Friday, May 31, 2013

Luring Birds...

 This is one of our busiest feeders. It's under the pine trees. Everything eats on it. the doves will eat under it, so nothing goes to waste.
 This is a hummingbird feeder hanging near the honeysuckle vine. The hummingbirds haven't been eating here as much as last year. I have seen some goldfinches in the honeysuckle. Maybe they spook the hummingbirds.
There's a little water pond near the shop also. All the birds drink from it. We have 3 birdbaths also. I have been trying to get pictures of our bluebirds. I know they have little ones, because the parents are flying to and from their house so much. Hopefully one day, I'll have my camera at the right time.
 It's getting ready to rain here. The forecast is for up to 3 inches of rain. I sure hope not. Take care everyone.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rose For Mom....

 When my mother passed away, I planted a rose in her memory. The first one didn't make it the next spring, so I planted another. This is called "Perfume Delight Rose". It's a hybrid tea rose. The first year it only had two roses on it. I said one was for mom and one was for me.
I took both these photos yesterday afternoon. There's going to be plenty of roses this year. It reminds me of a rose bush that I had in hardy. This rose in being tied to the fence rails. It grabs you when you walk by. You can see the shadow of the fence. It's a faded split rail fence and the rose looks just right on it. When it's in full bloom, I'll get another picture.  I do not seem to have the touch for roses. I love the fragrance of roses. Enjoy this nice day. xo

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hump Day....

Boy am I ever glad it's hump day...that means I only have 3 more Saturdays this week....I am retired you know.  Retirees have 6 Saturdays and one Sunday, in their week. I will be working out in the yard tomorrow. Hopefully I can get some new photos to post...seems I am not going anywhere to take pictures. Not much goes on out here to make a blog about. But I have been doing that for some time. So funny. I probably have the most boring blog. Well my life isn't a blast every day.
 Have you noticed that Nana Diana is back?? Boy I have missed her. She'll start you day off with a laugh usually. We all need to laugh, it's good medicine. Hope all of you had a good day. I got out and away for a bit today. Just tired of chores. Well I think I'll go on the porch and relax for now. xoxo

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bird Watching....

 Here sits a little hummingbird, sorry, I took the picture so fast, I forgot to zoom in. I was wondering if they were still using this feeder, because I had not seen them for a while. Then  this little female  lit for a few sips of nectar . Then a cardinal landed in the extra seed I dumped in the driveway. It never goes to waste. In the evenings the doves come to fed and they like eating on the ground.
These are the pictures I took on Saturday, as I sat on the porch.  Sunday was chilly and gloomy. Yesterday was also chilly and it rained a bunch. We had 1 1/2 inches of rain in the rain gauge in the morning hours. then it rained again last night heavy down pours. I 'll go look at the gauge....I just went out to see, we got another inch of rain. We have our gauge on the fence. I can not believe all this crazy weather. But hey, it's not snow. I am in shock about the snow in New York state. Once I put the snow shovels away , I don't want to have to get them back out , do you? I hope we all can enjoy this day. xo

Monday, May 27, 2013

Kid Thank You Notes.....

 On the 17th of this month, when my daughter had her 5th grade class picnic, I helped out. This is part of the results of the picnic. I love this part. Thank you notes from the class. Some sweet, some simple, some almost proded from the child.:):) Yes, I can remember most of the children. I wish they had worn  name tags.
This is my favorite letter.  It's  from a girl  named Josie. It says; Dear Nana, Thank you for doing my hair and nails. I just had to go home to show my mom because I loved the way my hair was and how nice (my nails) were painted. Also thank you for cooking the food, it was really good, especially the hot dogs. You look young too, you look 24 or 25 :) Thank you a lot Nana!! Love, Josie.......I know this little girl put her heart in this letter, so it touched my heart.. How can you not love a kid like this. Oh she is my favorite, LOL...she says she thought I looked young. :):) Bless her sweet heart. I can barely stop laughing .  I hope they say hello to me if I see them out and about.  xoxo

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day....

Today, may we remember all our fallen men and women who served our country. They gave their lifes for us. Towns and cities across this nation will have some special tribute. Let's try to remember them . xo

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Today, so far ,is more sunny than cloudy.  I will have to say that yesterday was one of the nicest weather days here. Pretty skies, just right temperature. I loved it....but what did I do? A quick trip into town, then back home to do housecleaning.. Well the house looks nice. The laundry is caught up. I still got out in the yard to walk around and bird watch. Sat on the porch and wrote to my sister. Just loving the quiet.
 My husband has been gone for 3 days counting today.  No, don't put out an APB...he is over my daughter Karen's, helping her husband do  the roofing. The thing is, now I have had some time, to do everything . I may even wash windows, outside, today.
  Thank goodness for squeegees. I put vinegar and hot water in a bucket, get the squeegee and some paper towels. Wash the window with the sponge side of the squeegee. Then use the scrapping side, wipe down, then use the paper towel to wipe the blade of the squeegee. You will never have streaks, and it goes so fast. Then you can use the water and paper towels to clean the sills. I know we all have our methods to clean things, but this has really worked for me.
 I will find some time for fun today, also. xoxo

Friday, May 24, 2013

Finches And Corn Fields...

