Sunday, November 30, 2014

Time To Put Up Lights......

 Look at this beautiful sky. This is what the weather was like yesterday. Clear sunny skies most of the day. This would be the best time to put up Christmas lights and decorations outside.  I used to do lights, but not any more.  I usually will do things that can last as winter decorations well after Christmas.
 A short trip to town yesterday.  I got a lot of things done this weekend.  While at the grocery, a friend asked me to come to her florist shop and get a form about being a bell ringer for the salvation army. I will go talk with her about this. I would love to do that a few times , to help out....but I may have to have a chair near by . I have a rough time standing for long periods. Especially on concrete walks. It might work out that I could have a chair and still be a bell ringer.
  Enjoy this great day. XO

Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Christmas Treasure...

  My daughters and I would always watch , "It's A Wonderful Life."  It was one of our all time favorite holiday movies. One year my daughter , Kathy, gave me this autographed book.
 She ordered on line at Karolyn Grimes' site.  Karolyn was Zuzu in the movie. When she signed the book she wrote Zuzu and drew a little bell.  You all know the meaning of the bell. At the end of the movie a bell rings on the Bailey's tree and Zuzu says," teacher says when a bell rings an angel gets his wings".  This is a treasure for me.
  Ever notice that some times when you start one thing you actually end up doing something different. LOL....or is that just me. This seems to be my new method.
   I started cleaning the porch off yesterday. Taking the pumpkins and gourds behind the big maple tree for the squirrels to eat on this winter. Then I noticed all the tree trash in the yard, twigs ,sticks, etc. I started picking that up and putting it on our burn pile...we usually leave this all winter for the birds to hide in .  Then it was back to the porch. Gathered up flowerpots and decorations and hauled them the shed. Came inside and cleaned off the mantle. Once I get all my decorations out, then I can start with my Christmas decorating.
   Have a fun day. It's too be warmer here and some sunshine this morning. Oh yes !! XO

Friday, November 28, 2014

Time To Think , Christmas.....

   Did not get to do crafts yesterday.  Everyone either watched a movie that was on tv or played Ping-Pong.  We all had a beautiful day together. Ate plenty, talked and laughed.  One game of cards.  Then my daughters walked to town, about a mile .   I did not walk with them , I felt it was too cold. I laughed when they called home and Sierra went to pick them up , they were freezing. Silly girls. They weren't dressed for warmth.
 It is time to be thinking of decorating the house for the Christmas season. I have an idea for our's not this one , but I do like this. I love the stars and the candles.  As I was picking up some evergreen branches and twigs from the yard, I thought I need to keep these for the porch.
  I hope all of you had something to be thankful for yesterday.  Enjoy your weekend and be safe. XO

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Oh To Be A Rockette.....

  Watching those long legged beauties this morning.  Would have loved being one. LOL  But who has legs that long really? My girls and I always loved to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.
We are getting   snow this morning . I was hoping it would skirt south of us... no walking after our meal now. Unless it melts.  I have my things ready for later.  Wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving Day to all. XO

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I Am Thankful......

 I am thankful for my big family. Although while growing up, I wondered ,"why couldn't I have been an only child?"  Used to imagine my real parents would come get me one day .LOL I am also thankful for friends. Some of my classmates and I meet once a month for a gabfest brunch.
  I am thankful for having faith. That God will see me through.  I know that he has been with me all my life.
 I am thankful for this great country. Even when we can't seem to get those we vote into office to do the right thing. Well that's  another reason to have faith. Keep on praying for all the leaders of this world.
 Did I tell you I am thankful for food ? LOL. This is a shot of last years' Christmas desserts. You might need your faith to get past this too.
 I want to tell all of you that I am thankful for my God, country, family and friends. I am so very thankful for my blog family too.  XO

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Let's Talk Turkey.....

   This big boy was at the Amish Acres, in northern Indiana. There's a lot of Amish in that part of our state. I can see where a couple tail feathers are missing. I wonder if turkeys  fight like roosters. That maybe he has had a fight with another turkey. Or possibly got to close to the goats. :):)
I think he looks wonderful in this picture. Nice profile Tom. Their face are kind of creepy, but with pretty colors. He is so round looking too.
  Got some running done and more to do today. Oh my gosh the stores were packed yesterday. Makes me think, "I am so glad , I am not going out there on Friday. "  If any of you do , please use caution. Even the parking lots can be risky, with cars pulling in and out of spots.  You'll have to turn your head like an owl.
 The wind here finally died down . Today is 20 degrees colder , so brrr. LOL.  Stay warm. Boston Boy, snow heading for you....get your hat and gloves.  Good wishes for all of you. XO

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hold On To Your Hat....

