Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tin Can Dog....

 This is the tin can dog, that Emma just had to have. She's been saying it for a couple months. We saw it on another's blog, but I can't remember where, so sorry. So it is not our idea.
 Emma painted the tongue pink, it's made from an old key. She also painted the tail and ears brown.They are made from pipe clamps.
 Papaw assembled this dog .It had some bolts for eyes and a nose. Then we let Emma run pieces of wire through the holes drilled for legs. Then she added the nuts for it's feet.
It's legs are not on in this photo. We added a wire to hang it outside. Emma sure was happy with it and named it Ginger.  Ted did smooth off any sharp places , so Emma would not get hurt. We did the international coffee can planter and the tin can dog, while Pooh was here. It was a busy time.
  Hope all of you have a great day. The sun is shining here and it's a true spring day. xoxo

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Emma's Gift....

 Here's Emma holding the gift she made her mother for Mother's Day. We had to start early, because I helped her , while she was here.
 Screw three international coffee cans to a board. Try to have all the seams on one side...you know, like I didn't do. Doh ! Paint with craft paint, any color. We chose yellow orange, to go with the violas I had . You may have to do 3 coats.....this is the first one.
When it's dry, put some small plants in the cans. Emma put a teddy bear in the center one, along with a bit of pachy sandra. Then tie a ribbon around the cans. We used the burlap ribbon I had bought at Horton's . I may make more of these...although now international coffees come in a plastic can. I think it would still work. xoxo

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I 'm No Edward Scissorhands....

When am I going to learn?? I need to let this little tree grow natural. I ran the string in a spiral around this tree again. But for the life of me, I have the most difficult time trimming out the right twigs. Or this tree needs to be bushier. See the little dried looking clump to the right...that's a grass plant that I took from a container. I am hoping it will revive, after being planted in the ground. From the looks of this photos, I need to snip on the evergreen behind this tree. Hope you have a great weekend. xoxo

Friday, April 26, 2013

This Morning's Beauty....

Here is a full moon , still high in the sky for 6:50. The sun is just starting to lighten the morning skies. So I am thinking of another beatiful day here.
Of course there are things to do everyday, or so it seems. We have taken the Jeep into Goodyear for a tune up. It is running a bit sluggish.  If I were running a bit sluggish, I want to go to the Bahamas for  a tune up...just lazing around on a beach ..you know, what better cure for the winter blues.:):)
  Ted's woodworking this morning. He got his 18 holes in yesterday, said he didn't use his waders. :):) I will be getting things ready for Emma pooh.
Gosh, I just thought of something...I need to layout my clothes I intend to wear to Ted's brother's wedding tomorrow . That is when we pick up Emma, after the wedding. Hope all of you have a fun filled day. xoxo,Susie

Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Going To Be A Sunny Day.....

Oh yes, this is what I want to see today.  By the end of yesterday's rain we had an additional 1.8 inches.  The sump pump turned off this morning, yippee. I hate hearing extra noises in our house.
  Ted left to go golfing..LOL. I think the guys are so eager to golf, they would go, if they had to wear waders. :)
   I am going to run into town and pick up a few things at the grocery. Oh joy. You know I much I love that food shopping. I wish they had meals on wheels out here, or happy meals on wheels.
   Emma may get to spend the afternoon with us on Saturday. She and I have two things to finish when she gets here. I hope she leaves that ipod at home. I want her to make a nice gift for her mommy for Mother's Day.
  Well for today sweet people, I am wishing you happiness and good health. Let's pray for all that need extra hugs today. xo

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 This is a little pot of violas, that I potted yesterday. They are plenty wet from the rain , about another 1 1/2 inches. Too much rain for our area.
I put violas and some ivy with this rabbit. If they do not fill out soon, I'll add more. I find  crooked old sticks in the yard and paint them , they too go into the container.  This year, I went with yellow. I guess I just need some cheery color. Hope you are having a good day. xoxo

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bird Watching....