 We have our feeders close to the windows so we can watch the finches. The bad thing is trying to get pictures of them. I have taken these shots through the blinds.:):) It's hard to get birds to pose, little rascals.
 This shot is clearer. I think I am going to have to hide in our shrubs or something, to get a picture of our bluebirds. I have not been lucky enough to get near them. The field across the road is growing corn..zzzzzz. I won't be able to see very far, for many months , as it grows taller and taller. I always say to Ted, how long can you look at corn and not get bored. LOL
This reminds me of a trip I took to Mexico. Their fields are where ever they can get a seed in the ground I guess. We were told that they plant corn and beans together. Once the corn stalk is tall enough, the beans grow up it. It must work. There were huge rocks in the fields , it had to be hand planted all of it.
    Today is sunny but plenty cool around here. It may be a good weekend for the Indianapolis 500. Hope all of you have a great day. xoxo

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bird's Eye View....

 While in the courthouse taking pictures of  the stuffed black bear, in the natural museum display, a friend spoke to us. What a surprise, she worked at the courthouse, on the 4th floor. She invited us up to take pictures through  her office window. I had not been to the 4th floor since I was  nosy kid. I can remember my sister and I going there and going up the big stairs, to all the floors.
The top photo is the Christian church and it's bell tower.  This is the Catholic church tower. I love all the churches of our small town. There's even a church in the old school, where my children attended grade school. I was happy to not have the old school torn down.  Enjoy this day. xo

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 I spotted this beautiful butterfly yesterday. He seemed to be moving I wasn't sure if he was just emerging into life as a butterfly , or perhaps  hurt. I just took his picture and left him to walk around on the pachy sandra. Speaking of pachy sandra. I bought a flat of this ground cover when I lived in town. Brought some out here to the farm.From that one flat I have grown a major crop of this stuff. It's hardy. Fast growing , great for borders. Not invasive. In the fall it gets yellow flowers on it. I really like it. xo

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bloggers Are The Best !!!!!

 Yesterday, I posted about carpenter bees. Olive from Olive Out blog, commented that her sweet husband knew how to take care of those bees. So I emailed and asked for a layout of the bee trap.
 Joe sent us a picture of his trap and a huge pile of bees, that were in the trap. This is our answer.
When Ted makes up some of these traps. I'll do a post on the results. I am sure others out there will need help with those carpenter bees also.
   These photos are of our Japanese maple( drawf) in the front flowerbed. A little pot of violas, that I planted in with the moss, that was in the pot. They are getting along nicely, the moss and the violas. The bottom picture is a coral bell plant. I love the color of it. Later some wee bell flowers will appear on wispy stems.
  I am heart sick about the lose of lives and homes in Oklahoma. Will all of you,please,keep these people in your thoughts and prayers?  xoxo

Monday, May 20, 2013

Growing Things....

Here is a bit of greenery. This is from some seeds, that Cindy from Hilltop Farm gave me. It's the 4 o'clocks.
 This is our bright green hosta. It's looking very nice right now. Not too hot yet. I transplanted a blue hosta, last year. Split it into four sections and now I have four starting to shape up nicely.
This is the blue clematis we planted last year. Ted made this nice frame with chicken wire on it. So it should be a great support when it's heavy from a couple years growth. I planted some wave petunias, this afternoon.  Can you ever have enough pretty flowers?
  We have some carpenter bumble bees around our dri-gas tank....yikes, they are very aggressive. I looked  on line for ways to take care of them....paint the treated lumbers around the tank. Because those bees return every year. They are paired bees...honest to pete....I have never heard of that before. They do not colonize like other bees. Dang, I am older than dirt and still learning, wow. But now that will have to be done next winter/spring...I am going to call the gas man and warn him. xoxo

Problems Again...

Why is it whenever things seem to have worked out, Blogger messes up again. I am going to blame them, because I have just read where someone else was having trouble making a post. My problem is when my page comes up to make a's different than I am used too seeing. I hope all of you are safe , after all the storms. Please be safe. I'll check my site later today. xoxo

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Morning....

