Friday, May 3, 2013

Walking In The Park...

 This first photo is at my sister's apartment complex's playground.
This is the entrance to our city park. Ater the flooding , there was a lot of clean up in our town. With no till farming, the corn stalks floated off with the rains and floods and they were about a foot deep in lawns, parking lots,the golf course and the park.
 I loved all these trees along the drive at the park. This is where we walk in the park. two laps around is a mile.
This trip we walked about 2 miles. My sister's Pam and Barb were with me. After walking, we went to lunch, then a bit more walking. Then I went to my sister's apartment , we watched our soap opera.
 I can home and Ted was mowing again. He had just arived home from golfing. We filled the birdfeeders. Cleaned up the hummingbird feeders and hung them. It was a nice day. Some fun and some work. xo


  1. Told my husband that he needed to get our feeder ready our hummingbirds come almost always on May 15th!
    Your so blessed to have your sisters to walk with.

  2. The pictures are all so beautiful Susie. You brightened my rainy day.

    I would love to have my sis close by to walk with me.

  3. very nice indeed! back next week honey...

    smiles, bee

  4. You are so smart to walk Susie. I cannot get out of my yard and garden. I have been away b/c my laptop died-missed you, olive

  5. Susie,
    How great that you walk two laps around the park, and it must be nice visiting with your sisters. This looks like a very nice park, and the trees are beautiful. One of my favorite places to go and drink my coffee early in the morning is a park right by my house. I wish you were there walking with me.


  6. Sounds like a fun day. Everything looks so pretty.

  7. I love your park! It looks lovely!
    We love to feed the birds too, and we have hummingbirds too!
    (We make our own sugar water for them, do you?)
    Your Spring looks lovely!
    Take care!