The gold finches have finally arrived. They have been back about a week. I love watching them. Yesterday Ted put down the weed and feed turf builder. Our lawn looks great right now. I did potting of some very pretty violas. I have a lot more to do with flowers. I have some seeds to put in the ground,  morning glories, 4 o'clocks, and marigolds. We are pulling the english ivy out. we planted it around the house and it keeps growing under the siding. Live and learn,I guess. I will give some to my daughter , she can grow it on an old farm fence behind her house.   We are in for some rain, but not the heavy kind. We do not need it. Hope you can enjoy some time outdoors today. xoxo

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Susan G. Komen Race....

My daughter Liz, on your left, did the race for the cure again this year. Her daughter Lynzie and her big sister Angie,were with her. This is last year's photo of Liz and Angie...I do not have one for this year. Liz has done well since her treatments, two years now. 
 A lady named Joreen Caldwell, age 84, is a 59 year survivor of breast cancer. She lead the race this year. Around 22,000 registered to run. There was a moment of silence for the victim of the Boston marathon.
 Also at the Carmel marathon, at the same time, were 3,600 runners, taking a moment to pay respects to the victims.
 We are having another day of sunshine...it is helping us here in central Indiana. Our  sump pumps have finally stopped running in the basement.
Hoping all of you are getting to enjoy this beautiful day. xo

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Get Me A Bucket....

 Here are some cars in the school parking lot. The owers of these cars went on a trip with their children. The park in Tipton has flooded many times as Cicero creek run through it. The school is near the park.
Many home have water in them. Breaks my heart for those people. Here I was going crazy, because the basement had some water . We learned when we first moved here, our basement is close to the natural water level. So we piggy backed two pumps in the sump pit. Plus we have a submersible pump as a back up. If we ever need it, we put a hose out the basement window, the hose then goes to the fence. But it is still a bother. I will count my blessings today. We are better off than the people nearer to the creeks. We are to have 2 days of sunshine, before any more rain. Hope all of you are dry.  Oh, by the way, these photos are from our tv.:):) Didn't want you think I had a chopper. xoxo

Friday, April 19, 2013

What's Normal????

What is normal any more? Everyone seems to be having extra amounts of rain and snow this year.This is a shot of our driveway yesterday afternoon. It was raining  then.
Here is about the same shot of the driveway and the mailbox, this morning. It rained about all night. There's 2 hour delays for the schools around here. The town east of here is in a state of emergency....meaning stay home for now. I know where water could be standing around this area. The sink hole swallowing cars in Chigaco is scary.
  My sister and I had a great lunch and visit yesterday. Ted got his 18 holes of golf in before the rains. I guess we will squeeze what we can into our days, till the weather changes for the better. Stay safe and dry. xoxo

Thursday, April 18, 2013

So Much Rain....

I know it's not snow.....but I am tired of this rain. At this very moment the sun is out. We have had storms the last two evenings. Chicago is having flood warnings...never heard of flooding up there before. Water is standing in the fields around here , so the ground is pretty saturated. Rain is predicted for the next two days. This afternoon and evening , we are to have severe storms. Hope it all dissipates. The winter has held on to some areas way longer than I ever dreamed.
 My sister is coming out to lunch. We always have a good visit. She and I like watching  "Young and Restless". My other sisters don't like soap operas .LOL  Pammy and I worked for 30 years...so we missed out on the soap operas.This is our relaxing time now. If we can watch the show once a week together, it's fun.
  All my sisters have different interests. Three of us love junking, we all like to take walks. One still goes to kid ballgames for her g.kids and school functions. I do go to grandparents day, usually in October. The youngest of my g.kids are doing 4-H, scouting, church adventure club,and piano lessons. Not something I can attend., often.
 Hope all of you are safe and having a good day .xoxo

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Has Sprung...

 These blooming trees are in town on Main Street. I love the little house, it seems so cozy. These blooms do not last long enough . The rain the past few days will take it's toll on them.
 This is a beautiful hedge of forsythia, behind a medical building. This is near Steak and Shake...where Ted and I had lunch on Monday.
My clematis is growing..I may get to cutt this plastic away this year. We left it so the vine could reach the chicken wire trellis.
 I would like to ask, of you reading my blog, to please offer prayers for the people of Boston and all those that are suffering. Thank you. xoxo

Monday, April 15, 2013

Photos I Took At Horton's ......

