Sunday, June 30, 2013

Walked By Horton's :):)...

 Yesterday, after I ran the sweeper through the house, I went to the farmer's market. Ted was all set up.  I had to go to the bank , so I walked by Horton's.  They have many old picnic baskets painted pink. Some are sitting in huge container pots with flowers in the baskets. Some are outside and some are in the store. Paris is stamped on the lids. I'll try to get more picture this week.
I did fine at the market. Some new venders were there. One selling jewelry made from  geodes Sliced thin and polished. Very pretty. Some new glass totems for the gardens.  A lady that was our mom's long time friend was there. I used to babysit her children, when I was young. She was selling pretty  kitchen towels, with the crocheted tops, scrub pads, doll clothes. She is a sweet lady, so kind. She is like part of our family . Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend. It is raining again this morning here. We had 1.25 inches of rain yesterday. It's enough. xo

Saturday, June 29, 2013

This Is Saturday....

 It's Saturday and I am feeling much better. You know that 2 week cold's been about 10 days now, that I have fought this cold. I should be well enough for the 4th of July family picnic. I am excited about that. Emma will be coming home with me then, for a few days stay. So I better be well. :):)
Here's the corn field across the road. The old saying around here is, knee high by the 4th of July...then corn is right on schedule in growth. Well this corn is waist high. This is a great county for growing corn and soybeans.
 Today, Ted is at the farmer's market and I am staying home to catch up with my chores. You know a man  can be sick and take naps and sit in his recliner. Oh yes, I have seen this first hand. LOL... But a woman still has to cook, clean and do laundry. Well I did let the vacuuming go, now it's past time for that. So I gotta go. Enjoy this beautiful day. xo

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Moving Dirt...

 What can you do with extra dirt?? I made a small mound of a flowerbed. Planted a hydrangea and some petunias. Some pachysandra and a little grass plant called "blue-eye". Made a stepping stone walk between the mound and another flowerbed,
Found some black-eyed susan starts, another grass plant from a container. So two more flowerbeds. The plant with the yellow blooms , that is the pachysandra. The hardiest plant I have ever come across. I bought one flat , as a ground cover 10 years ago. I think I have grown about 15 flats of it since then. Grows in sun or shade Hope all of you are enjoying summer. I am still a bit under the weather, but trying to shake it off. xo

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just Some Leftovers...

 Here are a couple left over shots of the walkway.  The 1st one is just starting down the path after finishing the landing/patio part. Then the 2nd is when it's finished. It rained last night, and that just washes the sand down more. So today it all looks great.
I ended up at the drs. office yesterday...this cold is getting to be too much. I walked into the office with a handkerchief  trying to keep my mouth covered, out of  courtesy for the others in the waiting room. As I sat and waited for 1 1/2 hours (rats) I coughed a few times and did not take the kerchief away from my face. My gosh I can't tell you how many times I heard coughing that was not covered. So many more in town have whatever I have.
  What I am getting to is...why aren't grown people covering when they cough ?? Our children have been taught to cough into their shirts or under their arms , to stop the spread of germs. While I am at it, I may as well address another issue that absolutely drives me up the wall. That is blowing one's the restaurants. Most often it is older men. Go to the restroom to call any moose you may want to see. If one sneezes or has a drip, gently wipe your nose. But if you feel the urge to blow your head off after eating, please go into the restroom.  As big boys blowing their noses at the table is totally disgusting. Now there, I feel much better. LOL. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. xo

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Up Date On Korey......

This is my grandson Korey and his fiance Ashley. Korey graduated from the University of Utah, with his degree in GIS.  He also has a degree from Ball State in meteorology. I always thought with that smile he'd be a great weatherman on television. But he liked the behind the scenes action of tracking storms. So he got into the GIS programs....which honestly , I think has to do with mapping. I do not know enough about it to go into details. He's been out of school about two months. He landed a job about the end of his first month of graduating. It's   a great job with good pay and benefits. The official title is,  Data Infrastructure and Visualization Manager. It's in SLC....I won't say the name of the company, I don't want to tell all. I have to say I am so happy for this young man. He's a wonderful grandson with a good heart.
   His fiance Ashley, has had the job she wanted for about a year. She's a fashion designer of wedding gowns and prom attire.Two very hard working young people. I think there may be a wedding in our future. :):)    
   I want to thank all of you who wished Korey well during his studies. Jann at  Have a Cup with Mrs.Olsen, gave me her phone number, when Korey started school at the University in SLC. She said he could call her in an emergency....can I tell you, that alone made me feel better about Korey being that far away. So many beautiful bloggers out there. Thank you Jann. xo

