Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tin Can Dog....

 This is the tin can dog, that Emma just had to have. She's been saying it for a couple months. We saw it on another's blog, but I can't remember where, so sorry. So it is not our idea.
 Emma painted the tongue pink, it's made from an old key. She also painted the tail and ears brown.They are made from pipe clamps.
 Papaw assembled this dog .It had some bolts for eyes and a nose. Then we let Emma run pieces of wire through the holes drilled for legs. Then she added the nuts for it's feet.
It's legs are not on in this photo. We added a wire to hang it outside. Emma sure was happy with it and named it Ginger.  Ted did smooth off any sharp places , so Emma would not get hurt. We did the international coffee can planter and the tin can dog, while Pooh was here. It was a busy time.
  Hope all of you have a great day. The sun is shining here and it's a true spring day. xoxo


  1. lol. How cute!! Looks like fun.
    Enjoy your lovely spring weather!

  2. That is VERY COOL! What a fun project and a creative little girl!

  3. Great job, Emma!
    It's so much fun doing crafts with the g'kids!

  4. Tin Can Dog is delightful, Susie. What a fun project for Emma. She did a wonderful job. It looks like alot of work went into making her, and alot of love.


  5. That is really cute. I wondered what you and Emma did.

  6. Now that is very creative and cute as can be!

  7. Yes, you were certainly busy with Emma! Great creations! xo Nellie

  8. How sweet that you make projects with Emma like you do.
    she's such a cutie pie.

  9. Well, I would have never thought of this in a million years.. So creative.. We used to take cans and tie strings on them and act like they were a telephone .lol.. Glad you enjoyed yourself with that beautiful, young lady.. Hugs, xoxo