Saturday, my daughter Kathy and I went to Horton's . I loved this long metal box full of pansies and moss ,with twigs.
 Here is some mercury glass bottles. Oh I love them. I actually took this picture for the little nest sitting on greenery. Sweet !!
 This is an old hand truck turned into a magazine rack. Now that is clever. I have seen old ladders used like this.
This urn is one of my favorite things at Horton's ...they decorate them all the time with the best combinations of plants and flowers.  All I bought there Saturday was  a bag of fake red tulips. I love them.  xo

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Crafting With Kathy....

Kathy brought lots of her things down for us to work on.  She is a very talented crafter. She's making bracelets, and jewelry boards. I made a garnet,white and green beaded bracelet., Then Kathy bunched three together with a sweet piece of ribbon.
 This is a jewelry board she's made . Use a scrap piece of lumber. Glue a pretty paper onto it. Then glue buttons, charms, fabric scraps, ribbons,whatever you like. You can also stamp them. Add a wire for hanging, then add cup hooks for hanging your jewelry on. So cute.
Here's The groupings Kathy did while here with me. I really liked the idea of three to a group...yet you could wear them separate, once you remove the ribbon.
While Kathy and Mark were here, we had a nice lunch. Ted grilled some pork for us. I had made some slaw. Kathy and I made  green beans and wild rice too.
 Later after dishes were done, we went to the cemetary. Kathy wanted to put some flowers on her father's grave. It was cold and windy there..making it even sadder to me.
  Then we went to Horton's. Kathy had not been there for some time. We enjoyed the great flowers they sell. Got to see the Horton's, such a  kind couple. Mr. Horton gave a free sample of fudge...since it was just a sample bite, we both took one. :):) Honest we did not buy any fudge.  I'll show some Horton's photos tomorrow. xoxo

Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Weekend....

Wishing all of you a nice weekend. My daughter Kathy will be here this weekend. We will make some crafts....pictures later. I have been longing for more flowers. Today when I go to the grocery, I am going to just get myself some cut flowers. Just a reward for going to the grocery. Food shopping is not one of my favorite things.
 Trying to stay on top of my housework. Gaaa, where's the house cleaning fairy??? Soon, there will be no fires in the fireplace, that alone will help with dusting. Because it seems an endless chore. I thought we were finished already, till Ted made a small fire , it was chilly and the furnace came on this morning.  :(:(
 Enjoy the weekend.  xo

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shopping For Wood....

 We went wood shopping yesterday. We go to a small town west of here, called Russiaville. This is one of Ted's favorite places.
 The front of their counter has boards with the name of the wood  written on them. I really liked this curly maple, I had never heard of it before. Of course birdseye maple is a wonderful wood.
This is just one wall of the lumber Hollingsworth has available. They sell mulch, woodworking lumber, plus house building lumber. I guess just about anything you'd like to make, they could furnish you with lumber. Oh by the way, woodworking lumber isn't cheap.  But it's worth the money, to have the right  wood, for projects. I actually like the smell of freshly cut wood. Ted has been making bowls and selling them as mother's day gifts. I'll post some photos soon. 
 We had storms last night...I could swear the grass has greened up in two days time.  Our wonderful lawn man passed away late last autunm.  He was such a nice man. Once he finished his work on our yard he would visit for about 10 minutes. I would give him some ice water or a soda.He really knew his stuff .We are going to miss him. Are any of you mowing yet?? xo

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Taking Photos....

This is Emma taking a picture of herself, with her ipod. She says she would love to be a photographer. I asked are you only going to take pictures of yourself. She said yes. :):)  I had just given her some old sunglasses I had in the truck. She has a huge assortment of big old lady glasses. I call them her grandma Maddie glasses. My mother always wore sunglasses with big lenses , and she would leave them everywhere in town, if she took them off....So she always had plenty. Good thing they were dime store glasses.
   I think about my mother and how she would have enjoyed Emma.  Mom passed when Emma was about two. Spring and Autumn were my mother's favorite seasons.  She loved spring because she would dig in her yard and plant flowers . She loved fall because it would be cooling down from summer. Oh I miss that crazy lady. I think sometimes Emma has my mother's sense of humor. Wishing you good memories today. xo

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday , Time To Relax....

 Good Sunday morning to all. This is the sun coming up . I love the colors and promises of sunrises.

