Sunday, February 25, 2024

Spring Is Near....

 Our weather has been so high , 67 degrees, and then back down to freezing, in the same week's span. There's starts of green growth coming up and it's still February. Got my taxes done  this past week. Actually will get a few dollars back from State. That's like hitting the lottery. :):)
 A full moon too. Well totally full this evening. I've been loving the sunny days. Never go anywhere at night anymore.  It's rare if I do.
  Caught a sunset on a late drive. But was back home before dark. Not much going on at this time.  Tomorrow will be my first great grandchild's birthday.  She has some fancy cookies for her classmates to help celebrate. Layla is one of those children that seem old before their time. I always say, she is an old lady in a kid suit. I think I was one of those myself.

    My son in law just spent 4 days in the hospital with pneumonia. He just had it two weeks ago, but he needed a longer dosage of antibiotics, ran out and had a set back. Oh that worries me. I have four daughters and their husbands are my boys. Love them all.

   This is a short and boring post, thought I better do one so you know I am still around. Take good care of each other and hold your loved ones close. And "come on springtime!" XO