Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just Some Leftovers...

 Here are a couple left over shots of the walkway.  The 1st one is just starting down the path after finishing the landing/patio part. Then the 2nd is when it's finished. It rained last night, and that just washes the sand down more. So today it all looks great.
I ended up at the drs. office yesterday...this cold is getting to be too much. I walked into the office with a handkerchief  trying to keep my mouth covered, out of  courtesy for the others in the waiting room. As I sat and waited for 1 1/2 hours (rats) I coughed a few times and did not take the kerchief away from my face. My gosh I can't tell you how many times I heard coughing that was not covered. So many more in town have whatever I have.
  What I am getting to is...why aren't grown people covering when they cough ?? Our children have been taught to cough into their shirts or under their arms , to stop the spread of germs. While I am at it, I may as well address another issue that absolutely drives me up the wall. That is blowing one's the restaurants. Most often it is older men. Go to the restroom to call any moose you may want to see. If one sneezes or has a drip, gently wipe your nose. But if you feel the urge to blow your head off after eating, please go into the restroom.  As big boys blowing their noses at the table is totally disgusting. Now there, I feel much better. LOL. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. xo


  1. Your walkway is wonderful! So sorry you are not feeling well and hope that the dr gave you something to get over it. We have been fighting something for about 3 months now. It comes and goes. Caught it at the drs office when I went in for my post op appointment. I hear you on spreading germs! When I was a kid, we stayed home if we were sick. One of my BIG peeves is when someone, who is really sick, is shopping at the grocery or Walmart. Walking around touching everything! Coughing on everything and blowing their noses over the food. Its no wonder we are all sick.
    Get well so you can play outside!

  2. Your sidewalk is beautiful!!

    I agree with you about the nose blowing.

    I hope you feel better soon Susie!

  3. Hope you feel better Susie. the walkway looks great

  4. Beautiful job on your walk way. A summer cold in this heat and humidity stinks. How do you breathe. I agree about all those snotlockers. Manners and courtesy please.

  5. The walk is wonderful! How about coming South to help here.:-) I hope the doctor was able to give you something that will be helpful with your cold.

  6. Nice walkway! And I totally agree with the nose blowing issue. So disgusting!!! Hope you get over that cold.

  7. I feel the same way! Your walkway is BEAUTIFUL!!! I know y'all will enjoy every step you take on it!

  8. Pretty walkway. Hope you feel better soon. I agree with rude folks coughing and blowing their noses! The grocery store is the worst place in the world for folks coughing all over us.

  9. Those are two of my pet peeves, too, Susie. I am so sorry that you have this cold that seems to be everywhere this summer. The kids here have all had it and today their Dad got it, too. I hope it ends soon for you- xo Diana

  10. Your walkway is super!

    Glad you went to the doctor! Some of these colds are not meant to be dallied with. -sigh-

    I wore my surgical mask, when I went to the doc, with my baddddd cold. And previously had seen another lady, do the same.

    OF COURSE! Cover, to protect others! Geeeeeeeeeeshhhhh... What's the matter with people???

    Same for the honking of wild nose blowing, at table! Yikes!!!

    While I'm at it, I might as well add a rant of mine, seen yesterday. We were looking for water bottle filters and I noticed a woman, over at cosmetics isle.

    This ding-bat opened, rubbed lipstick on something, then put it on her mouth! Two lipsticks. Then put them back and walked away!

    I was staring at her!!! Hoping to make her make eye contact. But she didn't. I nearly exploded!!!!!!!!! What a weird-o!

    That's why I never buy a lipstick, which is not sealed!!!!!!!! There are ding-bats out there, who don't have the brains of a loon.

    There, I feel better! -grin-

    Get Better Quickly!!!!!!!!!!! You will now, after seeing a doc.