Sunday, June 23, 2013

19 More Days.....

 Just 19 more days till Horton's in Tipton have their Summer Market. I am getting excited. It's like Christmas for me without  all the cooking and cleaning . LOL    Aren't these old doilies cute??
 I love the old mirror hanging on the door. Lots of sweet china , baskets, linens, and bouquets. I adore lace table cloths. I have one, that I use rarely.
You have to get yourselves an old bike...They make the cutest decoration when loaded with flowers or plants, paint them dull or paint them bright....they fit in. My sister's birthday is the 11th of July and Horton's market is the 12th and I am going to ask my sister to go with me to Horton's . We'll enjoy it . This is for those that do not know Horton's. It's basically a hardware store. They specialize in custom blinds, paints and plants. There are places in the northeastern states called Tim Hortons, I think those are coffee shops. The Horton's in Tipton  is family owned and operated . More like a small town place. Everyone is made to feel welcome. The Horton's will be there and ready to help you with any thing. If you like personal service and being in a happy atmosphere...then Horton's of Tipton is for you. Hope to see you there. 19 more days.......xoxo

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sand, Sand, And No Beach....

 Here's the trailer loaded with sand. This is fine sand for the top of the walk and landing. We actually re-used the sand from under the patio bricks we dug up to re-use. Talk about recycling. :):) Folks, I have told you, we have handled these bricks till we know them personally. This is the 3rd project that these very bricks have been used for. They are staying  here till the ends of time now. I do not ever want to handle these bricks again. I am 15 years older than when I first bought them.
 This is the used sand. Put it down first, wet it , tamp it, scrape it with the measuring board., wet it again, tamp it again. Here's Ted mowing, he threw all the bricks laying out into the dugout walkway, so he could mow.
 Finally the walk is done....and so am I. Ted and I took our time doing this walk, but it still was a chore. Team effort helps us get things done around here. This walk isn't perfect, but it's a lot nicer walk than what was there. I don't know why we just now got around to fixing this walk. I think we see things day in and day out and just get used to it. Good or bad.
I'll show a couple more projects that just happened as this work was going on. Like what do you do with all the dirt you dug out to make a walk. I made two new flowerbeds, filled in so low spots in the yard. Those now need to be seeded for grass. We will be having a raised garden area next year.  Enjoy your day. I am home , not at the farmer's market.....cause I now have the head cold Ted was sporting around last weekend. xo

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Setting Sun....

 I love to see the orange color on the trees as the sun is setting. Since Indiana springs forward in Spring,and falls back in Fall.....with the Summer Solstice almost here, the sun is setting at bedtime. LOL
Another beautiful sunset. I have been out looking at the baby birds learning to fly and forage. A bird's life is rough. It's good that they can fly. We have a wren in a little birdhouse that has been going crazy every time we go to the back for more bricks. Then we come up front and get "a talking to" from a woodpecker. Then after working and showering,we can sit out on the porch and watch the hummingbird feed. He is very happy as there is only him and his mate  around here. If there were more pairs, they would be  protective of their food source . We will work a bit more today. The walkway is looking nice. Enjoy this day. Happy birthday to my Kathy. xoxo

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back To Work....

 Ted and I will be back to laying down brick , as soon as we retrieve the sand from under the brick at the patio area . We dug up the bricks and stacked them yesterday. Hauled some sand around from here.
 In the mean time, things are growing. I love these daisies. I should dig them up and make a few more plants of them.  They are very nice for about two months.
 I always plant some petunias. They remind me of my mother in law. She was a wonderful person. She had a great sense of humor too. She could cook out of this world too. I miss that sweet lady.
Here are the violas I planted in my mom's old planter. I like having this little angel  near them. Hope all of you are well and enjoying this good weather.  xo

Monday, June 17, 2013

What I Found....

 While working outside, I found these robin eggs. So sad, they had blown out of the nest during a storm here. One was broken, but I knew the others had been out of the nest too long.
Here's a big rose that grew on the rose bush my daughter gave me. I transplanted it last year and thought it was a goner. That miracle grow is some good stuff, it saved this rose.
 I had brunch with my buddies this morning. Now I have to get busy working with Ted. Hope you are having a great day. xoxo

Friday, June 14, 2013

Working On The Walkway....