  This is one of those super windy  days that proves what I say. Tie it down, nail it down, or weigh it down, or it is going to Albuquerque. I used to tell my kids things like that. LOL The wind is fierce today.
 Gray skies, but oh for a minute and a half  I saw the sun . :)  We actually had a thunder storm this morning around five o'clock.. It's be cloudy , windy and getting cooler.  What is up with this crazy weather.??? At least the snow melted .
   Getting things ready for this week. I have to throw together a couple crafts for my granddaughters , Emma and Savannah.  I wanted them to help make the pine cone tree ornaments.  I may pre-paint them and just let them glue on some sparkles and ribbons.
    I am hoping my G.SIL comes  to thanksgiving day dinner...I am going to beg that man to help me with my computer, to get it to load my pictures. He's a computer tech. The problem is they live so far that it's not convenient  for me to drive there and back when he has time off work. I do not impose on the kids , because I know they are busy and have  many things they have to do on their days off.
  Well I better get busy here myself. Wishing you a great day.  XO


Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Week Ahead....

  This is an old photo of my porch décor a couple years ago.   I have been thinking of the week ahead. I only have to make two things to take to our Thanksgiving day dinner. I suppose you could call ours more of a lunch....We always dine  around 1:00 , so the children can play and have time together. Plus we clear things up in the kitchen so we ladies can play cards, or trivia, and have coffee and dessert. The men will talk or watch games. Some times they join our card games  Always plenty of talking and laughing. That truly is the best part.
  Then later it is still early enough that some can go to other relatives for a bit of supper/dinner. It makes a long day really. I have always been tired at the end of the day. But as soon as it's all over,  I am a bit sad . I start looking forward to the next holiday get together. Which for us is Christmas.
   I used to have chili supper, tree decorating, it's Angie birthday the first week of December. As time as gone on, everyone changes the traditions a little. Our children start doing their own things, starting their own traditions.  We can't take offence , we just let them grow, as we were allowed , by our own parents.
   Wishing everyone a nice Sunday. XO

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Wintery Sunrise....

 Even though the air is cold and it is feeling more winter than fall, sunrise is still pretty.  I love getting pictures of the sun coming up at the break of day.
 The colors are as pretty as the summertime mornings. Today we are going to have rain. I have to tell you how very thankful I am. I got up this morning and there was no ice as predicted yesterday evening.
   The rain today will melt the snow drift in the front yard. I keep telling Ted we need a snow fence. The wind whips around the house and drifts the snow at the steps. It is getting to be a big pain to me.  I can still shovel it....but hey who wants too. LOL.
   Yesterday's shopping trip was a  fun time.  My granddaughter could not make it to go with her mother and I.  Angie and I shopped  for Christmas gifts. Got a couple really nice bargains.  Well yes, I bought some things for myself.  Cards, truffles, and 2 tops.....with long sleeves.
   Hope all of you have a good day and get to have time with loved ones. XO

Friday, November 21, 2014

Lunch & Shopping....

 Hoping to have lunch here, at McAlister's Deli. They have salads , soups and sandwiches of every description. I am wanting some good chicken salad.  But if we do not eat here, it will be fine. I am going to be shopping with my oldest daughter and her daughter . :):)
I am taking along my shopping bag that I received from a give-away at the Lavender Dreamer. Thank you again Diane, this has been the handiest and might add the chicest little shopping bag. I take it everywhere. 
 We are going to be doing a bit of Christmas shopping. Which may wear me out, we will see. LOL  When I think about my old days of shopping, wow-wee. I used to go to the mall early everyday before I would go to work. That is how I used to shop. Spend hours and hundreds of dollars, to get things everyone needed or wanted. No is cheaper and smarter to just give money. Doesn't mean I care less, just means I am saving my feet. :)
  The sun is shining and it is to warm up...oh happy day. I will be with loved ones, I am blessed. Hoping all of you a great day. XO

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Susie, Stop Your Whining......

