Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bird Watching....

 Here sits a little hummingbird, sorry, I took the picture so fast, I forgot to zoom in. I was wondering if they were still using this feeder, because I had not seen them for a while. Then  this little female  lit for a few sips of nectar . Then a cardinal landed in the extra seed I dumped in the driveway. It never goes to waste. In the evenings the doves come to fed and they like eating on the ground.
These are the pictures I took on Saturday, as I sat on the porch.  Sunday was chilly and gloomy. Yesterday was also chilly and it rained a bunch. We had 1 1/2 inches of rain in the rain gauge in the morning hours. then it rained again last night heavy down pours. I 'll go look at the gauge....I just went out to see, we got another inch of rain. We have our gauge on the fence. I can not believe all this crazy weather. But hey, it's not snow. I am in shock about the snow in New York state. Once I put the snow shovels away , I don't want to have to get them back out , do you? I hope we all can enjoy this day. xo


  1. It seems everytime I see a pretty bird I have no camera on me. I think I've even mentioned it to myself four or five times this past week. I need to keep a camera handy more often.

  2. I hope you have a marvelous Tuesday, Susie! We have had no rain here for two whole days! Isn't that amazing?:-)
    xo Nellie

  3. Great photos! We had rain and it was quite chilly here until yesterday afternoon, too. I don't think we got that much rain, but it did rain hard between 4pm and when I went to bed. Still gray and cloudy today.

  4. morning honey! hope your day is lovely, it's windy here so i don't know about the pool yet, we'll have to wait a bit and see what happens...

    smiles, bee

  5. It has been cooler here, too, the last few days, but back up in the upper 80's this week so maybe summer is here to stay. The one good thing about all of the rain we have had is that everything is really lush and green. Hope you warm up.

  6. I'm in NYS and no snow here! :-)

    Lovely pics. Oh those hummingbirds. And Cardinals. They are so lovely.

    Our rain period has finally stopped here. :-)

    "Auntie is in a teaching mood today." :-)

  7. I get so excited when the birds come to the feeder!! We don't have cardinals...they are so beautiful.

  8. I love seeing them all feed too. It's a miracle every year when the hummingbirds arrive and I always hate that October day when they leave. But we'll just enjoy them now!

  9. Awe, these are such nice pics. I wish I would carry mine all the time.. I miss so many opportunities. And the Doves are raising around my house too.. I hope you get some dry weather soon. We've had some this week but in dire need of more. It has been a crazy spring. Hugs, xoxoxoxo

  10. we'll soon have lots of humming birds. I have several trees that they just love. They sure are hard to get pics of though, arent they?
    I love to watch my kitties watch the birds and chatter when they see them.
    by the way, no snow here.. but it has been a rainy day and is supposed to be a rainy week.. oh joy!
    have a good night

  11. The birds are so sweet! I love watching the hummingbirds!

  12. Oh-How I have missed you, Susie!!!! I love your humming bird picture even if it isn't a close up!;>) It has been cold and rainy here and is supposed to continue all week- UGH- We have heavy fog here tonight, too- xo Diana

  13. Oh Susie..how lucky you are to have humming birds! Long story,,but we haven't got our feeder up yet...sad But every so often I do spot our cardinals and we're still getting orioles...we found a way of keeping them around (oranges!). Lol

    Stay well..