Ted hurt our mule(golf cart) , so he is using the lawnmower to haul bricks. The golf cart is in the golf cart repair, down the road. I sure hope the lawn mower holds up.
 Put sand in the dug out area, quite a lot of may take three to four ton. This is one ton in the patio area off the steps of the deck/porch.
 Run a string from the highest point to the lowest. There is an bit of an incline even this distance. We are moving the low point as we lay the bricks. This is Ted at the very start. As you can see we are coming off the driveway at one point. This house  had the garage attached, till it was made into a big room and another garage/shop built. I like the drive up to the house.It helps get groceries carried into the house. Plus a short hop to get into the car in bad weather.
We are taking this brick up from the patio in the back , by the shed. When we made that area we didn't know the neighbor was going to have sheep in the back lot....not as bad as pigs but still pretty smelly. So we never used that area. But the sheep are gone for good  and now we will make that area a green house...oh yes !!! For me, not any of Ted's junk, no way, no how. Just me, me me. !!! Oh sorry, I just get too excited thinking of that. Hope your weekend is wonderful. Hug your Dads for me please. I sure miss mine. xoxo

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Guess Who....

Emma Pooh was here from Sunday afternoon till yesterday . She put in a rough time, last week. She finally learned to ride her bike.Her legs are covered with bruises. She brought the bike with her and rode the whole time...pretty much. In this picture, you can see she went swimming with her aunt Angie. Angie said she put lotion on her every 1/2 hour....not enough for this fair skinned girl. Emma has a delicate skin and will break out if she gets in the sun or near any weeds. Bugs like biting her too. Poor kid .
 Our walkway project is on hold . We have had rain . Too much for my liking. Ted did get one load of sand in yesterday, not near enough. We will be able to do more tomorrow.I'll post photos. Hope your day is good. xoxo

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flowers From Jean's.....

There's a shop in town , called Jean's flowers. Jean and her husband Lee run the shop. They are the sweetest couple. This is one of their displays. They put flowers in any old contraption you could possibly think would plants or flowers. Once I get there, it's hard to take photos because I get caught up just enjoying all the prettiness. I did get a big potted petunia with purple and red. There's a white flower also,.but did I ask Jean what it could be..... well no. :(
Here's the planter sitting on a little table that Ted made for me. This table is made from a chunk of the cedar tree that was cut down at my mother's old house. An ice storm , many years ago,split the tree so much that mom had it removed. So I took a couple pieces for us. Now I am so glad to have it. Hope all of you have a great day. I think we are in for a rough one. xo

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Peeking At Hortons......

 Isn't this old Victrola just made for displays. There's sachets , sprays and candles. I loved to have the Victrola to do seasonal vignettes. Or old family photos.
 Here's an old re-worked mantle. I like the little mannequins for hanging necklaces. Horton's has lots of cloches. I think their clocks are sweet.
This is one of my favorite things about just looking at vignettes, the old backdrop of worn brick. An old sink right out of  the farm house.  Fence gates. I like this wire cloche.  Horton's is having a big summer market on the 12th&13th of July. I will be going. I won't over spend, but I will be buying something I love. Which isn't hard to do at this store. xo

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Farmer's Market.....

 This is some of  Ted's woodworking. We decided not to put everything on the table at once.
 He had change caddies, silverware holders, picture boxes, lidded bowls, toothpick holders, and lazy susans. We got to set up in the same spot as last year.  The drawback Saturday was a combo band, right next to us.
This little band was extremely good, but a bit loud when you tried to answer any question a buyer might have. Honestly the lady in this band had the most pleasant voice. I could listen to her all the time. They called themselves Fred and Ginger. They played 50's -60's music.

Finally A Brain Storm....

 Ted decided we could use our tiller to do the grubbing.  Just so long as you keep it off the edges. This shovel I am using is called "the miracle shovel", around this house. It is small and does the cutting of edges so very well. I also use it to break up the dirt clods. We use our golf cart as our mule. It has been a blessing . Ted has a trailer hitch he puts on it to use the little garden trailer.
 Ted is saying "oh yeah this is so much easier." LOL  We'll have to give everything a good wash up when we are done. We have dirt on everything.
This was Friday afternoon. Saturday,we took  off from yard work and did the farmer's market. We had a good day at the market. Saw lots of people we know and visited with many. Sold a few things, bought a few things :):) I got a nice walk in and went to Horton's. I'll be posting pictures soon.  Enjoy this great day. xoxo

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Work Begins....

