Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sand, Sand, And No Beach....

 Here's the trailer loaded with sand. This is fine sand for the top of the walk and landing. We actually re-used the sand from under the patio bricks we dug up to re-use. Talk about recycling. :):) Folks, I have told you, we have handled these bricks till we know them personally. This is the 3rd project that these very bricks have been used for. They are staying  here till the ends of time now. I do not ever want to handle these bricks again. I am 15 years older than when I first bought them.
 This is the used sand. Put it down first, wet it , tamp it, scrape it with the measuring board., wet it again, tamp it again. Here's Ted mowing, he threw all the bricks laying out into the dugout walkway, so he could mow.
 Finally the walk is done....and so am I. Ted and I took our time doing this walk, but it still was a chore. Team effort helps us get things done around here. This walk isn't perfect, but it's a lot nicer walk than what was there. I don't know why we just now got around to fixing this walk. I think we see things day in and day out and just get used to it. Good or bad.
I'll show a couple more projects that just happened as this work was going on. Like what do you do with all the dirt you dug out to make a walk. I made two new flowerbeds, filled in so low spots in the yard. Those now need to be seeded for grass. We will be having a raised garden area next year.  Enjoy your day. I am home , not at the farmer's market.....cause I now have the head cold Ted was sporting around last weekend. xo


  1. Looks great Mom! I would have invested in some Icy Hot for my sore muscles.

  2. Susie
    I love brick walk-ways. Do you remember the old brick roads?
    You are a true re-cycler!

  3. i love it! recycling at it's finest!

    smiles, bee

  4. hooray for finished project!!!! Yesssss!!!!!

    And doing more things, with stuff which "comes out of" the first project! Yessssss!!!!

    Now rest a bit!!! Yesssss!!!!

    Happy June Strawberry Full Moon!!!

  5. Wonderful results with that project, Susie. Shucks! You have a head cold!:-( That is no way to start a week-end. Take care of yourself! xo Nellie

  6. Your walk is lovely! A true work of art with character in every brick!
    Hope you feel better soon! You are probably worn out from working and didn't have the energy to resist those germs!

  7. looks great! But I am tired from watching you do it..HA!

  8. It looks great Susie! Good job!

  9. So much work, but well worth all the effort.
    Looks great, Susie!!!