Friday, June 7, 2013

The Work Begins....

 Ted always uses the garden hose  to lay out curves.:):) We built the porch/deck three years ago..we never finished the walkway . So here's the skinny walkway and steps up to the deck..sad,sad,sad.
Once we have the curve we want, Ted sprays the ground with orange marker spray, it holds up in rain.
We had those same pathway steps all the way to the shop. So now we will have a 3 foot wide walkway..hooray. It's been like walking a tightrope on that skinny path. We are saving the nice grassy sod for some fill-ins around the yard. As we were laying out the walkway, I remark about how nothing seems to line up . Ted says the house was built here 50 years ago and never aligned with the road. So if any of you know the meaning of square, plumb, and level.....I am telling you this place is none of those.LOL Well at least we do it right. :):)


  1. what a guy! i love that idea of the hose! smart...

    smiles, bee

  2. Looks like you have your work cut out for you! Remember to take time to have a drink of water! xo Nellie

  3. Hooray for the planning.

    Awwww, being out of plumb is what gives places character.

    Being out of plumb gives people character too!!! -giggggles- "Auntie" sezzzzzzzzzzz!

  4. I do know the meaning of those and I understand completely, ha ha,been there done that, lol, I LOVE the sound of that walkway, beautiful!

  5. I too like the quirkiness of things out of plumb. I might as well like it that way as the farmer who built this house in 1920 had to have done it while under the influence! I know you'll admire the finished job your husband has started.

  6. Oh, Susie, we have the same problems here. There is a curve in the concrete sidewalk some else put in years ago! I can't wait to see your walk done. Its going to be so awesome for you!
    I got the plat image of our neighborhood from the county courthouse online and you should see how crooked everything is! Our road and sidewalk are off by miles from one end to the other and its just a block! ;)
    Plumb works when square doesn't.

  7. You will enjoy the new walkway and it will look great. Hope you guys have a good weekend.

  8. You're getting a lot of work done now that the rain is gone. Can't wait to see the walkway!


  9. That's a great trick with the hose. It's suppose to be 110 degrees here this weekend, so not much garden work for us. I look forward to seeing the pathway!