Sunday, April 14, 2013

Crafting With Kathy....

Kathy brought lots of her things down for us to work on.  She is a very talented crafter. She's making bracelets, and jewelry boards. I made a garnet,white and green beaded bracelet., Then Kathy bunched three together with a sweet piece of ribbon.
 This is a jewelry board she's made . Use a scrap piece of lumber. Glue a pretty paper onto it. Then glue buttons, charms, fabric scraps, ribbons,whatever you like. You can also stamp them. Add a wire for hanging, then add cup hooks for hanging your jewelry on. So cute.
Here's The groupings Kathy did while here with me. I really liked the idea of three to a group...yet you could wear them separate, once you remove the ribbon.
While Kathy and Mark were here, we had a nice lunch. Ted grilled some pork for us. I had made some slaw. Kathy and I made  green beans and wild rice too.
 Later after dishes were done, we went to the cemetary. Kathy wanted to put some flowers on her father's grave. It was cold and windy there..making it even sadder to me.
  Then we went to Horton's. Kathy had not been there for some time. We enjoyed the great flowers they sell. Got to see the Horton's, such a  kind couple. Mr. Horton gave a free sample of fudge...since it was just a sample bite, we both took one. :):) Honest we did not buy any fudge.  I'll show some Horton's photos tomorrow. xoxo


  1. beautiful! i am beading again finally. love it so much!

    smiles, bee

  2. My Mom and I use to have such fun creating things together. HAve fun!

  3. the jewelry board is lovely and something new to me, it must be so much fun beading, its something i have never done, I love your creations.
    I agree cemeteries are a bit sad and even more sad when its cold and dreary.
    I like the sound of Horton's I ill look forward to the photos soon,

  4. The jewelry is so pretty and sounds like you've had a nice visit. I've never tried to make jewelry but I know I would like it. I sure love to wear it! Happy Sunday!

  5. I love the jewelry boards, I could really use something like this and they look fun to make. I'm glad you enjoyed some family time!


  6. I like everything Kathy made. I think the jewelry board would be great.

  7. Kathy made some beautiful things!!

    There is a Horton's close to where my sis lives in WV. I would love to visit it.

  8. Sounds like a great time, Susie. xo Nellie

  9. Susie,
    It sounds like you had a very nice weekend with your daughter. Craft day sounds so fun. The bracelets are pretty.

    Thank you for your comment on my 'cousin' post. I appreciate it so much, and it meant alot to me.

    Happy Monday, Susie.