 Ted always uses the garden hose  to lay out curves.:):) We built the porch/deck three years ago..we never finished the walkway . So here's the skinny walkway and steps up to the deck..sad,sad,sad.
Once we have the curve we want, Ted sprays the ground with orange marker spray, it holds up in rain.
We had those same pathway steps all the way to the shop. So now we will have a 3 foot wide walkway..hooray. It's been like walking a tightrope on that skinny path. We are saving the nice grassy sod for some fill-ins around the yard. As we were laying out the walkway, I remark about how nothing seems to line up . Ted says the house was built here 50 years ago and never aligned with the road. So if any of you know the meaning of square, plumb, and level.....I am telling you this place is none of those.LOL Well at least we do it right. :):)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Teddy Bear Is Back......

Here's Ted last year at the farmer's market.  We may set up again this Saturday, if it doesn't t look like rain. Ted just returned home from a golf trip. He said there was 35 gentlemen in the group , one of the men that was going, his wife had an emergency surgery, or there would have be 36.  They play golf all day long. Today is normally Ted's golf day...but he has mild burn out. No kidding !!
 We may layout our garage walkway plans. We have a lot of work ahead of us. It'll take us  about a week. Since we do all the work ourselves.I'll try to get pictures. We will be digging the walkway, laying down sand , then putting the bricks down and sanding over the top. Then you sweep and water the sand into the cracks between the bricks. xo

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


  My white irises are looking sad. This is the west side of the house. This bed has lilies and irises. One purple palace plant and one lavender. I usually pull a few weeds from here and cut the flowers back as needed.
 This morning I am going to go to my sister Jeanie's and visit with her. Our sister Brenda may be there also. I love to be with them. We really have not been together that much this year. Maybe we'll take a walk.
  The people who live in our parent's old house , are taking out the lilac bushes that have been there for over 50 years. So we may go by there and get some starts. I think my daughter Angie should get a start for her new yard. She has landscaping, but a lilac bush from her grandmother's old place would be a nice addition. Everyone try to enjoy this beautiful day. xoxo

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tim Samaras....

 This is Tim Samaras, second from the left. That is my grandson ,Korey, in the plaid shirt. This was taken at Ball State University, in Muncie, Indiana. Tim had gone to the storm chasers class, to instruct the team on chasing storms and reporting tornadoes. Tim wasn't just a storm chaser, he was a true scientist. He has gathered important informatiom about how storms and tornadoes develop.
 Tragically Tim (55), his son Paul(24) and a colleague Carl Young(45) were killed last week while chasing the deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma. While near El Reno, Ok. a tornado turned and caught their vehicle up in the twister. Tearing and tossing the car and killing the crew. This is a great loss for us all. My prayers go out for the families of these brave men.
 This is the t-shirt my grandson designed  for his class at Ball State. He got his degree in meteorology while at Ball State.  He was very much impressed by Tim Samaras. Korey went on to graduate school at the University of Salt Lake City and just graduated this spring.
There will be many to come along and take Tim 's place...but few will ever fill his shoes. xoxo

Monday, June 3, 2013

Man At Work....

When ever that door is open, Ted is usually in the shop working on something. I tried to work beside him when we first moved here. He just makes too much saw dust and noise. He wears ear protection and has  a dust collector. Sometimes,I help him clean up in there. I keep trying to squeeze out a bit of space for me. He keeps taking my things to the shed and then he puts stuff in front of it I can not access it. Now I have asked ...please, please , get my wagon out and let me get my gardening tools in it. I have work to do, and can't reach my tools. That is why I want a little green house of my very own. I am going to have a "keep out" sign on it too. :):)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Celebrating Home...

My niece gave a little party for decorating your home or yourself. It's a company called Celebrating used be Home Interiors.  There were many cute items for your home decorating . There were  scarves and purses . Lots of jewelry , tote bags and carrying cases. Candles also.
 When you reach my age, you usually own lots of jewelry....lots. Some good and some costume.
Totes a plenty. I am willing to help my niece.  I have also been trying not to buy just to be buying. I know you understand what I mean. The prices of the products were reasonable. The shipping was very high , almost a half or third of what the item cost. I did order a pair of  reading glasses, as we can always use those.  Way more than I would pay any other time.
 I remember having tupperware parties. My gosh , many of us went to those just to be going somewhere. In today's time it seems an inconvenience to have or go to this type of party. Mainly because people go out all the time. To stores that carrying everything under the sun. The home party seems a thing of the past. :):) xo