Thursday, June 6, 2013

Teddy Bear Is Back......

Here's Ted last year at the farmer's market.  We may set up again this Saturday, if it doesn't t look like rain. Ted just returned home from a golf trip. He said there was 35 gentlemen in the group , one of the men that was going, his wife had an emergency surgery, or there would have be 36.  They play golf all day long. Today is normally Ted's golf day...but he has mild burn out. No kidding !!
 We may layout our garage walkway plans. We have a lot of work ahead of us. It'll take us  about a week. Since we do all the work ourselves.I'll try to get pictures. We will be digging the walkway, laying down sand , then putting the bricks down and sanding over the top. Then you sweep and water the sand into the cracks between the bricks. xo


  1. My husband hopes to work in 18 holes of golf today before the rain and storms come. He hasn't ever taken a trip centered just on playing golf, though.

    I hope you will do well with your booth at the Farmer's Market.

    The walkway sounds like a labor-intensive project! Sending good luck to you!

    xo Nellie

  2. Have fun at the Farmer's Market. I would love to be able to stop by and see what you are selling.

  3. Hope the weather cooperates and he can set up again!

    Luck with the garage walk way project. Some project!

  4. I hope your weather's nice, too for working on the walkway! Sweet hugs!

  5. You two are busy! Hope you have nice weather coming up.

    You were laughing at John eating a peach over the sink.....he was a bachelor until age 39.....that is the way he prefers to eat ANYTHING! ha ha

  6. I've see this before as a patio..really nice! Yes..please show pictures!


  7. There's always so much to do, isn't there? I LOVE Farmer's Markets - but haven't been in a long time! :(