Wednesday, June 5, 2013


  My white irises are looking sad. This is the west side of the house. This bed has lilies and irises. One purple palace plant and one lavender. I usually pull a few weeds from here and cut the flowers back as needed.
 This morning I am going to go to my sister Jeanie's and visit with her. Our sister Brenda may be there also. I love to be with them. We really have not been together that much this year. Maybe we'll take a walk.
  The people who live in our parent's old house , are taking out the lilac bushes that have been there for over 50 years. So we may go by there and get some starts. I think my daughter Angie should get a start for her new yard. She has landscaping, but a lilac bush from her grandmother's old place would be a nice addition. Everyone try to enjoy this beautiful day. xoxo


  1. Hope you have fun Susie!
    Having some starts from your family's lilac bush would be wonderful!

  2. A lovely idea!

    Lilacs from grandmother's home.

  3. I love lilacs! That's a good idea to get some starts from the bushes in your family's former property. xo Nellie

  4. The side garden looks good, Susie-in spite of the fact that it is late Spring. That is so sad that they are taking the lilacs out---unless there is a lot of dead wood in them. I wonder why they don't just cut them back? I would have a heart attack if any of my lilacs got cut down- xo Diana

  5. Oh yes, you should all treasure a start from the lilac bushes. Hope you and your sisters enjoyed your day.

  6. Susie..this sounds like a wonderful day! Hope you were able to get a few starts...including one for your daughter!


  7. Your flowers seem to be doing pretty well, Susie.
    Did you get some starts from your parents old house? That would be a nice keepsake.
    Hugs to you.

  8. many (very many) years ago my paternal grandmother had the most amazing hybrid iris i have ever seen. she was an amazing gardener. other than that we were not close at all but i will always remember those blooms. rows and rows of them.

    smiles, bee

  9. Oh, I think a lilac from grandma's would be a great addition to any yard. I have things like that here, from those no longer with us. Keeps me connected to them. I am hoping my shares do the same thing one day.