I am thinking of many of you bloggers. Hoping you are safe and well. I miss Nana Diana's blogging funnies. That girl makes me laugh. Wonder how Gert, of Gert,Tom,and Rusty, is doing. She's needed some prayers this spring. Hoping Japolina gets all her cruising bags made for her son's bar mitzvah. Been wondering what the Garage Sale Gal has bought at sales. Has the Bee Lady from Hilltop Farm found her mojo...she says it's missing at times. Laurie , of I love a cloudy day, are you painting your art today? Sheri, Jess, and Nel, hoping you are spending some fun time together. Bee Emperious of the sea...get in that pool  and have fun.
  Many of you out there have become friends to me. I pray for you and your families. This is a beautiful Sunday morning, hope all of you are enjoying it very much. xoxo

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Rain Held Off....

 Here's Mrs. H and her fifth grade class walking to her house for the class picnic. Now that was a walk for these kids. But no lack of energy here.
 Here they are in the garage getting ready for some music and zumba:)
 Some are playing dodge ball. Some drew big chalk drawings on the driveway and sidewalks. Some got their nails done. Some got their hair french braided.Some rollerskated, some skateboarded.
Twenty-four children and their teacher, Mrs.H. All got fed and had a fun time. I was flat wore out.:):) Angie said after they all walked back to school, some whined they were tired. But I bet they all slept well last night. I know I did.  Do you find it funny how kids can play like crazy for hours on end...then the minute they have to walk...woe is me, I am wore out. LOL I truly enjoyed the day with all of these beautiful children. It didn't rain till after school was out. So thankful for that. xo

Friday, May 17, 2013

Picnic Day....

This is my daughter's house in the fall. They were just moving in. Today is her 5th grade's class picnic. Mrs. H (Angie) walks the class to her house. They play ball, run, skateboard, dance, and sing. I help them get fed. I do some of the girl's nails and hair. Some times I will give boys a manicure.  They have looked forward to this day all year. Well I better go. I make sure the food's out . Combs are clean, plenty of polish. I'll try to get some photos. Enjoy your day. xoxo

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flower Shop.....

 This is near the parking lot of one of our flower shops in town. I love just going by and seeing what they put out to decorate with..hanging plants, birdhouses.
This flower shop is in an old house . it has two stories of flowers, crafts, and seasonal decorations. These hanging baskets were out for mother's day. I think they are so pretty. I should have bought a couple, as I have not bought any ferns. I usually hang ferns. Hope all of you are getting ready for a nice weekend. Bummer, we are suppose to have rain for the next 6 days. Race time in Indianapolis, so I guess that's about right..rain, rain, and more rain. :):)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Goodyear Blimp....

 Saturday, as I sat on the porch , writing to my sister....I kept hearing a plane. Then I thought, geech , that plane sure is slow. So I walked out and looked up. That's when I saw the blimp just over the field at the corner. Ran in , got my camera. So of course I get the whole shadow side:(:( I was in awe of how the wind was buffering this thing around.

I took a few more shots. Doesn't the bottom photo look like all those UFO shots people show in magazines?? LOL Sorry, I was so excited to watch it , that I wasn't really using my zoom.
  I had a great mother's day. Hope all of you did as well. I have been in limbo, worrying about two of my daughter's  lately. One lost her job, and one was diagnosed with diabetes.
   Karen, has met with a dietician and endocrinologist. She's going to be the brave tough girl, that I know her to be, and get control of her health.
Parents you can't try to be tactful and drop hints...just tell your children . I have warn my girls about diabetes since they were small.
  Kathy got a job, just a month from losing the job she didn't like . I will say she was on line everyday looking.  She has had numerous interviews. She landed a job, just 10 minutes from her house. I feel so much better today.  xo

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day...

Happy mother's day to all of you. I hope that you can be with your mom today. Or call her. I will be loving my mom in my memory. My daughters will call me today. xoxo

Friday, May 10, 2013

Walking In Town...

 Look at this raised flowerbed. It is overflowing with creeping phlox. The man that lives here is a bit quirky:):) One year he had a plastic duck surrounded by plastic corn on the cob, in the barrel. LOL
 I loved this wisteria on this old fence. It is the second biggest wisteria I have seen in this town. I planted one at the old house. ...I should go by and see if it is still growing.
I got close enough to smell it. Wow, lightly sweet, not as heavy as lilacs. No bees at this time. The first time I saw wisteria, it was covered with bees.
  Hope all of you have a beautiful weekend. xoxo,Susie

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jeanne Cooper ....

