Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Taking Photos....

This is Emma taking a picture of herself, with her ipod. She says she would love to be a photographer. I asked are you only going to take pictures of yourself. She said yes. :):)  I had just given her some old sunglasses I had in the truck. She has a huge assortment of big old lady glasses. I call them her grandma Maddie glasses. My mother always wore sunglasses with big lenses , and she would leave them everywhere in town, if she took them off....So she always had plenty. Good thing they were dime store glasses.
   I think about my mother and how she would have enjoyed Emma.  Mom passed when Emma was about two. Spring and Autumn were my mother's favorite seasons.  She loved spring because she would dig in her yard and plant flowers . She loved fall because it would be cooling down from summer. Oh I miss that crazy lady. I think sometimes Emma has my mother's sense of humor. Wishing you good memories today. xo


  1. The picture of Emma is so cute.

    I often think of my mother too and wonder what she would think about things happening in my life.

    Have a great day Susie!

  2. Emma's darling, and that was my mother's name. Miss her too and bet she would have loved to know your Mom.

  3. What wonderful memories of your Mom and what wonderful memories you have created for your Emma. My mother never got to know any of my children-she had dementia at an early age and never knew who any of us were. xo Diana

  4. It sounds like Emma is a lot of fun. You are making some good memories with her.

    xo Nellie

  5. Your Emma is so beautiful.. Sounds like my Maria.. xoxoxo