 That is what I am telling myself today, stop whining !!! After seeing the lake effect snows near Buffalo, N.Y.  what is this small amount of snow and cold? Honestly I have turned into a pansy. :) This is the view of my home town. You can see the courthouse clock tower between the trees.
  This is how it is looking around here.  A warm up is happening today...32 degrees, but up to 30 mile an hour winds. Brr. LOL. Oh sorry whining again.  Been having toasty fires in the fireplace.  Will need them for a day or two. Now come this weekend, we may get in the high 40's maybe up to 50 degrees.
  Take care everyone , stay safe and warm.  XO

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

No Fun In The Sun.....

  The  sunshine keeps me going.  It's up lifting to see the sun shining.  But oh baby , it's cold outside. All the beautiful colors of fall have blown away. How long was our fall anyway?  LOL. I feel like I can't even remember any of it. Just seemed to have come and gone so fast . Oh well, I have to accept it's winter.  Our high of 20 degrees will help me with  that.
   Just thinking of Thanksgiving.  Ten  days till then.  I remember when in school how exciting this time would feel. We would have that 4 day weekend , to celebrate. Good to see our family, friends, and neighbors.  Then when I was was still lots of fun to think about. Plus time off work !!
 Each year now, I miss my parents.  Any one was welcomed to their house to eat or visit. One of our old neighbors used to say, that corner where my parents lived, did not look right without 20 or more cars parked all over . Miss those days.
   Wishing all of you a big warm hug today. 

Monday, November 17, 2014


This is Sam, my daughter's family dog. Big old slobbery dog. Loveable as can be. He thinks he is a lap dog....if you are sitting down he tries to get on your lap. He must be about 65 -70 pounds. He's on his leashed run here....because the chickens are running loose for  awhile. He plays too rough with them , know what I mean.  I like this dog, he doesn't try to jump on me, I am thankful for that.
 Today we have snow here. The wind whipped the snow  all over. So it's slick and icy in spots. The sun is shining at this moment, hope it warms up enough to melt some of this snow. :):) There is more on the way from our local weatherman said .
  Hope all of you are feeling well today. Be careful if you venture out. XO

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Morning...

This is what we have...just a bit of snow over night. More predicted for this afternoon and evening, around 3 inches . That'll be enough this year for me. LOL
 You maybe able to see it coming down. It really is way below the normal November temperatures.
 This is how it looked in town yesterday. Beautiful. This is by the St. John school and church. I love driving by here. I can remember when I lived in town , just 2 blocks from here. I would open the bedroom and bath room windows and I could hear the children playing if they were squealing and yelling. I could hear the bells calling them in from recess. I love the sound of children at play. the squeaky swings, the sound of a ball game. Won't be hearing that now for about five months.
  Hope all of you are planning a wonderful Sunday. Maybe with family or friends. Just be safe, you know lots of people have to retrain to drive in slick conditions. XO

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Things You Will Need.....

 For this weekend, you are going to need a nice warm muffin and a lovely cappuccino. Yes, maybe both days. :) It is cold out. Bless my soul the sun is shining again this morning. You all know how much I love that. I am probably one of the "SAD" people . Sad from the lack of sun light. I will say, too many gray days in a row really starts to wear at me. So give me sunshine.
Some of you may need one of play or go to the mailbox. Isn't this a sweet sled? Makes me wish I had one for a nice Christmas decoration. We are to get measureable snow tonight and the next 3 days, I get this  from the little weather feature in our news paper.
  Yesterday's putting together of my sister's apartment went very well. Her kitchen is up and going. Many pictures hung. Curtains up. Books on their shelves. She will be finished this weekend.  Thanks for all the kind wishes for her. I know your thoughts and prayers helped.
  Less than two weeks till Thanksgiving.  I better start thinking about that. LOL. Wishing all of you a great weekend. Be safe. XO

Friday, November 14, 2014

One Person....