I feel sad today. Jeanne Cooper passed away yesterday. She played Katherine Chancellor on the soap opera , "Young and Restless." I just loved that lady. She came on that show six months after it's debut. She had 11 Emmy nominations and won "best actress in a drama series", in 2008. What a great lady. I will miss her so much.
  Once thing about Mrs. Chancellor...she wore all the big rings. We used to call our mother Mrs. C , because she loved rings also. I remember watching the show with my Mom. I can also remember watching it from the first episode.
  I was hoping the show would have had a tribute to Jeanne today. They surely will soon.
  It's going to rain here later and can get severe. I'll be doing inside chores. Hope all of you are safe. xoxo

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Junking With My Sister...

 My sister Jeanie and I went to the Kokomo's  goodwill this morning. We have looked forward to a day of junking. Seems it's been forever since we have done this. It actually has been since last fall.This is one shelf unit of books at the Goodwill. They have five of them. Plenty of books.
 This is a shelf unit of baskets. All sizes. Lots for the crafters.
 This is the fake Hummels, that I bought at the Goodwill. I think they were Christmas ornaments. They will look nice in a little fairy garden.
The same goes for this wee bird house and little boy with a dog. I thought I would hang this small platter on the wall. My sister didn't buy any real junk. She bought old t-shirts and sweats, to wear while working in her yard. Gee I could have given her mine.:):)
  After we left goodwill , we came here and watched birds. Then I fixed us a bit of lunch. It turned out to be a great fun time. We needed this day together. Jeanie likes junking even more than I do. She has recently taken up bird watching, so that is a couple of things we have in common. Those are the fun things, for us. I truly enjoyed my day with Jeanie. xo

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


 My sister Pam and I went for a small walk around town. We only walked a few blocks and I spotted these tulips. I just love seeing tulips.
Actually I am surprised they are still looking so good. They usually take a beating in rain and wind. I don't even have any out here, but had plenty when I lived in town.
All the little flowering trees were looking pretty today too. Seems spring took it's time coming, but is just showing off now.  Hope all of you are having beautiful spring days now.
  I want to thank everyone who sent me well wishes. I hate feeling sick and I try to fight it. Your wishes, my sister Jeanie calling me , my daughter Karen and granddaughter Savannah bringing me flowers....well it all lifted my spirits. I feel great today. Thank you so much. xoxo

Monday, May 6, 2013

What Plans ????

Did you ever plan something that totally fell through?? Yesterday, my granddaghter Lynzie was graduating from nursing school. I was to go to her mother's house and catch a ride to the Purdue campas, with the family. Liz was making dishes to take to Lynzie's house before the graduation, as they were having a pitch-in gathering after the ceremony.
  When I arrived at Liz's , she was putting something in the oven . she goes off to get dressed. Emma says her ear is hurting. She was running a slight fever. So when Liz is dressed, she gave Emma fever meds. and Matt goes to the store for ear drops. Then Liz is trying to find someone to watch Emma. That is awful short guess who watches Emma? Yes, me. What could I do ? So Liz's family goes to the ceremony and I stay with Emma.
  Emma  started  to feel better and I surely hope she did okay today. But after I get home, I start to feeling rather sick myself. Can't say what it is or was. I woke up with a headache. It is easing some..not taking anything for it, because I am not sure it would stay down. Then I realized, I had not drank anything for over 8 hours , at my daugher's house. Probably a bit dehydrated. I have had about 3 glasses of water already.
  I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend...I also hope your plans worked out . xoxo

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Flowering Trees...

This is a redbud tree we planted . It is very small but looks nice with it's flowers
 This is our flowering crabapple. When we moved here there was a white flowering crabapple near where this one is growing, it fell over in a storm.
This is special to me. This is our lilac bush. I brought a few starts from my mother's house when she passed away. That will be 7 years this September. This is the first year it has bloomed. It smells heavenly. I'd like to bring some inside, but I don't want to cut any blooms off it's first year of blooming.
  When my mother moved in the house , that I called the little red house on the corner...there were three lilac bushes in the front yard.  One died, shhh, we kids were jumping over it too many times. Mom used to yell at us for that. We were a pack of wild things, I am sure. But mom loved the lilacs and the little group of irises that were under the picture window. Honestly, other than some peach trees, violets and dandilions...we never had any flowers anywere we lived. Heck, we hardly had grass from all the thundering feet running around our house and yard. We always had a dirt ring around our house. When we grew older and left home , one here and one there, the grass grew and mom had a nice lawn. But I think in her heart she would have loved having that ring and us kids more than any lawn. Oh by the way, there were eleven of us kids...that's twenty-two thundering feet. I bet that ground is still hard packed. :):):)