Thursday, April 18, 2013

So Much Rain....

I know it's not snow.....but I am tired of this rain. At this very moment the sun is out. We have had storms the last two evenings. Chicago is having flood warnings...never heard of flooding up there before. Water is standing in the fields around here , so the ground is pretty saturated. Rain is predicted for the next two days. This afternoon and evening , we are to have severe storms. Hope it all dissipates. The winter has held on to some areas way longer than I ever dreamed.
 My sister is coming out to lunch. We always have a good visit. She and I like watching  "Young and Restless". My other sisters don't like soap operas .LOL  Pammy and I worked for 30 we missed out on the soap operas.This is our relaxing time now. If we can watch the show once a week together, it's fun.
  All my sisters have different interests. Three of us love junking, we all like to take walks. One still goes to kid ballgames for her and school functions. I do go to grandparents day, usually in October. The youngest of my are doing 4-H, scouting, church adventure club,and piano lessons. Not something I can attend., often.
 Hope all of you are safe and having a good day .xoxo


  1. Snow and rain here! Hope you have a relaxing day. Junking is so much fun, and I must do more of it!

  2. So much rain here. I too am longing for the sunshine.

  3. We have a daughter who is presently in Chicago for a blogging conference. She was stranded in the Charlotte airport on Wednesday for nine hours because of weather conditions that had closed O'Hare Airport in Chicago. I hope her hotel isn't flooded out.

    It sounds as though you have some good plans for today. Enjoy!

    xo Nellie

  4. Have fun with your sister. I think it is so wonderful that you have sisters to love and enjoy spending time with.

    All this rain is kind of scary. We have flood warnings today and that is unheard of for this area, too. Did you see where that big sinkhole opened up in the Chicago area and swallowed three cars? Crazy weather- xo Diana

  5. I like Y and R as well. Have a great day. I never had a sister, wish I did.

  6. I love reading about your sister times. I am having a sister sleepover next week when a sister comes to visit. I can't wait! Such good sister talks when we can be completely ourselves.

  7. Hope you enjoyed your day. We are getting to much rain too.. I'm not looking forward to the blistering heat of summer but will be glad to see it dry up some.. A lot of folks around here can't get their gardens out.. Hope you get dry weather soon.. xo

  8. I wish my sister were close. We really enjoy being together too.
    Is the weather nice anywhere, I'd like to know?
    Snowed all day here today and supposed to snow tomorrow too:(

  9. Sorry about all the rain. I lived in France for 8 years and I know it can be tough. I hope it stops and you get lots of sun! Time with a fun sister sounds like a perfect way to chase the blues away!

  10. They were showing all of the terrible flooding on the news last night and my hearts went out to all. I like a little Spring rain, makes everything green. But enough is enough for your, right? Hope you get sunshine soon.

  11. We, too, Wales.......have been having so much rain! Last summer and this winter have been awful! Because of the rain my son couldn't make enough silage and now the fields are so wet he can't put the cows out.....and he's run out of feed! Not good!
    I'm glad you and your sister can settle down and enjoy the soaps together. Your other sisters may laugh but they, too, may get to the stage where they are limited in what they can do!! So you just enjoy and don't worry about what they think!
    Enjoy!! Joan

  12. gosh i dislike long periods of rain, a shower is lovely if the sun comes back soon after though!

    hugs, bee