This is yesterday afternoon. Ted got the wheelbarrel out.  It was in the 60's, but nippy with wind. So I am putting my hood on. We did get a lot done. There's still a couple beds to go. Plus more sticks in the back yard to pick up. We are to have rain later and the coming week. We'll just fit the work in when we can.
 I think back on my friend who passed last year. She used to complain that her husband would not tend to the yardwork. I told her that many hands make light work .  I hope that all of you are willing to help each other. xo

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Flowerbed Clean Up.....

 My gosh, this is but a wee start on our outside work. Ted and I will try to get most of it finished today, before the rains come in. You can see the stakes I had around the mums, they were so bushy last year.
There's a pile of debris from a bush we cut out. We'll haul that away today. I want to soak and clean some of the bird feeders also.
 What is it about work that absolutely fascinates people??? When Ted and I would do any work in town...someone would always stop to talk. Well you can't get much done when that happens. Yesterday a  fellow from down the road pulled into the drive, got out and wanted to talk...yikes. We barely know him, nice guy and all.....but come on, we are working here, or trying. LOL. Oh well maybe we will finish up today. Enjoy your weekend. xoxo

Friday, April 5, 2013

Shopping And Lunch....

My daughter Angie and I went shopping on Wednesday . We shopped Kohl's and T.J.Maxx.... I really try to limit my purchases, as you all know, my closets are full.
We ate here...it was good. I should of taken a photo of it.  But I was so hungry,I never thought of anything but eating.
I got these napkins and a box of card. I love  to write people. I  will write to my sister, she and I write each other 3-5 times a week. I call her my therapist.LOL. Well right now stamps are cheaper than therapy.:):)  Enjoy this great day everyone. I am getting outside today. xo

Thursday, April 4, 2013


 I bought this big sprig of forsythia, to use in Spring decorating. It was in the bouguet department at H-L.
 I picked up these little box like baskets , for Emma . She already needs help with her organizing. Scary when I see her room at times.
I also bought this little gnome fellow for Emma. Her father like them, so she does too. Oh by the way. she is a daddy's girl.
I got myself a new red ink to use in stamping cards. I love all the colors...but limit my supply. Hope all of you are enjoying this pretty day. It's getting warmer here. Oh happy day. xoxo

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sam I Am......

This is the slobber dog Sam.  Part lab, part boxer, all heart and slobbers. I look at Sam and I can almost hear him say"I may not be a smart dog Nana, but I do know what love is." LOL  Sam has been a thief before. He used to go down the road and just take anything he could carry , from the neighbors. My gosh they have been patient with him and my daughter's family. He would take thier toys, shoes, and once he brought home a pumpkin. But you just have to love him...he's like a child. He actually hangs out with the cat, Ozzie. So I think Ozzie talks Sam into doing things.You know how those cats are. Once one of the neighbors called Lizzy and said she was bringing Sam home. It was not very long after that, she called back and said"Your dog is back at my house and I do believe he has brought a cat with him." Yes, it was Sam and Ozzie. So Liz had to go get them together. Do not worry, Sam is changing since his visit to the vet, for a minor male surgery. :):) ox

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blue Skies....

This is what our skies have been like the past few days. Love, love, love it. The sun has been shining , lifting my spirits. It is really starting to be spring. I am not saying there hasn't been a nip in the air..brr. But that is how spring should be. Just warming up slowly, not from snow and cold ,to boom 80 degrees. I can 't take that heat much. I like to call the best temperatures, Vegas weather...where you can wear a jacket or not, the choice is yours.
 Ted and I are heading into town soon. I'd love to look at some plants. Might make a quick visit to hobby-lobby. Hope all of you have a good day. xoxo

Monday, April 1, 2013

Emma And Easter......

 This is Emma Pooh. She is growing up so fast. She'll be taller than me in a couple years, I am sure.
 We made Easter cards. That was our only craft this weekend. We drew a lot, read the funnies on Sunday morning. We did bake muffins.
But Emma has a new toy....she has an ipod. So she much involved playing on it. We played a couple of games together on it. She has to teach me everything. LOL  So glad she is learning so much. But I like when kids are so attached to electronics.  Hope your weekend was fun and happy. xo