreciate all of you.  XO

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


 At the French Market last weekend, I saw this charming lady. I like that chevron striped dress she was wearing. I asked if I could take her picture, she was flattered. I told her she looked very nice in that dress. She said it hid a multitude of sins. I am thinking not, she just is an attractive lady.
This is a card I got from a young lady running a clothing booth. It's says JL mode..Eclectic Fashion. It's a new dress shop in Kokomo. Well they are having a Christmas in July sale next week. I am thinking of visiting, too see all they have there. The things they brought to the market were very nice and different than lots of things I have seen in the malls. Oh you know I will post if I buy any thing.
 Once when I was laid off form my G.M. job, I became a fashion consultant. That is almost comical, thinking of what a wear now. Farm clothes. LOL It's all in the shoes, for me. I can't wear heels or fancy little pretty shoes with my arthritis.....but I still dream. I mostly wear comfy shoes, not many are pretty, don't you know.
  Wonderful cool morning here with sunshine. God loves me !! XO

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Flowers For Today....

 This is just one of the new containers of flowers through out our town. This one is at the park and I see there are new rose bushes also.
 Near the entrance to the park, some hostas and impatiens. I like this color.
This little bed is at the corner of Jefferson and West streets. It at the main office of the Jim Dandy restaurant.  That is a flowering crabapple tree, I find the root clump interesting. The city has painted all the hydrants fire engine red this year. They sure stand out.
 Today and the next few will be like fall in our area. Today's high will be just in the lower sixties. I' m loving this. Wishing all of you a great day. XO

Monday, July 14, 2014

Outside Venders....

 This is the side entrance at Horton's. I love that every year this is decorated with the planters, old tubs and watering cans. That  ladder is a special touch. I think that is an old metal milk bottle crate on it's side , under one of the watering cans.
 This door was at the White Farmhouse booth. I don't know if you had to buy the whole set-up or just the wreath , steer head, and/ or the door. I love the tiara on the head...LOL
 Here is a wonderful pile of advertising letters. It was crowded around this booth, so I did not see the pricing . I really like the way they look in a pile .
 This door made me think of Kris at JunkChicCottage. She is the queen of door collecting. :):) It was all done up like a hall tree with hooks at the top. I did not have enough room to get a picture of the whole door.
How about some pottery? To go? It is already packed in a case. I remember having one of those dark green planters.
 Going to class mate brunch this morning. Hope all of you can meet up, or talk, with a friend today.  XO

Sunday, July 13, 2014

100 Years Old....

  Our park celebrated 100 years this 4th. It has changed much through the years. This big climbing rock, some kind of plastic. The huge trees are far enough away, but cast a nice shade on the playground equipment. Most of the time.
 I am not sure how old  this lamp is, it is a concrete post. There are banners on each one to honor Tipton.
This is our city water tower. It's beside the ball diamonds and the hospital. You can see the creek . On one side of the creek is all this and the park , on the other is the golf course. My sister and I sit on a group of benches, at the turn of the creek, and just enjoy being out in the fresh air.
  Hope all of you are safe . That you also had a great weekend.  XO

Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Trip To The French Market.....

  It was held here at Horton's in downtown Tipton.  The display window has a big white buffet under a garden arbor. With some iron stone dishes hanging on the back drop. Sunflowers where added to many things this year.
 This is just a few of the hanging baskets that were on sale at $19.95...which I think is a deal.
 This little twin bed once again is decorated. It is up against a fireplace front with mantle. Little teacups hanging from hooks and a rag garland in pink and peach colors. The bigger pillows were made with down, because I touch them, I could feel their softness. A cute burlap pillow with rose print. Soft fluffy throws.
 This cute pink cabinet, so small with a big impact. Some cement bunnies inside sitting on doilies.
In the kitchen corner, which I absolutely love, is this truck . There's towels in the truck .  A little strainer with cherry tomatoes. Burlap runners, the cutest kitchens towels, old silverware, glassware holding flowers and veggies. In the store the flowers and veggies are not real , but truly look it.
  I will show more tomorrow. It was a fun filled day with my sister. I missed Cindy Bee, Kris could not make it to the market, but I did see the beautiful Donna of  Reclaimed  Life. So you know I saw a couple pictures of her new granddaughter, Paisley. So cute.
  Hope you weekend is a great one. XO

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Coffee Talk....

  Had a nice creamy coffee at my daughter Angie's , this morning. I rarely use cream, but she has some vanilla sweet cream....some thing like that. :):) It was very nice.
   We talked about this summer flying by , or so it seems. My granddaughter Sierra was there also. She will be heading back to Florida this weekend. She came home for the 4th.  Sierra is my first born grandchild. I miss sitting at her little play table and coloring with her. Oh yes, where did the time go ? LOL.... you people know me, I am always asking that.
   Today I feel great. Tomorrow will be much better. It's my time to go to Horton's. I will get photos, especially if I buy something. I take a shot of the fudge counter.:):) Yum.
  Wishing all a great day. xo

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Want To Start Over...

 Some old photos of Horton's.  I loved this bike with a stack of small luggage bags.
 This is the old patio umbrella decorated with lace table cloths that I told Mona about.
 This thin single bed is always decorated  with lots of pillows. I can't wait to see what they have done with it this year.
 You can see old windows and doors make up rooms. That beautiful old  brick wall just adds charm.
Patty Beck's wonderful display, she works with ceramics. making them and making things like chimes, wall hangings. I own a beautiful heart wall hanging she made.
   This is want I would love to do over. Went to the hospital for the scan.  Two attempts for the IV. The tech says, this is going to feel warm when the dye goes in. I say , it is hurting. Tech says, "I told you it would be a warm feeling." I say, "it's hurting , not warm. "  They blew out my vein and the dye  is in my arm....which became swollen and did hurt till I did some ice at home. I called the drs. office , they said it would be fine, just ice or warm compresses. I am not so happy today. I will ask for some one else if I have to do that dye test again. I know things like this happens. But I told the tech the iv hurt, he said my veins just were not cooperating. I have never had problems before. Ever.
    Thank you, for all the caring comments. I do appreciate all of you so much.  XO