How does one person get so much stuff????  This is a joke's actually the city wide rummage sale. LOL.  I just am pointing out how one person can accumulate a ton of stuff. My sister Brenda had been in her apartment two years. She had purged when she moved into it. But oh my goodness, when we went to help moved clothes and boxes, on Tuesday, there's was plenty.  Yesterday, they moved more , while I was with Ted at the heart clinic. Oh by the way, he got another fine report., for Teddy Bear.  :):)
  I will go help my sister more today. Got to get her settled .  The sun is shining at this very moment and I am loving it.. I have been watching the weather maps and it is not looking good for much of this U.S. of A.  Time for hats, coats and gloves.  Maybe boots and snow shovels. Waaaa, the older I get the less I like winter.
   Hopefully all of you are having a good day and a fun weekend.  Be kind to someone if you get the chance. XO

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Heart Day....

Today is Ted's yearly exam at his heart doctor's.  When Ted was 48 , he had what they call a heart episode. We were going to go golfing that morning. He seemed irritable and was sweating. I asked him what was wrong. He said he felt a bit sick to his stomach.
   I said , "honey, I think you are showing signs of a heart attack."  He said he wanted to go home and rest a bit, before we golfed. When we got home, from the bank, that's where we were when I noticed these things, I gave him two aspirins.  Five minutes later he was saying his arm was I drove  him  across town to the hospital.
  Took him in the E.R. and said he was having a heart attack.  They did an EKG and gave him clot busters. He was taken by ambulance to another hospital , for  a heart catheterization. The Dr. found a 95 % blockage, and a couple of really small ones.
  Ted had a stent put in, right then and there. He's been on heart meds since. Changed his eating habits. This is a man that had never been in the hospital since his birth. Was active and looked perfectly healthy. He did not have a heart attack because of the clot busters. But he goes to the heart doctor every year for tests.
 I always feel better when he gets the tests done . I just want him healthy and happy. So that is what we are going to be doing this morning.  Wishing all of you good health today. I will ask that you know the signs of a heart attack, it can save a live.
  The sun is coming up and it looks like it could be pretty today. It is also going to be cold.  Stay warm. XO

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank You Veterans....

Today is veterans day. The day to remember our vets. A day to thank them, for serving our country. I'll thank my brothers and nephews here.  My brothers served in Vietnam.. My nephews in the gulf war and Iraq. They all came home safe and I am thankful for that.
 My daughter will be  having a tribute to vets in her 5th grade class. She has this every year now. She ask veterans to attend and say a little something to her class. Then the children will thank them. She has had this with her uncles and cousin as her guest vets. If the children in the class have a parent that's a vet or serving, they may ask their parents to attend this program.
  Blessings to our vets and their families.  XO

Monday, November 10, 2014

Went To Horton's....

 I went to Horton's Christmas preview on Saturday.  Here's that tempting fudge they make. I passed it up, but did have a sample of lemon bar and a two bite snicker doodle. They had some free tasty treats and cocoa for their customers. It was fun.
 These pictures are last years...still not getting my photos, till I have just given up on for now.
I wanted to ask the Horton's where this old sleigh was, but my goodness they were so busy. Two lines waiting to check out. You would be surprised to see how many people get into that store. 
I was hoping to see Cindy Bee, the bee lady from hilltop farm. She's a bee keeper, crafter, knitter, you name, she can do it, type of girl.  I met her 3 years ago at Horton's.  If you like bees check out her blog.
  Well it's classmate brunch day. I need to get ready to meet up with my friends.  I missed the last one.  We may not have them through the worse months of winter. So I want to be sure to make it today.
 Good wishes for all of you today. I have sunshine, Hope you do. XO

Friday, November 7, 2014

Thank You , Linda....

 Sending a public thank you to Linda of Linda's Life Journal. She sent me a bookmark made by the her grandquads. That cute and talented group of two year olds. I still am not able to post my I am showing an old post of my granddaughter Emma's bookmarks.
Linda says that is something she makes with her grands.  I enjoy making them with my Emma and Savannah...they are my youngest granddaughters. I let the girls use my stamps , plus they can write on them also. They make nice gifts for family, friends, teachers, and neighbors.
  I feel honored that Linda sent me one  of the bookmarks her grandchildren made,with the sweetest note. It's good to have friends. To be loved.
   Just going to add this, my sister got that apartment and will be moving in next week. She likes crafting, so I can see us spending more time together. Thanks to all of you for your kind words.  You are some of the nicest people ever. Wishing you a wonderful Friday. XO

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Naked Trees.....

