Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Has Sprung...

 These blooming trees are in town on Main Street. I love the little house, it seems so cozy. These blooms do not last long enough . The rain the past few days will take it's toll on them.
 This is a beautiful hedge of forsythia, behind a medical building. This is near Steak and Shake...where Ted and I had lunch on Monday.
My clematis is growing..I may get to cutt this plastic away this year. We left it so the vine could reach the chicken wire trellis.
 I would like to ask, of you reading my blog, to please offer prayers for the people of Boston and all those that are suffering. Thank you. xoxo


  1. Good Morning Susie, I am saying prayers for the people in Boston. This is the big weekend for Nascar to be in Kansas. I have family that goes by it every day to work. They are beefing up the security because of the number of people that it brings in because of what happened in Boston. Your flowers are beautiful. I am staying home today with us being in a severe weather watch and we are getting rain.
    Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  2. Susie, I love Spring blossoms but always wish they lasted longer. How refreshing after a long Winter. The incident is Boston just broke my heart. Can't imnagine the reasoning behind it. Prayers offered!

  3. Only thing blooming here is the forsythia and it is giganic.
    So sad about what hapened in Boston. Another heart breaking incident. We just avhe keep the hope and praying.

  4. It is very springlike here except the temps are chilly and in the 40s.

    Prayers for all of the victims, friends and families in Boston.

  5. Susie,
    I love these pink and white blossom trees. You can always tell that spring is on its way when you see these trees. I am thinking of the people and their loved ones in the tragedy in Boston.

    Have a sweet day, Susie.

  6. such beautiful blossoms, we still have snow, prayers sent for the victims and families of yesterdays disaster, so sad,

  7. It's so nice to see the first signs of Spring...and I am praying. Sweet hugs!

  8. Love all your Spring pictures, Susie. Prayers going up for Boston. It is so very sad....xo Diana

  9. really like those picturees
    such an amazing shoting!!
    Sergio xx

  10. Oh, yes! Prayers definitely being offered for those who have been affected by Monday's events in Boston. xo Nellie

  11. My heart does go out to those in Boston. We should not take life for granted. That is for sure.

  12. I'll pray for them and now the people in the Texan fertilizer plant blast.
    Susie, you're making me cry with your Spring scenes!