This is how the trees are looking....pretty bare.  I know it's late in the year, but for some reason, it does not seem that it should be this late. I think when we are busy we do not notice just how much time is getting away .
 My sister is going today to see about her senior citizen apartment.  Only older people can live there. Everything is taken care of by a maintenance crew.  So she will not have to worry about anything. She will be a 1/2 block from a grocery, two blocks from the library, and 1 1/2 blocks from the P.O.  This will be a the perfect place for her. Oh no stairs for her to climb either.
    It's chilly but nice out.  I am going out later today. Just to get some fresh air.  Hope all of you can enjoy this day.  XO

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Vote Today....

 I wanted to show a symbol of our country today, since it's election day . Took this cruising back into NY harbor., after going to Canada.  I cried when I saw Lady Liberty for the first time. Growing up I never dreamed I would leave that little corner of our block, that was our universe.
 This was on my last trip to NYC. Just before they opened it back up to the public.  It was a truly beautiful day.
This was taken on a rainy evening cruising in one of the sight seeing boats on the river. I hope to get back to NYC one day soon. I want to go inside the statue.
  Today we will be voting. Praying as I vote that people can keep their promises. To do better for mankind.  Been seeing some dirty political ads, the past few days. Ready to scream. Those ads make me want to absolutely vote the opposite of what they are wanting.
  Rainy today, gray and gloomy. But Teddy Bear  is taking me to lunch. :):)  What a man !  Hope you have a great day. XO

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunny In The Park.....

 This is the walk through arch , at our city park. I love seeing this, it's old and ornate.
  Looking toward town from the park. The leaves have been stripped from the trees with the winds we have had. Our park crew is wonderful these past few years. They clean up the leaves, limbs and branches that fall off the trees. They have even trimmed some of the dead limbs out of them.
Here's our courthouse. I like it. Reminds me of many years ago, when I was young. We kids would go to the museum part in the courthouse to see the Indian mummy. There actually was a mummified Indian in a coffin like box, in a display case. It has long since been removed to a burial place. There's birds of  Indiana in cases. A fox, bear,  and many pieces of old farm tools. This stuff doesn't impress  kids today. LOL
  Hope you have a  beautiful day.  XO

Sunday, November 2, 2014


  Oh yes. We had sunshine all day yesterday, right into evening. I loved it. Between the trees in this photo is Tipton , off in the distance. Today the sun is out once more.  Doesn't seem near as cold when I get to see the sun. :):)
  Our lawn is covered in fallen leaves. Too many to mulch, so there will be raking involved. All the little piles of leaves , here and there. We rake them into piles and pick them up and haul them to the neighbor's woods down the road.  We hitch the trailer to the golf cart. You all know that golf cart is our "mule". It's been a blessing out here.
  Yesterday, I drove to our park. Just wanted to be outside in the sun. See people. There was a young couple in the park getting photos appeared to be engagement photos. They looked so cute and pleased. I was happy for them. :):)
  Today, I have nothing pressing to do but a load of laundry. It's in the washer right now.  Hope all of you are having a wonderful Sunday. XO

Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Old Friends....

 Are you kidding me??  I have to dig out my old friends, the snow shovel and the beat up broom. These are my pieces of snow removal equipment. LOL  It snowed some last night, thankfully it did not stick around. There were ice spots and frozen leaves on the porch this morning.
 You know we talk about it , read about it, and see it on the weather reports, but we are still shocked when the snow and cold arrive. Brr.
Last night we  had a small fire in the fireplace. It was so nice and toasty. Now,  I want to tell you about fire starters. Nana Diana knows  all about these already...she is always in the know. !!
   Take a small Dixie cup, fill with saw dust and wood shavings, melt old candle wax or paraffin and add to the sawdust mixture. Add the wax till it's at the top of the sawdust mixture.  That's it ! You may have a bit of money in cups, but you are using old bits of candles and sawdust. So cheap. These are the best fire starters going.
 As you can see ,we have bought  boxes of starters from the store before . We reuse these boxes to hold our starters. You just nestle a fire starter into your wood that you plan to burn. Light the cup edge. The wax makes it ignite quickly and the sawdust makes it burn long enough to start the wood burning.  If you do these , please use common sense. The cup has to be in the fireplace when lighting.  We assemble these in our shop.
 Stay warm today.  XO